Not necessarily.

Here are 5 possible reactions from her if you act like you’re busy when she calls you:

1. She sees right through it and starts playing hard to get in return

If your ex girlfriend knows you even a little bit (most likely a lot), she will know how you think, or have a good idea how and why you behave in certain ways.

So, if you act busy when she calls you, she might assume that you’re just playing hard to get to hopefully make her chase after you even more, or to make her suffer for breaking up with you or make her jealous and begin wondering what you’re up to.

Essentially, she might assume that you’re playing games with her and then possibly feel quite annoyed at you for trying to manipulate her in that way.

As a result, it can lead to her cutting off all contact with you (i.e. she stops calling and texting you. Eventually, if you don’t try to contact her, she might unfriend you on social media), to punish you for playing mind games with her.

It then becomes more difficult for you to get her back, because she’s not taking your calls or respond to your emails or messages.

So, don’t let that happen to you.

She sees right through it and starts playing hard to get in return

If you want her back, the best approach is to be a man about it (i.e. answer her call, make her feel very attracted to you on the call, make her smile and laugh and feel happy that she took the chance to call you).

Another possible reaction from her if you act busy when she calls is that…

2. She feels rejected and then tries to move on quicker than you, to make herself feel better

She feels rejected and then tries to move on quicker than you, to make herself feel better

For some women, calling an ex is a big deal because she’s putting herself on the line and risking being rejected by him.

So, if he acts busy, rather than make her chase after him and want him more, she might just take it as a sign that he no longer has feelings for her and has been getting over her and moving on.

She then forces herself to get over him and move on, before he hurts her further by letting he know that he has met a new girl and is happy.

If that happens, then she will feel like the one who got dumped and left behind.

So, she will begin trying to move on before he does.

For example: She might…

  • Get on an online dating site, or use an app like Tinder, Hinge or Bumble where she can instantly start meeting guys and then line up some dates.
  • Go out with her single friends to clubs, bars or private house parties and hook up with guys she meets there.
  • Go on dates with men that have been interested in her all along (e.g. a guy at work or university, an ex, a guy friend who has been hanging around waiting for a chance with her, a random guy that she met while in the relationship, but only ever added as a friend on social media because she didn’t want to cheat).

As you would know, it’s pretty easy for women to get laid.

So, if she happens to open herself up to meeting guys, or going on dates and ends up sleeping with a guy and then really liking him, you can suddenly be seen as Plan B for her, or a back up guy in case she ever feels lonely.

Yet, if her new relationship goes well and she starts falling in love with the guy, you can suddenly be looked at as an unwanted ex, even though she was calling you and trying to get you back a few weeks prior.

So many guys experience that kind of thing, which is why I don’t recommend that you act busy, or act anything when your ex calls.

If your aim is to get your ex girlfriend back, use an approach that makes her feel happy about giving you another chance.

She will feel that way when you focus on reactivating her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you when you interact with her.

On the other hand, if you play games with her, you might end up causing her to play games with you, which can result in her deciding to hook up with a new man and move on to get revenge on you for how you made her feel.

Another possible reaction from her is…

3. She feels impressed that you’re no longer being needy and desperate

She feels impressed that you’re no longer being needy and desperate

This will apply if a guy got broken up with because he became too emotionally dependent on girlfriend, which resulted in him being needy, jealous and clingy in the relationship (e.g. needing her to text with him all the time, needing a lot of hugs or affection to feel wanted and sulking if he didn’t get it, checking her phone to see if she was messaging anyone else, feeling jealous about her past boyfriends, or about any male friends who she still knew, not wanting her to spend time with anyone else unless he was there).

In a relationship like that, a woman will feel smothered by her boyfriend’s emotional weakness and neediness, which will then result in her losing a lot of respect and attraction for him.

Eventually, she will feel compelled to break up with him, even if it hurts her (i.e. because she did really love him, but didn’t like who he eventually became).

In a case like that, if he doesn’t respond to her calls right away, she might take it as a sign that he’s improved himself since the break up and has become a more emotionally secure and independent.

She may then feel enough curiosity to wait until he does respond, to see if he really has changed in the ways that she’s been hoping for.

If he contacts her (e.g. later that day, the next day, or the day after) and she senses that the changes could be genuine (i.e. he is more confident and emotionally independent now), she will start to feel some renewed respect and attraction for him, which will cause her to open up to meeting up with him in person.

As a result, it will become possible for him to get her back.

On the other hand, if she talks to him and realizes that he was only putting on an act (i.e. by acting busy, or ignoring her calls) and is still the same as before, she will lose even more respect for him.

She will then want to try to block him out of her life and move on faster, so she can stop thinking about him and focus on a new guy.

So, while acting busy can work in some cases, at the end of the day, you still need to be able to follow through with the changes that she is hoping to see in you to decide to give you another chance.

If it’s all just an act, she will be able to sense that and will lose interest.

Another possible reaction if you act busy…

4. She says that she will call back later because you’re busy, but is then turned off by how you react after that

She says that she will call back later because you’re busy, but is then turned off by how you react after that

A woman usually won’t mind if her ex (who she dumped and doesn’t really want to be with anymore) is busy when she calls him and will simply decide to call back at a more convenient time.

Yet, if she says something like, “Okay, fine…I’ll call you another time. You’re obviously too busy to talk to me,” a guy might panic and worry that she won’t call back and will possibly ignore his calls if he tries to follow up.

As a result, he might rush and say, “No! Please don’t go! It’s fine. We can talk now. I’d rather talk to you.”

She might then say, “No. You do what you’re doing. We’ll talk later” and then hang up.

If he then desperately starts calling her, or texting her to apologize and try to have a conversation with her, she will start looking at him as being desperate.

As you may know, desperation is never attractive to women (unless the woman is a psycho and she wants to a manipulate a guy like a victim. Those women are the 1%, not the 99%).

So, regardless of what a woman says or does, you should never become desperate because it is not attractive and therefore, will push her away further.

A lot of guys don’t realize that, or can’t control themselves under pressure (i.e. when he seems to be losing a woman), so they become desperate and display that to the woman.

In the case of a guy acting busy when his ex girlfriend calls and then panicking in desperation, it can cause her to wonder if he was just lying to her to make himself seem more valuable in her eyes.

She will then feel turned off by his insecurity and may just decide that she’s wasting her time with him and should move on.

So, she doesn’t call him back later as promised and just focuses on moving on with her life without him.

Another possible reaction…

5. You acting busy seems weird or forced to her, so she puts her guard up to protect herself against being manipulated

You acting busy seems weird or forced to her, so she puts her guard up to protect herself against being manipulated

For example: A woman might call her ex at a time where she knows that he’s not busy (e.g. at the start of the week, late in the evening because she remembers that he’s usually preparing to go to bed at that time, Saturday afternoon when he’s usually at home chilling out).

Yet, when he answers the call, he says that he’s busy and can’t talk to her.

From his perspective, he is trying to show her that he’s not sitting around feeling lonely and lost without her and is actually living his life without her.

To her though, it just seems weird.

She knows that he really wants her back and would happily drop whatever he is doing to talk to her, but now he seems like he is busy and isn’t really interested in talking to her.

As a result, she wonders if he’s trying to mess with her head to manipulate her into missing him, feeling like she’s losing him and so on.

So, she then becomes more guarded (i.e. doesn’t want to say much, keeps her feelings to herself, seems suspicious of whatever he says or does), which then reduces his chances of getting her back.

If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back, I recommend that you be a man about it.

Don’t be afraid to answer her calls and don’t think that you look keen by doing it.

You can answer any call you want because it’s your phone and you aren’t a needy guy.

Simple as that.

If you make it more complicated than it needs to be (i.e. by acting), then you run the risk of causing her to play games back with you, which can result in her feeling the need to get revenge on you by hooking up with new guys.

4 Mistakes That Can Turn an Ex Girlfriend Off When She Calls You

1. Assuming that women don’t understand social dynamics and are easily fooled

When a guy uses a trick on a woman like ‘acting busy,’ he is often unaware that she has been doing that to guys ever since she became a woman and started dating.

She knows what he is doing, why he is doing it and how she should react in return.

As a result, a guy will often find that if he acts busy (when he’s not), his ex girlfriend will quickly pick up on that and then start playing hard to get in return, or lose interest and begin rejecting him for trying to manipulate her.

2. Assuming that if you reject her attempts to talk to you or meet up, she will want you even more

Although that can happen if a woman is still deeply in love with her ex and is secretly hoping they can get back together again, in most ex back cases, it just doesn’t play out like that.

Instead, when a woman sees that her ex is being cold towards her and ignoring her attempts to contact him, she feels insulted.

She also worries that if she shows more interest, he might continue to push her away and act busy, to hopefully make her feel more rejected and needy for him.

Yet, she is the one who broke up with him and doesn’t want to end up chasing him hard to hopefully get him back.

So, in many cases, the woman will stop contacting her ex and open herself up to meeting, dating and sleeping with new men.

3. Trying too hard to seem busy and unavailable, which then makes her see you as having changed in a negative way

Trying too hard to seem busy and unavailable, which then makes her see you as having changed in a negative way

She feels as though you’ve become cold and unfriendly and have lost the easy-going, carefree charm that initially drew her to you.

You used to be so cool, confident, warm and open when you talked to her.

Yet, now you seem self-centered, distant, uninterested and potentially revengeful (i.e. trying to move on before she does).

You seem to have changed in a negative way and she doesn’t like it.

As a result, she feels that you’re no longer the kind of guy she wants to be in a relationship with.

She then puts in extra effort to get over you and move on, usually by going out more often, meeting new men, accepting dates with them and potentially sleeping with one of them.

4. Not realizing that getting an ex girlfriend back can be done quickly in a very simple, straightforward way

As you would now know by reading through this article, acting busy can work, but it can also backfire horribly.

So, why take that chance when there’s an easier and much more effective approach?

If your ex girlfriend calls you, just answer the call, re-attract her and make her laugh, smile and feel happy that she took the risk to call you.

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