Which of the following is the easiest way to pick up women?

  1. Start off by developing a connection with her and then try to get somewhere.
  2. Be sleazy and go straight for the kill.
  3. Get to know her over a long period of time and hope that something develops between you and her.
  4. Immediately make her feel sexually attracted and turned on as you begin to talk to her and then develop a connection with her so she feels sexually attracted to you and romantically interested in you.

So, which of those seems like the easiest way to pick up women?

Most guys try 1 and 3, which is why they get rejected.

The majority of guys out there try to use The Friends First Approach, or try to get to know a woman in a friendly way and show her that they’re not a threat, they don’t want anything sexual and they just want to get to know her and be a friend.

Trying to get laid with a sleazy or drunken approach

Some guys use the approach of being sleazy and going straight for the kill because they’re sick and tired of trying to develop a connection with a woman and be friendly with her and hope to get somewhere over time.

So, they walk up to women and say, “Hey, can I get your phone number?” or “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” or “Hey, you got a boyfriend?” and go straight for the kill.

However, the guys who get laid and get a girlfriend very easily and consistently are the ones who start off an interaction by making a woman feel sexually attracted by what he’s saying and doing.

Normal, everyday guys can attract women by creating a spark during an interaction

He doesn’t try to pick her up immediately and he doesn’t try to get anywhere immediately, but he starts making her experience sexual feelings for him.

He does that by displaying traits and behaviors that naturally attract women. For example: A guy will be confident, funny, charming, charismatic, unpredictable, masculine and socially intelligent.

Those traits will come across as he talks to her and she’ll naturally start to feel attracted to him.

Now, some guys who hear that might think, “Hang on, how’s the woman going to like him unless he’s good looking? Isn’t it all about looks? Doesn’t a guy have to be tall and good looking if a woman’s going to feel sexually attracted to him?”

That’s not how it works.

It’s true that women can feel attracted to a man if he’s handsome and he’s tall.

That is true, but it’s also true that women can feel attracted to a normal looking guy, an average looking guy, a below average looking guy if he actively makes that woman feel sexually attracted by the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that he displays as he talks to her.

Normal, average and below average looking guys with pretty women

To help you understand how it works, let’s have a look at what sexual attraction actually is.

Sexual attraction is a feeling that a woman gets that makes her want to have sex with a man.

Her feelings of sexual attraction can be triggered in many different ways.

Obvious triggers that most guys know about are looks, status, money, big dick and being tall.

Yet, what most guys don’t know is that they can make a woman feel sexually attracted by displaying certain personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities during an interaction with her. Traits like confidence, charisma, charm, masculinity, humor, social intelligence and unpredictability.

Most guys try to get laid or get a girlfriend by displaying traits that don’t even turn a woman on such as politeness, academic intelligence, niceness and kindness.

Now, that’s not to say that women don’t care about niceness and kindness and academic intelligence, but those are not the traits that initially make a woman feel sexually attracted to a guy.

Those are traits that a woman will appreciate and even love AFTER she feels sexually attracted to a guy.

Trying to pick up by being a friend to her first

However, most guys don’t know that so a guy will walk over and try to pick a woman up and he’ll be friendly and nice to her and he’ll try to have an easy-going chat with her, but she won’t be showing any interest.

She’ll be closed up and she won’t contribute much to the conversation and she might even give him looks like that or tell him to leave her alone.

He’ll then go back and talk to his friends and say, “What a bitch. I was going over and talking to her. I was being nice. I was being friendly. What’s her problem? What’s wrong with women these days? Stuck up bitches. It’s like why are they so difficult?”

I want her. Why doesn't she want me?

Yet, what he doesn’t understand is that a man’s attraction for a woman is different to a woman’s attraction for a man. A man can feel instantly motivated to want to be with a woman simply based on her physical appearance.

However, the majority of women don’t feel motivated enough simply based on a guy’s appearance.

It’s true that some women can feel motivated enough to want to be with a guy if he’s handsome.

However, the majority of women place way more important on how a guy makes her feel as he talks to her.

Why isn't she attracted to me?

For example:

  • Is he turning her on or is he making her feel neutral?
  • Is he able to get her laughing and smiling or is he kind of boring and asking her questions like, “So what do you for a living? What’s your name? Where are you from?”
  • Is he able to pass her confidence tests as she plays hard-to-get to test his confidence or does he look awkward and unsure of himself when she starts testing him by playing hard to get?

The Simple Change That Changed My Life

One of the reasons I work so hard here at The Modern Man is that I used to be one of the guys who got rejected and then I turned my life around by simply knowing how to attract women while I talk to them.

Dan Bacon picking up women

Once I was able to attract women during a conversation, I was able to begin enjoying my choice of women.

Dan Bacon picking up women
Dan Bacon picking up women
Dan Bacon picking up women

I was able to walk up and talk to women and pull them back for sex, get their phone number, have sex on the first date, have sex on the second date, have multiple women in my life at once.

Dan Bacon picking up women

Then recently, I found this girl and she’s my woman now.

Personally, I feel sorry for the majority of guys out there who do not understand this simple thing about women and attraction.

Most guys go through life wasting so much time putting in effort to build up muscle, build up their career, buy better shoes, invest in a car and hopefully impress women.

Here’s the thing…

There’s nothing wrong with a guy going to the gym if he wants to. There’s nothing wrong with a guy being strong and building up his muscles if he likes that. There’s nothing wrong with a guy having a nice car or building up his career.

However, a guy doesn’t actually need to do that to get laid or get a girlfriend. Some women are picky, yes and they want a tall guy with muscles.

Great, that’s fantastic and some women want a guy with an amazing car.

Good for them, but the majority of women including beautiful and pretty women don’t even have high standards.

Fact: Most Women Have Fake Standards About Men

What guys don’t realize about most women is that their standards are fake and all it usually takes is one to two minutes of conversation where you’re making her feel attracted and all her BS fake standards about men go right out the window.

Most women have fake standards about men

If someone asks a woman what her dream guy is, she might say tall, handsome, rich, big dick, six-pack abs, blah, blah, blah.

However, if a normal average or even below average looking guy walks up to her and makes her feel sexually attracted and turned on during a conversation, she’s going to be interested in him and if he’s able to charm her as he talks to her and move towards kissing and sex, she’s going to be his girlfriend and maybe even his wife.

It’s so damn simple, but the majority of guys don’t know it.

When you are one of the rare guys who are able to make women feel attracted to you during a conversation, you have so much choice with women.

Normal, everyday guys can attract women by creating a spark during an interaction

It’s so damn easy.

If you want to learn exactly what to say and do to instantly start getting results with women, I recommend that you read my ebook, The Flow, or listen to the audio version, The Flow on Audio.

The Flow is about starting with sexual attraction.

It’s about starting out by making her feel sexually attracted to you, by triggering those feelings in her because once you do that, everything else naturally flows on from one step to the next.

There’s no need for her to play hard-to-get or play games or say that she only wants to be friends or she doesn’t give out her number or she’s not looking for a relationship right now.

Making women feel attracted is easy

She’s feeling sexually attracted to you and if you can just connect with her for a little bit, which is super easy, she’s going to feel more than motivated to want to give you her phone number or kiss you, have sex with you, go on a date with you and start with a relationship with you.

It’s so damn easy.

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