If you’re serious about getting revenge on a cheating girlfriend, here are 4 options you can choose from to achieve it:

Option 1: Re-attract her so she wants to sleep with you again. Then, sleep with her, make her want to give the relationship another chance and then reject her by breaking up with her.

To accomplish that, you need to make her feel like you’ve forgiven her and just want to see her as a friend from now on.

Saying that you just see her as a friend is a little rejection to begin with, which is part of the plan.

It can make her want to make you see her as more than just a friend, which then causes her to try to use her charms on you to seduce you, get you to like her and get you to think of wanting to be with her again.

In that mode of thinking, she will open herself up to flirting with you.

So, while you are saying that you just want to be her friend and behaving in that way, you then start adding in flirting to make her feel attracted and excited that there is still a sexual vibe and dynamic between you.

This causes the irresistible feeling of sexual tension.

Sexual tension happens when a man and a woman feel sexual desire for each other, but don’t immediately release it with kissing and sex (e.g. because they are ex’s and it doesn’t seem appropriate, she cheated on him and now feels drawn to him again so she’s confused about her feelings, they’re in a public place and can’t just start kissing and having sex there and then, etc).

Break up with her after sleeping with her again

To help you understand it further; sexual tension also happens between coworkers who are attracted, but can’t do anything about it due to restrictions at work, or if one or both of them is already in a relationship.

Sexual tension essentially happens when you want to be having sex, but something is in the way.

This also applies to foreplay, prior to actually having sex, just as another example for you.

So, don’t overlook the power of sexual tension.

Use sexual tension to make your ex feel attracted to you again and want to sleep with you, even if she is thinking, “Just once and then I’ll dump him again.”

Of course, you’re not going to let her get to dump you again because you’re going to make her want sex, have very enjoyable make up sex (i.e. the sex a couple has when they make up after a break up), cause her to want to make you ask for a relationship and then you will reject her when she eventually starts hinting at it.

That will be your revenge and it will work.

So, from now on, make your ex feel so attracted and drawn to you again that she feels like she just has to have you.

When you know that she is attracted, suggest going back to your place (or hers) to talk and when you get her alone, release the built up tension between you with kissing and then blow her mind awesome make up sex.

After having sex, she may start hinting at having a relationship with you, or ask if you are hoping to work things out and get back together.

You can then laugh and say something along the lines of, “No, that’s not goin to happen. You cheated on me. We’re having fun today, but that’s it. It’s over between us as a couple.”

She will almost certainly then start to cry and will genuinely feel the pain of rejection and you will have gotten your revenge.

Another way to get revenge on a cheating girlfriend is…

Option 2: Start sleeping with a new woman who your ex will see as being more attractive than her. Catch up with your ex and make her want you back, but then reject her when she tries to reconcile.

Start sleeping with a woman that she will see as being more attractive than her

One of the very best ways to get revenge on a cheating girlfriend is to show her that you’ve already moved on with a woman who is even more attractive than her.

Doing that has a double effect on her.

Firstly, it causes her to feel insecure about herself and her desirability as a woman, which might make her want to get you back to prove to herself that she’s still attractive to you.

Secondly, it can cause her to begin thinking things like, “Wow, she’s really pretty. Maybe there’s something about him that I overlooked when we were together. Attractive women find him appealing, so they must see something that I didn’t. Why didn’t I see it? What was I missing? Maybe I’m not good enough for him. Maybe he deserves a more attractive woman than me. Maybe I just cheated on the best guy I will ever find in my life.”

Something along those lines anyway.

Essentially, she becomes insecure, starts to doubt her decision and her behavior towards her ex and becomes curious to see if he still likes her.

If your ex reaches out to say hi, you can pretend to be open to seeing her in person and then arrange to meet up.

At the meet up, focus on sparking her sexual and romantic feelings for you (e.g. by using ballsy humor to make her laugh and feel good to be around you again, by maintaining your confidence with her regardless of what she says or does to test you, by standing up to her in an emotionally masculine way when she tries to dominate you during conversation thereby making her feel feminine in comparison to you, by using flirting, by letting her see that you’re not needy for her, but you’re still being good to her).

Then, when she’s fully re-attracted and possibly saying things like, “I know I messed things up between us by cheating on you, but I really regret that now and I want you to know that if we ever got back together, I would never do that again. I’m actually quite ashamed of myself for doing it. It was so childish and irresponsible of me. If we did get back together, I know I wouldn’t do it again” you can respond with something along the lines of, “No, we couldn’t ever get back together. You cheated on me. That’s not something that can be recovered from. I’m with a new woman now and we’re happy, so I only wish you the best.”

You will then have gotten your revenge and can move on from there, while she is left behind feeling rejected and bad about herself for losing such a great man.

Another way to get revenge on a cheating girlfriend is…

Option 3: Move on with your life and start posting up photos on social media of you having fun with new women and friends.

When a woman cheats on a guy, she will assume that he will then feel terrible about it and possibly spend a lot of time feeling sad and dejected on his own.

So, if she sees him looking happy, confident and living a great life without her, it will bother her, even if she never admits it.

For example: She may begin thinking things like, “Why is he so happy so soon after we broke up? It’s like me cheating on him didn’t even bother him. Is it possible that he never really loved me after all? Maybe I was the fool who believed that he cared about me. I would be devastated if I got cheated on. Why is he so happy? Is he seeing a new woman or something? Is she prettier than me?”

So, while you’re moving on, feeling confident, living a great life and putting her and what she did behind you, she will be be sitting around feeling confused about how things played out.

Seeing you so happy will make her question her attractiveness and value to you, which will often cause a woman to reach out and try to confirm that you do still love her, want her and feel attracted to her.

Yet, if you don’t give her that validation, she will continue to feel lost, abandoned and rejected.

So, focus on yourself and on do things that put you around other people in places where you will be able to have some fun (e.g. hang out with friends and do new things, go out to bars and meet new women, pursue your goals and dreams, join meet up groups in your area, take up a new hobby or interest that involves other people, go traveling).

Then post up the photos on social media of yourself looking happy, confident and having fun with other people (especially other women if you can) and just know that your ex will almost certainly be looking at them and feeling twinges of regret and jealousy.

Note: If she has unfriended you, or stopped following you, simply post your photos as “public” so she can see them from the outside.

Let her see that her cheating didn’t ruin you and instead, caused you to level up and become even more attractive and appealing than you were when she first met you.

Let her feel like the one who has lost something great.

Another way to get revenge on a cheating girlfriend is…

Option 4: Get her back and make her fall back in love with you. Then, dump her on her birthday, so she remembers you for the rest of her life.

Give her a present on her birthday with a note inside.

When she opens it and reads the note, it will have a simple message for her, “Happy birthday. You’re dumped. Bye.”

Of course, that’s not a very nice thing to do and might be a waste of your time to go get her back and then dump her.

It’s up to you.

How much emotional pain do you want her to feel for cheating on you?

Do you want to be nasty about it, or do you want to reject her and dump her shortly after getting back together?

Alternatively, do you just want to move on with a new, attractive woman and let that be your revenge?

Where Some Guys Go Wrong When Attempting to Get Revenge On a Cheating Girlfriend

When a guy gets cheated on, it’s only natural that he will be feeling negative emotions (e.g. anger, betrayal, resentment, bitterness).

Yet, when he’s feeling like that, he’s more inclined to behave in unattractive ways that push his girlfriend away further.

For example…

1. Badmouthing her to her friends, family or coworkers

Although a guy might feel justified in blaming his ex girlfriend for everything and wanting to go and tell everyone who knows her (e.g. mutual friends, family, coworkers) things like, “It’s her fault that we’re no longer together. She cheated on me, broke my trust and ruined our relationship. She’s such a slut! She has no morals! I can’t believe I ever loved her,” it’s almost never a good idea.


Not only is it unfair to her friends, family or coworkers to drag them into the drama and expect them to pick sides, but it also just makes him seem immature and inexperienced about the reality of loyalty in male-female relationships (i.e. you never own the other person in a relationship. They can still change their mind and not want to be with you at any moment. Some women can’t be trusted, but most can. Sometimes a woman might stray if there is not enough love, respect and attraction in a relationship. The same applies to men and why they cheat on women. That’s the reality).

In some cases, badmouthing her can make the person he’s talking to think something along the lines of, “Well, no wonder she cheated on him. He can’t cope with problems and challenges like a man. She probably cheated on him because she was looking for a real man. Maybe he deserved it. Maybe he needed to be taught a lesson for him to grow up.”

Of course, they will rarely say that to him.

Instead, they might simply begin to avoid him until he realizes the reality of relationships and understands that both him and her probably caused the cheating to happen.

Another way that guys go wrong after being cheated on by a girlfriend is…

2. Writing her a letter about his pain to make her feel guilty

When a guy is hurting because he got cheated on by his girlfriend, he may decide to write her a letter as a way of expressing his pain and disappointment to her.

He hopes that making her feel really bad about it all will make him feel better after he hits “send.”

He might also hope that by making her feel bad about cheating on him, she will regret it and want him back.

Yet, rather than getting the satisfaction of seeing his ex girlfriend regretting her actions and possibly even begging for his forgiveness, writing a letter to her usually backfires and ends up making a guy feel even more angry and betrayed.


A guy in emotional pain over a woman isn’t attractive to her.

Women aren’t attracted to neediness and dependence on them.

Women are attracted to men who are emotionally independent and who do not need a woman to make them feel confident, secure and happy.

So, even though getting cheated on is a nightmare of a thing to experience as a man, it’s not something that you should ever go sulking to a woman about.

She isn’t going to be attracted to you if she senses that you need her back to feel whole again.

So, skip the letter and just talk to her in person and re-attract her, or use one of the methods mentioned earlier to get her back and then dump her when you’re ready.

Don’t make the mistake of pouring your heart out to her in a letter, telling her about the pain you’re experiencing, or writing to express your disappointment in the hope that it will turn things around.

Focus on what actually attracts women, not on what turns them off.

3. Getting angry at her and expressing it in different ways

Understandably, anger is usually the first thing a guy feels when he finds out that his woman cheated on him.

It’s probably one of the worst feelings of betrayal that a guy can ever experience.

It hits so hard that all of a sudden, your body heats up, you feel a knot in your stomach, you can’t eat, sleep or think straight and as a result, you can naturally feel a fair bit of anger towards her and the guy who kissed her or had sex with her.

That’s all understandable, but if you want to get her back or at least win the emotional war after being cheated on, you have to avoid getting angry at her and expressing it in different ways.

For example: When a guy gets cheated on by his girlfriend, he might…

  • Insult her and call her names (e.g. slut, whore, tramp, skanky ass ho, piece of shit).
  • Accuse her of never loving him in the first place.
  • Get aggressive towards her and start pushing her around, or, in extreme cases even slap her or hurt her.
  • Throw all her things out on the street, or break her belongings that are still at his place.
  • Post nasty things about her on social media (e.g. put a picture of her on his Facebook page with a caption saying something like, “This is my cheating girlfriend,” or “Don’t trust this woman, she’s a cheating whore!”)
  • Try to beat up the guy she cheated on him with.
  • Threaten to kill her or hurt her.
  • Threaten to kill or hurt himself.

Yet, those things aren’t going to achieve anything other than make him look like a jerk and convince his ex that he deserved to get cheated on.

She can then move on without even feeling remorse for her actions because she can say, “He’s an asshole” or, “He’s crazy” and so on.

If he picks up on that kind of attitude form her, it can make him feel even angrier than before.

So, don’t let that happen to you.

Control your anger and win the emotional war by being smart and in control of the situation from now on.

Let this be a huge win for you, rather than an emotional scar that ruins future relationships for you.

Let it be something that improves you and gets you more prepared for a successful, faithful, loving relationship that lasts for life.

So, go ahead and get your revenge (e.g. get her back and dump her, or get a new woman and then reject your ex when she tries to get you back, etc) and then move on from there.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing her mistake to cause you to become angry and become the villain in the situation.

Keep your cool.

Another mistake that other guys make is…

4. Getting back with her without being prepared to take on the power position in the relationship

Getting back together without preparing to take on the position of power in the relationship from now on

Sometimes, a woman immediately wants to get back with her boyfriend after cheating on him, so she will try to reconcile the relationship.

In some cases, a guy will then decide to forgive her and give her another chance.

That can be okay, but it can also be a recipe for disaster if he isn’t prepared to take on the position of power in the relationship from then on.

For example: Rather than taking on the dominant role in the relationship and creating a new dynamic that causes her to respect him, love him and be loyal to him, he becomes hesitant, quiet, inward and unsure of how he should treat her.

As a result, she takes control of the relationship dynamic and ends up feeling like the more emotionally strong and secure one, which causes her to lose respect and attraction for him.

If a woman can’t respect her man, then she won’t be able to feel sexually attracted to him and without those two all-important feelings, there’s no reason for her to be faithful or stay in the relationship for the long run.

Another way that guys go wrong is…

5. Starting to get back with her, but then ruining it by continually talking about the cheating and how it hurt him

It’s one thing for a guy to say that he can forgive his girlfriend for cheating on him and another thing to actually do it.

It’s not easy.

It’s a huge betrayal.

Just imaging her having sex with another guy, giving him oral and enjoying it is too much for some guys to deal with.

Yet, sometimes a guy is so keen to get his girlfriend back that he tries to convince himself that it will be possible for him to look past her mistake and start a new relationship on a clean slate.

Then, if she agrees to get back together with him, all he can really think about is what she did.

“Did she enjoy him more? Did he have a bigger dick? Did she try things sexually with him that we’ve never done? Does she wish she was with him instead?” and so on.

He might then start talking about the cheating and how bad it made him feel to hopefully to make his girlfriend feel so guilty for what she did, that she will then stay faithful to him and never cheat on him or leave him again.

She breaks up with him again because he can't get over her cheating past

Yet, the opposite usually happens when a guy uses an approach like that.


A woman doesn’t want to constantly have her past mistakes thrown in her face by the man she loves.

She also doesn’t want to be with him out of guilt or pity.

A woman wants to be with a man because she is in love with him and doesn’t want to lose him.

She doesn’t want to feel like being with her guy is her duty because she is a bad person and needs to be punished now.

So, if she realizes that even though her boyfriend said that he forgave her, in reality he didn’t and is still really bitter about it, then she won’t feel motivated to stay in a relationship where she keeps being put down.

Here’s the thing…

Even though you definitely have a good reason to feel hurt about what your girlfriend did to you, if you decide to get back with her, you have to be able to fully forgive her cheating and let it go if you want the relationship to last.

If you don’t, she may cheat on you again or just dump you and move on to another man who doesn’t make her feel bad when she’s with him.

Of course, if you want to get revenge on her, then you can pretend that you’ve forgiven her, make her fall in love with you again and then dump her.

The choice is yours right now.

What are you going to do?

Time is ticking…

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