Yes, but you will need to change your approach to her, otherwise she will continue not having any interest in getting back with you.

Here are 5 tips to help you get her back:

1. Use new attraction techniques on her

One of the nice things about being married to a woman is that you get to know all her likes and dislikes and can then use that knowledge to turn her on, please her and make her happy.

For example: A woman might love it when her husband buys her flowers or thoughtful gifts.

Alternatively, she might respond well when he writes her a love letter.

In other instances a woman might appreciate it when her man is attentive and listens to her.

However, sometimes, the problem with knowing a woman’s likes and dislikes is that a guy can become complacent and stop looking for new ways to spark her feelings of attraction.

Essentially, the guy believes that these are the things that worked in attracting her in the first place and kept her attracted for a while during the relationship, so naturally, it should also work in getting her back.

Yet, that’s not how it works.

The truth is, if your ex wife is not interested in getting back together again, it’s probably because your approach to attraction isn’t sparking her feelings anymore.

This is why, if you want to get her back, you need to try a new approach.

For example: If your way of attracting her before was to send her flowers, buy her gifts, be nice and understanding towards her or write her a love letter/poem/card, then this time around she’s unlikely to fall for it.

Instead, she’s probably going to think something along the lines of, “Is this the best he can do? Does he honestly believe that flowers, gifts, love letters and sucking up to me is going to make me want to give our marriage another chance? Well, he’s in for a big surprise, because I know him too well by now and his usual tactics don’t impress me anymore. If he wants me back, he’s going to have to show me a new side to himself that I can actually feel interested in.”

Use new attraction techniques on her

So, if you want your ex wife back, you need to begin attracting her in new and exciting ways, so that she can start feeling respect and attraction for you again.

For example: Some of the ways you can do that is by…

  • Maintaining your confidence around her regardless of how difficult she’s being, rather than turning her off by being self-doubting and insecure.
  • Making her feel feminine and girly by being emotionally masculine around her, rather than allowing her to dominate you because you let her lead the dynamic between you and her.
  • Making her laugh and smile when you interact with her, rather than making her feel tense, annoyed or bored.
  • Laughing at her (in a loving way) when she brings up your past mistakes and blames you for everything, rather than putting yourself down and becoming submissive and obedient around her?
  • Showing her that you’ve changed and improved some of ways that are important to her, rather than making the same mistakes and hoping she will just accept it.

These are the types of actions and behaviors that will convince your ex wife that you are different now and make her become interested in being a couple again.

So focus on that.

Another tip to help you get your ex wife back is…

2. Don’t aim for a relationship right away

Don't aim for a relationship right away

When a woman is at a point where she’s disconnected from her feelings of respect, attraction and love for a man, the last thing she’s going to be interested in is getting back together again.

This is doubly true of a woman who has divorced a man.

So, if every time you interact with your ex wife, you steer every conversation towards you and her getting back together again, she’s most likely just going to feel uncomfortable, pressured and as though she is being forced into something that she doesn’t want.

As a result, she will likely be thinking things like, “Even though I’ve made it clear to him that I’m not interested in getting back together again, he still continues to talk about us having a relationship. Why can’t he accept that we’re divorced now and stop stressing me out every time he interacts with me? He doesn’t get it that I don’t have any feelings for him anymore, so why would I want to get back with him? I don’t know what I have to do to show him that I’m not interested in a relationship with him anymore.”

She then begins to close herself off from him even more (e.g. by making excuses not to talk to him over the phone, or see him in person) to avoid having to deal with him pushing for a relationship with her.

Then, the more time she spends away from him, the more she begins to get over him and wants to move on and in some cases, she may even hook up with a new guy.

This is why, if you want to make your ex feel interested in getting back together again, focus on building up her sexual and romantic feelings for you during interactions, rather than pushing for a relationship with her right away.

One of the best ways to do that is by just focusing on having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Use humor to ease the tension between you and her and make her smile and laugh and feel more at ease around you.

The more relaxed and happy she feels when she’s with you, the more her defenses will begin to slip down.

She then becomes open to seeing the possibility of being with you again in a sexual and romantic way, because she feels drawn to you.

However, if you make her feel stressed out, miserable and annoyed during interactions, she’s going to continue saying, “No. I’ve already told you. I’m just not interested.”

Another tip to help you get your ex wife back is…

3. Build up sexual tension between you and her

Build up sexual tension between you and her

One of the quickest ways to make your ex wife want you back is by building up the sexual tension between you and her, to the point where she wants to release that pressure with touching, kissing and sex.

Then, when sex happens, she becomes a lot more open to working things out so that you and her can get back together again, or at least interacting with you more often to see how she feels.

By the way…

Sexual tension happens when you and your ex wife feel sexual desire for each other, but don’t, or can’t immediately release it (e.g. because you’re divorced and she is still nervous about going that route with you, you’re talking over the phone, you’re out in a public place).

Basically, the sexual tension builds up, but the release doesn’t happen right away.

As a result, she wants to be alone with you, even though she initially resisted the idea.

So, from now on, use interactions with your ex wife to make her feel so attracted and drawn to you again that she feels like she just has to have you.

Here is an example of how you can do that…

Imagine that you and your ex wife are in a coffee shop together and are just catching up on what each of you has been up to since you and her last spoke.

Basically, you’re having a normal conversation, while at the same time adding in some humor to lighten the mood and make her feel more at ease in your presence.

Then, when she seems to be relaxed and even enjoying herself, you can say something along the lines of, “By the way…is that a new dress/shirt/skirt/pair of jeans you’re wearing? Mmmm… It looks very sexy on you.”

Then, just relax and switch back into ordinary conversation as if nothing happened.

Continue doing this (i.e. flirting with her in between stages of normal conversation) several times throughout the meet up, to build up the sexual tension between you and her.

She will be feeling attracted to you, even if she tries to deny it or hide it from you.

BTW: In case you didn’t know, women love to be complimented and told that they look sexy, even ex wives.

Then when your ex wife is feeling turned on and open, the next tip to help you get her back is…

4. Release the sexual tension with a kiss

Once you’ve sparked your ex wife’s feelings of sexual attraction, look out for signs that she’s open to you again.

For example: She might…

  • Touch your hand, arm or thigh more often during the course of the conversation.
  • Laugh at all your jokes, especially after she was cold, unfriendly and offish towards you at the start of your interaction.
  • Lick her lips often.
  • Play with her hair or a necklace.
  • Appear to be aroused or turned on (e.g. her face is flushed, her pupils are dilated).
  • She smiles and stretches her body due to the built up, positive tension she is feeling when around you.

Build up sexual tension between you and her

When that happens, it’s up to you to be the man and take the lead by releasing the built up sexual tension between you and her by giving her a hug and then following through with a kiss.

Note: Don’t wait for her to make it obvious to you by saying something like, “I want you to kiss me,” or “Let’s go back to my place now!” because she’s not likely going to do that and you’re going to miss your chance.

Just be the man and do it.

If that goes well (e.g. she doesn’t pull away, she leans in even more and deepens the kiss), you can then suggest going back to your place, or hers and then hook up with her sexually.

Remember: No matter how great things might be going between you and your ex wife (e.g. she’s more open towards you, she seems happy to be around you again), she won’t be interested in being a couple again until you and her have had sex.

Sex gets rid of the uncertainty of how she feels about you and opens the door to discussing giving your marriage another chance.

Another tip to help you get your ex wife back is…

5. Let her want you back for her own reasons, rather than trying to push her to commit again for your reasons

Let her want you back for her own reasons

Right now there’s likely no doubt in your mind that you want to be with your wife again (e.g. because you still love her, you’ve realized that your life sucks without her in it, you’re now a better man and you know you could do better as a husband if she gave you a chance).

Yet, your reasons don’t matter.


When a woman disconnects from her feelings of respect, attraction and love for a guy to the point where she breaks up with him, or even divorces him, the last thing she will care about are his feelings, wants or desires.

Instead, she will focus on taking care of her own personal happiness and well being, rather than concerning herself about his reasons for wanting her back.

So, if you truly want to convince your ex wife to give you another chance, don’t make it all about how much you love her and want her back.

Instead, make her want the relationship for her own reasons.

For example:

  • She feels attracted to you in new and exciting ways.
  • She can see that you’ve changed and improved some of the things that caused her to want a divorce in the first place.
  • She feels that if she gets back with you again you will be able to build a future together.
  • She wants to be your wife again and live the rest of her life with you.
  • She wants to have your children (if you don’t have any), or she wants you to be there for your children on a daily basis (if you do have kids already).

What’s really cool is that when you approach the ex back process in that way, she begins to feel a new type of respect, attraction and love for you.

As a result, getting her back becomes easy because she wants it too.

However, if you try to convince her to give you another chance based on how you feel and what you want, she will almost certainly remain bottled up and continue saying things like, “I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested. We gave it a shot and it didn’t work out. You need to let it go now. It’s over between us.”

Mistakes That Can Slow the Ex Back Process Down When You’re Trying to Get Your Wife Back

If you want to get your ex wife back, you have to make sure that everything you think, say and do from this point onwards is taking you towards achieving that goal.

Basically, you can’t think negative thoughts or make mistakes that turn her off even more.

So, be prepared by avoiding the following mistakes:

1. Waiting too long to make a move

The longer you remain hesitant and unsure of whether you should even bother trying to get your ex wife back, the more time you’re giving her to fully get over you, meet a new man and move on.

The truth is, even though she may be saying that she’s not interested in getting back with you right now, it doesn’t mean that her decision is set in stone.

When you interact with her and make her feel strong surges of respect and attraction for you, her mind changes all by itself, without you having to force it.

She then becomes open to seeing you more often to see how she feels.

If that sounds good to you, don’t waste another day wondering if you should even try to get her back and just get her back!

Another mistake to avoid is…

2. Using a neutral approach and expecting a sexual or romantic reaction from her

If every time you talk to your ex wife over the phone, or see her in person you focus on being on your best behavior with her and pretend that you’re no longer interested in getting her back and only want to be her friend now, then that’s what you’ll likely get.

Rather than feel attracted to you again and begin to doubt her decision to divorce you, she now only has neutral, non-sexual feelings for you.

So, if you don’t want that to happen, make sure that you actively spark her feelings for you, rather than pretending that you’re not interested in her in a sexual and romantic way anymore.

Of course, it’s totally fine to be a good guy to her who is also friendly.

However, don’t pretend that you only want to be her friend and that you’re not interested in being her husband and lover again.

Make her want you again sexually and romantically and when you do, the relationship will naturally unfold from there pretty quickly.

Finally, another mistake to avoid is…

3. Not improving your ability to attract her in the ways that will make the difference

Where many ex-husbands go wrong is that even though they want to get their wife back, they make the mistake of using the same old approach to re-attract her that they used before getting married to her (e.g. being really nice to her, buying her flowers, chocolates and other gifts, being friendly and available to her 24/7 ).

Yet, that approach rarely works to get a woman back.

In fact, in some cases a woman might even see his gestures as a sign that he’s not taking what happened between them seriously.

So, while she’s feeling battered and bruised because of the divorce, he’s trying to make light of it by sending her flowers or being nice and sweet to her.

Of course that’s not what he’s trying to do.

However, that’s usually how a woman will see it when he hasn’t reactivated her feelings for him first.

So, if you want your wife to take you seriously and come back into your life, you have to begin attracting her in different ways than before (e.g. rather than buying her flowers, show her that you’ve changed some of the things that were turning her off before, rather than being nice and sweet make her feel feminine and girly by being more emotionally masculine around her, rather than giving in to her every time she throws a tantrum stand up to her in a loving but assertive way).

The more you re-attract her in new and exciting ways, the more likely it is that she will say something like, “I’ve missed you, you know? Seeing you again has made me realize why I agreed to marry you in the first place. Maybe our marriage deserves a second chance after all.”

You can then build up her feelings for you and show her that things really are different now.

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