No, it never works because flowers are a romantic gesture that women love and appreciate from a guy that they are either in love with, or falling in love with.

If a woman has broken up with a guy because she no longer feels enough respect, attraction and love to be in a relationship with him, getting flowers is not going to suddenly re-spark those feelings inside of her.

Instead, she will almost certainly just roll her eyes and say, “Nice try, but no thanks. We’re still broken up.”


The flowers are not you.

They’re just an object that you have purchased and sent to her.

If she is going to be in a relationship, it will be with you, not flowers.

At the moment, she is turned off by you and no longer feels enough respect, attraction and love to justify being in a relationship.

If you want her back, you have to change that by interacting with her and making her feel attracted to YOU, not flowers.

What matters to her at this point is how YOU make her feel.

Objects, gifts and romantic gestures just won’t cut it anymore.

5 Classic Mistakes That Romantic Guys Make When Trying to Get an Ex Woman Back

Will you take me back now that I've bought you flowers?

When a guy makes one or more of the following mistakes, it only turns his ex woman off even more…

1. Trying to be romantic when she doesn’t have feelings for him

Being romantic is a lot of fun for some guys.

…even if it’s not fun for the girl.

They enjoy being a ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ kind of guy that buys a woman flowers, treats her like a princess and acts like a gentleman around her as much as possible.

Here’s the thing though…

Some women do like that kind of treatment from a guy, but ONLY if the feelings are mutual.

For example: If a guy shy, lacks confidence in himself and is trying to make up for that by sucking up with her with gentlemanly, romantic gestures, she’s not going to be impressed by it.

On the other hand, if a guy has a high level of social confidence (i.e. not just confident around her, but confident around all types of people), then anything sweet or nice that he does is going to enjoyable for her.


She is attracted to him.

Confidence is attractive, whereas shyness and insecurity isn’t.

So, getting flowers from a shy guy feel completely different to a woman than getting flowers from a confident guy.


In the same way, if a woman doesn’t feel attracted to her ex anymore (i.e. because he turned her off for various reasons), she’s not going to appreciate his romantic gestures.

His efforts to win her over with flowers, gifts or love letters will seem misplaced, weird or even ‘creepy’ or stalkerish because she just doesn’t feel the same way as he does.

He is attracted to her, but she’s not attracted to him at that point, so the flowers are well, just flowers.

If he re-attracted her first, had sex with her again and made her want the relationship, it would be a different story.

She could actually appreciate and enjoy the flowers because they’d be coming from a guy that she is attracted to and falling back in love with.

So, if you are tempted to send her flowers before you’ve re-attracted her and hooked up with her again, I recommend that you think twice about it.

What should you do instead?

Make her feel attracted to YOU again.

Getting a woman back is easy when you focus on naturally re-attracting her when you interact with her.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t know how to re-attract their ex woman in a natural way, so they resort to gift giving, love letters or trying to convince her by having long discussions about the relationship.

It’s not a guy’s fault though.

Most guys just weren’t lucky enough to have an excellent male role model (e.g. a father, big brother, uncle, grandfather) who clearly explained how to maintain a happy relationship and how to handle a break up if it ever happens.

Without that knowledge, a guy is essentially on his own and has to try and work it out all by himself.

As a result, he might be confused by what he sees on TV and in movies.

For example: On TV and in movies, women almost always respond positively to guys who are being romantic (e.g. sending her bouquets of flowers, buying her chocolates and sentimental gifts like teddy bears or heart shaped jewelry).

So, it seems like that might be a way to a woman’s heart.

After all, if the fictional characters on TV and in the movies like it, maybe it means that real women like it too.

It’s worth a try, right?

No, not really.

However, the fact is that a guy only knows what he knows.

If his awareness and knowledge about women includes the notion that flowers can solve problems in a relationship, that’s what he will think could win her over and get her back.

A guy might then say to himself, “Should I send my ex flowers? I’ve seen it work before (on TV or in the movies), so maybe it will work for me too? When she gets the flowers, she will realize that I truly care about her and am sorry about my mistakes. She will then feel compelled to give me another chance.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if life were that simple?

Just send her some colorful plants and like magic, she’s back in your arms again.

It would be nice, but let’s talk about reality here, not fantasy.

If you want to get your ex back, you’ve got to focus on what works in the real world, not in a hopeful fantasy idea of the world that you wish existed.

She is a real woman, not an actress in a TV show or movie that has been instructed to swoon over the flowers that are sent to her.

Here’s the thing…

Even if your ex has watched TV shows or movies where the woman was given flowers and your ex thought it was cute, sweet or romantic, it doesn’t mean that she will feel that way when you send her flowers.

Remember: TV and movies are not the same as real life.

In real life, romance is only enjoyable when the feelings are mutual.

You might want to read that last sentence again.

It’s that important.

You simply must understand the reality that romance is only enjoyable to a woman when she is in love or falling in love with a guy.

Anything outside of that is seen as annoying, unwanted, unwelcomed, misguided, confused, weird, creepy or even stalkerish to her.

So, just because it works in the movies, don’t assume that it work in real life.

A woman is smart enough to know that a movie relationship (i.e. a fake, scripted relationship designed to entertain an audience) can be patched up with flowers, gifts and romance.

If every movie just showed what was really required to get a woman back, it wouldn’t be as enjoyable and it also wouldn’t be as politically correct.

For example: Most TV shows and movies don’t want to come out and say, “Hey, you need to man up and start being more ballsy when you interact with your ex girl. That’s how to get her back.”

Some movies show that (e.g. the guy saves his ex girl from a bad situation), but your ex probably doesn’t need you to save her from any dangerous villains right now.

So, what should you do instead?

How can you show her that you’ve manned up and are now the kind of emotionally strong, emotionally masculine, ballsy and charismatic man that she always wished you would be.


Get her on a phone call or meet up with her in person and let her experience that new and improved side of you.

Believe me, she’s going to be much more impressed that than a bunch of colorful flowers.

So, a question to ask you at this point is: Do you know what things about you really turned her off and made her want to end the relationship?

For example: Sometimes, a woman will break up with a guy because she got sick and tired of him taking her for granted, treating her badly or not committing to her in the way she really wanted.

So, him sending flowers isn’t going to change that, or prove to her that he’s now ready to take the relationship with her seriously.

He thinks it will, but she doesn’t see it that way.

Instead, she might just roll her eyes and think something like, “He’s buying me things to hopefully make me forget my reasons for breaking up with him. Does he really think that flowers will prove to me that he really has changed?”

Of course, some women will smile when they get the flowers and maybe even feel a bit impressed by it, depending on the reason for the break up.

However, flowers are not what gets a woman back and in most cases, flowers just turn the woman off even more.

Most modern women don’t like the idea of receiving flowers anymore.

It just seems so tacky and outdated.

It’s like something you’d see in an old movie, or a movie with a nerdy guy who has no idea how to win a girl over.

It’s just not that hip, cool or hot anymore.

The only time women appreciate it is when they are in love or falling in love.

Even then though, many women don’t want to be sent flowers because it’s too soppy, old school romantic.

If you believe that your ex is the kind of woman who would appreciate flowers, then make sure that you only give them to her AFTER you’ve re-attracted her.

Another classic mistake that romantic guys make when trying to get an ex woman back is…

2. Thinking that all women are so simple and naïve, so she will be also amazed by the romantic gesture of sending her flowers

Sure, some women are naïve, simple and even stupid.

Yet, most women aren’t.

Women are just as intelligent as men, so they don’t fall for obvious tricks like sending her a bunch of flowers after a break up to hopefully get her back.

A woman can see that her ex is just hoping to distract her from the real problems in their relationship.

3. Hoping that her friends or coworkers are amazed by his romantic gesture and will then convince her to give him another chance

Wouldn’t it be nice if all a guy had to do to get his ex back was send a bunch of flowers and then wait for a woman’s friends and coworkers to do the rest of the work for him?

Her friends would say to her, “Oh my! How can you break up with such a wonderful, thoughtful guy? He’s so sweet and romantic. What a dream guy! He must really care for you if he’s sending you such beautiful flowers. Come on, don’t be so hard on him. At least give him a chance. He deserves it. Besides, where else will you find a romantic guy who is willing to spoil you like this? I mean, you sent you flowers! Wow! Good guys like him are so hard to find these days. Flowers are everything! Flowers are so important! Give him a chance!”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Your ex would then say, “Oh, no! What was I thinking? I almost ruined a perfectly good relationship with a good guy! He doesn’t make me feel attracted and in love anymore, but who cares. He sent me flowers! Flowers ARE everything. They are colorful little plants and that’s all I need. It was silly of me to break up with him. I’m the luckiest girl in the world for having such an amazing ex willing to give me another chance with him. I’m going to call him up right away and tell him I want him back.”

It would be nice, but that’s not how things work in the real world.

In reality, even if a woman’s friends and coworkers try to convince her to give a guy another chance because he sent her flowers, she will still say something like, “Look…I know you guys mean well, but I just don’t have any feelings for him anymore. He doesn’t know how to make me feel the way I want to feel. It’s over” and they will understand her point of view and let it go.

4. Not even knowing what type of attraction experience she really wants in a relationship

You don't even know what I want from a relationship

Some guys go through life thinking that a woman’s attraction to a man is based on his physical appearance (i.e. the more good looking he is, the better chance he stands in getting a beautiful girlfriend or wife and keeping her).

So, after getting dumped, he might think, “I’m going to have to fix myself up and become more physically attractive to her to get her back” and then head off to the gym for extra workout sessions.

Yet, that’s not what most women care about when it comes to attraction in a relationship.

What matters the most is how you make her feel when you talk to her and interact with her?

In other words:

  • Are you confident and emotionally masculine when you talk to her, or are you insecure and emotionally neutral (or worse, emotionally feminine at times)?
  • Do you make her feel feminine and girly in comparison to your masculine vibe, or do you make her feel neutral like a friend (or worse, make her feel like she is tougher than you)?
  • Are you able to pass her tests of your confidence (e.g. when she teases you about things, acts upset when she isn’t, doesn’t show affection, throws a tantrum), or do you crumble under her pressure?
  • Are you able to maintain the position of power in the relationship in a confident, easy-going manner, or do you become very controlling and strict in order to get her to listen to you or do what you say?
  • Do you make her feel like she has to impress you a little to maintain your interest, or do you essentially worship the ground she walks on even though she doesn’t treat you well?

Those are the things that really matter a woman.

Some guys try to re-attract their ex woman by improving their physical appearance, but get nowhere with her because she just doesn’t really care about that as much as his emotional attractiveness.

In other words, he just doesn’t make her feel attracted, happy, in love and respectful of him when she interacts with him.

Here’s the thing…

Your ex might appreciate it if you make an effort to improve yourself physically (especially if you let yourself go and became very skinny or overweight), but it’s not going to be the one thing that makes her decide to give you another chance.

For your ex to be impressed and want you back, she will have to see that you have changed some of the things that really matter to her (e.g. you’re more mature and determined to succeed in your life now, you’re less emotionally sensitive, you now want the same things as her, you’re more ballsy around her now rather than being so neutral).

Then, when you interact with her and she sees for herself that you’re no longer the same guy she broke up with, her feelings will automatically begin flooding back and she will open up to you.

She will respect for having the courage to become a better man in the ways that really matter to her, rather than trying to distract her with flowers or superficial changes to your appearance.

When she can respect you, she will also start feeling sexually attracted to you again and when that happens, it won’t take much or any convincing for her to want to try again.

5. Hiding behind romantic gestures because he doesn’t have the confidence to call, or the assertiveness to get her to meet up with him in person

What if I call her and she rejects me?

In some cases, a guy simply doesn’t have the enough confidence to interact with his ex after a break up.

She broke his heart by dumping him and rejecting his attempts to convince her to give him another chance.

He’s feeling hurt, lonely and lost without her.

Lacking confidence in himself, he think things like, “What if I call her and she hangs up the phone?” or, “What if I suggest a meet up and she says no?”

Then, rather than take the risk of potentially getting rejected by her, he decides to send her flowers as a way of breaking the ice.

He’s hoping that she will be so charmed by his gesture that she’ll pick up the phone and make things easy for him by saying, “Hey, thanks for the flowers. I have missed you lately. Do you want to meet up?”

It would be nice if that is how life worked, but it doesn’t.

As the man, you are the one with the balls.

You are the one who needs to properly put your balls on the line by calling her and getting her to meet up with you.

Here’s the thing…

Even if a woman is flattered to receive flowers from her ex, in most cases, she still won’t make it easy for him to get her back.


She can’t see if he’s changed and improved as a man since the break up by looking at the flowers.

The flowers are not him and if she’s going to get back into a relationship, it will be with him, not the flowers!

In fact, getting flowers usually makes a woman suspect that he’s still the same guy and is hiding behind the gesture.

Additionally, most women are going to want to see if he’s man enough to take control of the ex back process by calling her and getting her to meet up with him.

If he doesn’t have the balls to do that, she isn’t going to be impressed and almost certainly isn’t going to call him and make it easy for him.

She might send him a thank you text, but what is he going to do with that?

Reply and say, “You’re welcome.”

What does that achieve?


Of course, he could call her at that point, but if he’s like most men, he won’t call.

He will be afraid of her not liking the fact that he’s calling, be worried that it might look needy or be concerned that she might not answer.

So, the flowers and thank you text pretty much lead to nothing.

If you want to get your ex back, I recommend that get her on a phone call, make her smile and laugh and feel respect and attraction for you again and then get her to meet up with you in person.

In person, you can re-attract her for real and then get to a hug, kiss and possibly even sex after the meet up.

That’s much better than paying the bill for a flower delivery service, right?

Save your money by not buying the flowers and just attract her on the phone and in person.

That’s how real men get their ex back quickly, naturally and easily.

It might seem like real men send flowers because that’s what is shown on old TV shows and movies, but times have changed.

In today’s world, women need more than superficial gestures to feel properly attracted and in love with a guy.

You Have to Believe in Yourself

You ARE a good man.

You ARE worthy of her.

You CAN get her back.

That’s how you need to be thinking if you want to get her back.

Unfortunately, after a break up, a guy will often stop believing in himself, his value and his attractiveness to his ex woman.

He will feel like it’s completely blown it with her and there’s no chance she would ever take him back.

You can’t really blame him though, right?

She will most-likely have been saying things to him like, “Leave me alone. I don’t feel the same way about you anymore. It’s over. My feelings are dead” and so on.

It’s not fun to hear statements like that from the woman you love.

However, if you want her back, you have to be strong and believe in yourself.

Women are not attracted to self-doubt and insecurity in men and this is especially so after a break up.

No matter what she has said or done to make you feel unworthy, you must be strong and feel worthy of her.

Women are naturally attracted to confidence and self-assuredness in men.

It’s not about being arrogant or cocky and telling her that you know she wants you.


It’s simply about being confident in yourself, believing in your value to her and believing in your attractiveness to her no matter what she says or does.

If you can do that, she will naturally feel attracted to you whether she wants to or not.

She will catch herself thinking, “Why do I suddenly feel attracted to him again? I mean, he’s not all that bad, right? Yes, he stuffed up, but he seems different now. Maybe I should give him another chance.”

You can make her feel that way by interacting with her on a phone call or in person and making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

Remember, if she’s going to get back into a relationship, it will be based on her attraction to you.

Flowers don’t make a woman feel attracted to a man.

A man makes a woman feel attracted to him by how he talks to her, behaves around her and reacts to her.

In other words, what matters most to a woman is how you make her feel when you interact with her.

When you interact with your ex, you’re either turning her off or turning her on.

If you’re turning her on by how you’re talking to her, behaving and reacting to her, then you will get her back.

If you’re not, then you won’t…regardless of how many flowers you send her.

So, save your money on the flowers and just re-attract her naturally by interacting with her on a phone call or in person.

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