How do you feel when you text a woman you like and can see that she has read your message, but she doesn’t reply for many hours, days, or weeks?

You’re going to know how you feel.

For some guys, they’re not going to care.

They’re going to think, “I don’t care, I’ll just text another woman…I’ll date another woman.”

Other guys will worry, look through their messages and think, “Did I say something wrong?” or look at the last message, read it over and over again and try to figure out where they’ve gone wrong.

They’ll be worrying about her, thinking about her and so on.

Some guys will begin to panic and they’ll send a follow-up message that she doesn’t reply to.

So the guy will then send another message and another message and she’ll end up getting the sense that, okay, this guy is a desperate, needy type of guy and it will turn her off.

Finally, another type of guy won’t really take it personally and will simply follow up with her a few days later, or a week later and attempt to get a text conversation going back and forth so he can then get her to meet up with him.

Yet, how about a woman?

How does she feel when you leave her on read?

Does leaving someone on read make them want you more?

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that if they leave a woman on read, then she’s going to panic, she’s going to worry and she’s going to like him so much more now.

She’s going to feel so much more attracted, she’s going to be dying inside and waiting for a text from him.

Yet, it’s not as simple as that.

Sometimes a woman will feel that, but as you’ll see from these possible outcomes of leaving a woman on read, sometimes it results in you losing your opportunity with the woman.

You could have had sex or a relationship with her, but because you were trying to use some sort of trick to hopefully get her to like you more, it backfired with her.

So let’s have a look at the possible outcomes.

The first possible outcome of not answering her texts and just leaving her on read for many hours or days or even weeks is that…

1. It makes her feel more attracted.

She wonders if she’s stuffed up, or if the guy that hasn’t responded to her is now seeing another woman, which can then make her want to get him more interested and want her, so her ego isn’t bruised.

Essentially, she doesn’t want to feel rejected by him, so she begins to feel more attracted.

She wants to get him.

She wants to hopefully get him out in a date, hopefully have sex with him and see what happens from there.

Now, that’s all great, but let’s have a look at the second possible outcome.

2. She believes she knows why he did it and decides to play the same game back.

Two can play at that game of leaving the other person on read.

So, she might actually decide to dial it up a bit too.

She might leave him on read and not reply for 2 days or a week, or even a month or two.

In the example where she doesn’t reply for many days, it can make a guy feel like he’s losing her.

Some guys end up thinking, “Okay…well, she’s no longer interested” and assume that he is going to look needy if he tries to pursue her now.

Yet, the reality is that it’s never needy to pursue a woman in a confident way.

It’s needy to pursue a woman in a needy way, but not in a confident way.

What’s the difference?

If a guy is pursuing a woman in a needy way, it means that he needs her to respond in a certain way (i.e. reassure him that she likes him by showint interest) and he’s hoping to get this girl and doesn’t want to lose her.

If he loses her, he’s not going to feel confident anymore.

He’s going to feel like a loser.

He is going to feel rejected and so forth and he’s trying to get her.

He’s trying to hold onto her.

Whereas, pursuing a woman in a confident way is as simple as, “I like her and I’m going to contact her, arrange a date, have sex with her and start a relationship.”

How do guys feel when they get left on read?

If a guy doesn’t get a date with her, then it’s not always over.

He can still contact her again and not be needy.

For example: After making her feel attracted during a text conversation, he texts, “We should catch up for a coffee sometime this week. Sound good?” and she replies, “It does, but I have a lot on at the moment. Just don’t have time for dates. Maybe some other time.”

A guy who isn’t confident may assume that she’s rejecting him there and he has absolutely no chance with her.

Yet, the confident guy approaches it in this way:

  • Guy: No probs. Well, I’ll reach out to you next week and say hi. Enjoy the rest of your week, Sophie πŸ‘
  • Girl: Okay. Thanks for understanding.

Then, the next week, he reaches out:

  • Guy: Hey, Sophie. I saw your latest pic on IG. Looking fine. How are you?
  • Girl: Thanks! 😊 Yeah, that’s like totally my favorite dress right now
  • Guy: Well, it is a very good dress, but in my opinion, you probably look better without it on πŸ˜„
  • Girl: Lol πŸ˜„ πŸ˜›

She uses the laughing emoji and an emoji with the tongue sticking out to show that she is going along with the joke that he’s making.

It’s all good.

He then says…

  • Guy: Anyway, dress jokes aside, we weren’t able to arrange to catch up for a coffee last week. We should do that this week. You in?
  • Girl: Okay 😊

He then goes on to arrange a meetup with her.

Now, if a guy wants to tone down the humor, rather than attracting the woman by having the confidence to say something as daring as she’d look better without the dress on, he can text the following instead.

So she says…

  • Girl: Thanks! 😊 Yeah, that’s like totally my favorite dress right now
  • Guy: It’s an amazing dress, but just don’t wear it to our first date, okay? I’m taking you somewhere that has a more casual dress code πŸ˜„

She’s going to find that attractive because he’s being confident and masculine by leading the way, but he is also being charming.

He’s being complimentary toward her.

He’s treating her well and using humor at the same time.

So, she’s going to have the reaction of attraction to that and it’s going to be funny to her because he’s telling her not to wear the dress.

Almost all women aren’t going to arrive at a first date wearing the same dress that the guy pointed out and that she’s been wearing lately to a couple of events.

Women like to wear different things, so she’s going to find it funny for that reason as well.

So she says…

  • Girl: Lol πŸ˜› …where?
  • Guy: KFC
  • Girl: πŸ˜‚ really???

She laughs again and says, “really???” because when is a guy going to take a woman to KFC on a first date?

It’s a very rare occurrence and it’s something, once again, to laugh about.

He then replies, “Just kidding πŸ˜„ …but they do have tasty chicken. Anyway, let’s grab a drink sometime this week. I know a great place. Sound good?” She says, “Yes, that sounds good” and he arranges a meetup.

Leave her on read

So, the thing is, when a woman doesn’t initially say yes to a meetup, it can sometimes mean that she is dating another guy, missing her ex and unsure whether she should go on a date with a new guy, or she’s genuinely busy or having an emotional issue that she’s trying to deal with.

It doesn’t always mean that she doesn’t like you because if you met her in person and she was attracted to you, then she liked you, or if you matched with her on a dating app and you got off the app and she was chatting with you, she liked you, or if you know her in person and sparks were flying back and forth between you and her, then she likes you.

So, as a confident guy, you’re not going to say, “She didn’t want to go on a date with me. So, therefore, she absolutely doesn’t like me and if I ever contact her again, it means I’m a needy loser.”

You’re not going to think like that.

You’re going to realize that she was attracted to you in person, or she selected you on a dating app as a match, so she felt attracted to you, or you know her in person and there were sparks going back and forth between you and her.

So she has liked you at some point.

Something may have happened (e.g. she may have gotten back with an ex, may have become very busy or been unable to date for whatever reason), but it doesn’t mean that she hates you now.

It doesn’t mean that she has absolutely no interest in you.

If you’re confident in yourself, then you’re going to contact her and you’re going to make something happen.

You’re not going to just lose confidence because one thing didn’t go right with her.

“Oh, well, okay, it’s all done. She didn’t want to go on a date at that point, so that’s it, I don’t have a chance with her.”


You’re going to remain confident no matter what.

Of course, many guys struggle to feel that type of confidence.

So, if they leave a woman on read and she then decides to play the same game back, where she leaves him on read, it often ends up backfiring for him because he then worries that he’s lost her interest.

He then worries that he’ll be needy if he contacts her again.

He doesn’t contact her.

She doesn’t contact him because she’s waiting for him to have the balls to contact her and then they both end up losing their opportunity to be together.

Another possible outcome of not answering her text and leaving her on read for many hours, days, or weeks is that…

3. She takes it as a sign that he’s not interested.

It also just happens that she’s at a point in her life where she doesn’t want a guy like that.

Many women get tired of trying to change guys who aren’t interested when they eventually realize that if a guy really likes her, he will pursue her and he will stay with her.

Pretty much all other guys just want to have sex with her for now, or a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that will end at some point.

The guy doesn’t care.

Deep down, he’s not interested in anything else with her.

Some women take a long time to realize that about the dating scene and they end up in their 30s, or 40s and are still trying to find a relationship that will work.

She keeps making the mistake of getting with guys who aren’t really that interested in her.

So, sometimes when a guy leaves a woman on read, he’s thinking that, “Yeah, this is going to make her like me more,” but he doesn’t realize that many women are actually quite insecure.

They’re not as confident as they seem.

Many women put on a front of being confident, but secretly have a cry on their bed every now and again about their love life situation, or when they’re going to a date, they feel insecure and are worried about their appearance.

When the woman arrives to the date, the guy’s thinking, “Wow, she looks great,” but she’s thinking, “Oh, my thighs are too big. I feel bloated. I’ve got a pimple that I’ve covered up with makeup. I hope he doesn’t notice it. I hope he doesn’t think I’m gross” and all that sort of stuff.

Women think those sort of things, but guys often look at women as though they’re bulletproof, they are 100% confident and they would never have any insecurities, but that’s just not true.

Many women are very insecure.

So, if a guy leaves a woman on read and she looks at him as being an attractive guy, a cool guy or a valuable guy, she can actually start to think that he might not really want to stay in a relationship with her.

If she’s gotten to a point recently where she’s realized that if a guy really likes her, then he’s going to pursue her, he’s going to want a relationship with her and he’s going to want to stick with her, then she may begin to just reject those sort of guys and only go for a guy who has enough interest in her to reply and arrange a date, have sex, start a relationship and stay with her, rather than treating her like just any other girl that he’s not really interested in.

Another possible outcome is that…

4. She can be impressed if he has previously always replied to her right away.

Leaving a woman on read can sometimes impress her, if the guy has previously been too keen

She thinks, “Oh, cool, maybe he has changed. Maybe he gets it now. Maybe he has stopped being so needy. Maybe I could respect him and appreciate his interest in me, rather than seeing him as a guy who is just too easy, or too keen” and so forth.

5. She worries that he has lost interest and secretly begins to panic.

She looks back over the conversation and wonders if she has been showing too much interest, or showing too little interest.

6. She assumes that he is busy and she doesn’t care.

In this case, she’s a very attractive woman and knows she’s hot and that he will want to text her, or that he will want to have sex with her.

Also, if he doesn’t text her, then she sees it as his loss, not hers.

Now, not all women have that level of confidence, but some do, which is why it’s a possible outcome of leaving her on read.

In this case, she just gets on with dating other guys, moving on with her life and she forgets all about him.

So, as you can see, it’s not as simple as, “Yeah, leave her on read and she’ll see you as the man. She’ll see you as being a man of purpose. She’ll worry, she’ll chase you, man,” and stuff like that.

It’s not that simple.

There are other possible outcomes that occur and if you want better techniques when texting women than just leaving women on read and hoping for the best, (i.e. you want techniques that work all the time to make women feel attracted to you and say yes to meeting up with you), then I recommend that you watch my program Text Attraction.

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When you use the Text Attraction Method, women will always feel attracted to you via text.

They’ll enjoy texting with you.

They’ll contribute to the text conversation and they’ll say yes when you request a meetup.

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One Final Point

One final point that I want to make for you in this video, is that sometimes a guy will text a woman he likes and she will leave him on read and he will then start to have insecure thoughts that just don’t help him or her.

He’ll start thinking, “This girl’s playing games with me, man. She’s playing mind games. I’ve shown interest in her, I’ve been texting her. We met in person, or we matched on a app, or I know her in person and I’m texting her and she’s treating me like this. Why should I put up with this? I’m not going to text her anymore” and he goes down that path where he’s reacting in an insecure way and he’s becoming emotional about it.

As a man, you always have to be confident and be the bigger person.

Don’t allow insecurities to drag you into drama that doesn’t even exist.

“This girl’s playing mind games with me” or, “This girl’s this or that (e.g. flakey, difficult, cold, a love avoidant, etc).”

In most cases, when a woman is single, she wants a boyfriend or a lover or a husband.

It may seem like she’s playing games and sometimes she is using leaving a guy on read as a technique to hopefully make him like her more, but that doesn’t matter.

You’ve got to be the bigger person.

You’ve got to be confident, text her, make her feel attracted and get her to meet up with you.

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