In some cases, a man will send flowers to his ex woman, she will feel flattered, miss him, contact him and they will get back together.

Yet, in other cases, he will get no response from her at all, for one of the following reasons:

1. She isn’t attracted to him, so she doesn’t appreciate romantic gestures

Women only appreciate romantic gestures from a man they are attracted to.

When a woman is attracted to a man, it feels great for her to be sent flowers by him to show that he cares.

Yet, if those feelings aren’t there, she doesn’t want or appreciate his romantic gestures.

So, when a man that a woman is turned off by sends her flowers, rather than feel flattered or impressed by the gesture, the idea of pretending to be happy or excited will feel stressful and even annoying to her.

She doesn’t want to have to act like she still has feelings for him by responding and seeming very appreciative of his gift, or being nice to him.

It will all be too fake for her and she just doesn’t want to feel that way with a guy who isn’t a part of her life or future anymore.

Instead, she wants him to leave her alone so she can move on in peace.

So, if you sent your ex flowers and got no response, you need to use an approach that she will like and respond to.

What is that approach?

Interacting with her and making her feel truly attracted to who you are now (e.g. more confident, more of a challenge so she feels like she needs to impress you, better able to handle her when she creates unnecessary drama).

It’s not about trying to sell yourself by telling her how much you’ve changed.

Instead, it’s about allowing her to experience it for herself as she interacts with you.

She will automatically sense the changes in you by listening to how you talk and observing your body language and actions and feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for who you are now.

2. Flowers don’t mean anything to her

Some women place importance on things like flowers, cards or presents and see them as important, special and meaningful.

A woman like that might feel flattered to receive flowers from her ex and then open back up to him and agree to give him another chance.

However, those things mean nothing to other women.

In fact, many modern women see giving a woman flowers as being outdated, cheesy or out of touch.

So, a woman like that who has already disconnected from her sexual and romantic feelings for her ex, will feel even more turned off by him if he sends her flowers.

She may then assume that he’s trying to fix the relationship by romancing her with flowers.

The way she sees it is that he doesn’t understand how out of touch he really is with the way modern relationships work.

The reality is, women don’t need flowers or romantic gestures like they did in the past.

Women need to feel attraction and love based on the guy and his behavior, not on what he can buy or do for her.

So, rather than feel flattered and quickly respond to him, she instead feels even more motivated to find herself a man who understands how relationships work in today’s world.

3. She doesn’t want to be the one who contacts him and gets the relationship back together

Quite often, a guy hopes that if he sends flowers, the woman will then make the move to contact him and he can get her back.

Yet, that almost never happens.


Regardless of whether a woman is secretly still hoping for a reconciliation with him and is excited to get the flowers he sent her, she’s usually going to resist being the one to make the first move.

Some reasons why might be:

  • She doesn’t want to come across as easy or like she’s just been waiting around for him to get her back.
  • She wants him to take the lead in the ex back process by calling her, re-attracting her and getting her back.
  • She doesn’t want to take on the role of the man in the ex back process.
  • She wants to see if he’s confident enough to make a move even though she didn’t respond.

So, stop waiting for a response from your ex just because you sent her flowers and take control of the ex back process.

You need to be a man about it.

Call her, fully reactivate her feelings for you and her back.

4. The flowers don’t fix the relationship problems between him and her

The flowers don’t fix the relationship problems between him and her

When a woman gets flowers from a guy she’s broken up with, she will often think, “That’s sweet, but romance was never the real problem in our relationship. Other things were and clearly, he still doesn’t understand that.”

As a result, she doesn’t feel motivated to respond to him and give him false hope that his flowers made her change her mind.

Here’s the thing…

If you want your ex back, you need to convince her, via your behavior (during an interaction) that things will be different if she gets back with you.

Only when she can see for herself that you’ve changed and improved some of the things that are important to her (e.g. you’ve improved your ability to make her feel like a desirable woman with you rather than feeling like a neutral friend, you’re more emotionally independent, you’re still good to her but are also enough of a challenge to motivate her to treat you well too), will she be willing to forgive you and open back up to giving you another chance.

5. She appreciated the flowers, but it didn’t make her want to change her mind

A woman might enjoy receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers and think it’s a nice gesture, but it doesn’t mean she will want to get back with a man.

The reality is, flowers don’t always cause sexual and romantic feelings.

What does cause those feelings post-breakup, is giving a woman an upgraded attraction experience.

In other words, something she’s never experienced before with you.

Here are some examples of how to do that:

  • Interact with her over the phone or in person and show her by way of your conversation style, behavior and actions that you have already fixed some of the issues that were turning her off before (e.g. if you were insecure and unsure of your value to her before, you’re now more confident and believe in yourself. If you let her call the shots despite her bad behavior before, you’re now more assertive and put her back in her place in a loving, but assertive way).
  • React differently to what she says and does, (e.g. if she previously made you feel angry or upset when she created unnecessary drama, you now relax and lovingly laugh at her attempts to upset you).
  • Make her feel sexy and desirable in your presence by thinking, talking, behaving, feeling and acting like a masculine man, rather than being extra nice or neutral around her.

These are the kinds of things that will get a response out of her and make her want you back.

6. She saw it as a weak attempt to get her back

Most women are not simple or stupid.

So, when an ex sends her flowers, a woman sees the gesture for what it really is (a trick to try and get her to overlook the real issues between them).

She will then feel even more turned off and annoyed with him for thinking that she’s a fool.

Here’s what you need to realize…

A woman doesn’t want to be with you for superficial reasons.

She wants to be with you because of the way you make her feel (e.g. attracted, in love, excited).

In the same way, she’s not going to get back with you because you sent her flowers.

She’s going to get back with you because you’ve leveled up as a man and are now able to give her the attraction experience she always wanted.

7. She is already seeing a new guy

If a woman has a new guy, it’s going to take more than a bunch of flowers to make her dump him for her ex.

The reason is, flowers usually won’t make a woman want to stop kissing or having sex with a new guy she likes, especially if she didn’t feel much, or any attraction for her ex at the time of the breakup.

So, if you want to seduce your ex back, especially if she’s already with someone else, you’re going to have to be active and direct about it, rather than being passive.

In other words, sending her flowers just isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, you have to contact her over the phone or in person and begin re-sparking her sexual and romantic feelings for you (e.g. by using humor to break down her defenses, being ballsy enough to flirt with her and create some sexual tension between you, showing her that you’ve leveled up as a man).

Only when she feels attraction for you again will she see you as being a better proposition to her new guy.

However, without attraction, don’t be surprised if she ignores you and continues to be happy with her new man.

8. She doesn’t know how to respond

For example: If she still has some feelings for her ex, she may be wondering what she should say to avoid looking too keen or too easy.

On the other hand, if she’s not interested anymore, she may be wondering how to respond in a way that doesn’t lead him on, encourage him, or give him the impression that he can change her feelings based on his romantic gesture.

So, rather than respond in an inappropriate way and create problems for herself (e.g. she comes across as too keen so he assumes everything is okay again so he doesn’t change or improve, or she’s nice to him, he thinks she’s interested and then won’t leave her alone), she just ignores him.

9. She doesn’t feel the need to respond

When a woman sees the relationship with her ex as being over, she may believe that she’s not obliged to respond to him, or do anything at all, just because he’s offered a nice gesture.

Basically, it’s over, so she doesn’t owe him anything; even a response.

This is why you can’t make sending your ex flowers your main approach to getting her back.

Instead, you’re going to have to reactivate her feelings for you again.

Make her feel attracted and she will also feel flattered that you sent her flowers.

Only send her flowers and don’t re-attract her and she won’t feel the need to even say, “Thanks.”

10. It’s not what she needs to forgive his mistakes

In some cases, a guy has taken his ex for granted for a long time.

So, to ‘make it up to her’ he sends her flowers.

Although that can make her feel appreciated, she’s also going to doubt that it means he has changed.

Instead, she’s going to believe he’s trying to brush over his past behavior with grand gestures.

Alternatively, a guy might have turned his woman off with neediness, insecurity, jealousy, clingy behavior and so on.

However, flowers don’t prove to her that he’s changed.

In the same way, sending your ex flowers doesn’t show her what she needs to see to be able to forgive you and give you another chance (i.e. that you won’t make the same attraction mistakes again).

As a result, she doesn’t respond, because she feels that it’s a waste of time.

11. She was confused, or turned off by what was written on the card or note with the flowers

For example: Some guys will write nothing other than “From John xxx.”

Other guys will say something sweet, tell her that he’s missing her, ask for another chance, apologize, ask a question and so on.

Yet, what a guy has written on the card can confuse her, or turn her off the idea of replying.

For instance, if he just signs his name, it can make her wonder what he means.

Is he interested or just being sweet?

On the other hand, if he asks a question like, “Is there a chance we could get back together?” she may feel pressured into giving him an answer she doesn’t want to give.

If he tells her he misses her and she doesn’t miss him back, she won’t know how to respond to that without being hurtful.

As a result, she just avoids giving him any response and hopes he won’t put her in that position again.

So, if you sent your ex flowers and got no response, take that as a sign that you should take more direct action.

When you call her and re-spark her feelings for you, you’re more likely to get the results you really want (i.e. another chance).

So, forget about the flowers, focus on re-attracting her and get her back for real.

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