In today’s world, if you want your relationship to last, you have to deepen a woman’s feelings of love, respect and attraction for you over time, rather than taking her commitment for you for granted.

In the past, a woman had to stay with a man for life even if he made her feel unhappy or treated her badly, but in today’s world, a woman has the freedom to get in and out of relationships until she finds a man who gives her the relationship experience that she feels she deserves.

To ensure that your relationship stays together, you need to be setting off more positive chain reactions than negatives.

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If you’re constantly setting off negative chain reactions (e.g. because you’re being insecure, emotionally sensitive, are unable to handle her tests of your confidence, giving her too much power), she will lose interest.

Once you understand what women REALLY want (which is different to what they say), you will realize that relationships with women are SO EASY.

So, if you’re wondering, “Why do my relationships never last?” here are 5 of the most common reasons why women lose respect for, and break up with, a guy.

1. He Makes Her the Center of His World

Many guys make the mistake of focusing all of their attention on their woman, thinking that it will make her feel so special, loved and appreciated that she won’t ever want to leave him.

For example: A guy like might stop hanging out with his friends, give up his interests and hobbies, and he may even stop pursuing his dreams so that he can focus all his attention on his girlfriend.

He might spend all his free time with her, do whatever she wants, and shower her with attention and gifts, and constantly tells her things like, “You mean the world to me. I don’t know what I would do without you,” or “You are so special to me. I would do anything for you” or “My life would have no meaning without you in it.”

He sounds like every woman’s dream guy, right?


Life isn’t a romantic Hollywood movie.

It’s just not how things work in real life.

Even though a woman may enjoy his undivided attention at the start of a relationship and feel flattered, over time that approach to a relationship begins to feel smothering.

A woman’s instincts kick in and she starts to wonder why he only cares about her and is essentially turning his back on other important things in life that other men usually care about (i.e. following through on and achieving their big goal, dream or ambition in life).

If his only ambition is to have her and keep her, she will begin to wonder whether she is with a man who is afraid of rising up through the levels of life to reach for his true potential.

She then might begin to feel as though she’s too good for him and consider leaving him to find a more courageous man who doesn’t hide from life behind her and a relationship.

Of course, there are many unattractive women out there who are happy to date insecure guys who make her their life’s mission, but the majority of attractive women prefer a guy who is confident in himself and has more going on in his life than just her.

So, a key thing to remember when in a relationship with a woman is that to continue building on her love, respect and attraction for you, you need to be able to balance your love and attention for her, while at the same time striving to reach your true potential as a man.

She will then look up to you and respect you. She will feel proud to be your woman, rather than feeling like she’s stuck with yet another fearful guy who is hiding from being the man he should be in this life.

2. He Becomes Clingy, Needy and Insecure

He becomes clingy, needy and insecure

There’s nothing wrong with loving and wanting your woman 100%, but when you need her for your emotional security and stability as a man, that’s when problems begin to arise in the relationship.

For example: An insecure, clingy, needy type of guy might insist that his girlfriend give up her friends just to spend time with him.

He might also begin to prevent her from hanging out with her colleagues after work in case she develops a crush with one of them, stop her from pursuing her interests, or call her many times a day to check up on her.

He might also get angry or upset if she takes too long to answer a text message from him or return his call.

If a woman resists this type of behavior, he might say things like, “If you loved me as much as I love you, you wouldn’t do this to me,” or “You would do this for me if you really loved me” or even accuse her of cheating or wanting to cheat, “Do you like a guy at your work? Is that why you’ve been acting distant recently? Do you think he is better looking than me? Do you fantasize about having sex with him? What is going on? Tell me!”

If you want to make sure that your relationship last, one of the most important things to remember is that clingy, needy and insecure behavior is a big turn off for most women.

Most women love the idea of being with a guy who loves them, but who is also confident enough in himself and in his value to her, not to need to control her every move.

The more confident you are as a man, the more attractive you become and the more a woman’s respect and love for you will grow.

To avoid being clingy, insecure and jealous, you need to give your woman your full trust and let her take care of it.

Yes, she could ruin your trust one day, but that will be her fault, not yours.

However, if you try to control her and smother her due to insecurity, she will lose respect for you, then attraction and then fall out of love…and that will be your fault.

Giving your woman your full trust is something that takes a little getting used to, but once you do it, you will see that the love, respect and attraction deepens in your relationship rather than fading away like it did in previous relationships.

Essentially, giving your woman your full trust is the mature, grown up way to approach a relationship and make it last.

3. He Takes Her for Granted

He takes her for granted

This is one of the main reasons why relationships don’t last these days, because women just don’t put up with it as much as they used to.

In the beginning of the relationship, a guy is usually very loving, attentive and kind towards his woman.

Yet over time, either he becomes complacent in the relationship and thinks that she will stick around even though he’s not paying her much attention, or other things become more important than keeping the attraction, respect and love alive between him and his woman (e.g. he puts all of his attention on work and gives none to her, he uses his spare time to play video games or drink with friends, he spends too much time at the gym).

If you want your relationship to last, you’ve got to love her all the way, instead of getting her to love you and then expecting her to stick around now that you’ve hooked her in.

For example: At the beginning of the relationship, a guy might take notice of his woman’s appearance and will compliment her for looking good.

He might take her out to restaurants and spoil her with a surprise weekend away once in a while, or give her an occasional surprise gift or bunch of flowers.

Yet, once he feels comfortable in the relationship, he stops noticing his woman’s efforts to look good, and he settles into a routine of doing the same thing week in week out.

That is fine for a while, but if it’s on repeat for more than a year without much variation, a woman will begin to feel as though he’s taking her commitment to him and the relationship for granted.

Gradually, she will get tired of seeming unimportant to him and she will either threaten to break up with him, cheat on him and then break up with him or just break up with him and try to find a new guy to replace him.

So, when you are in a relationship, it is very important that you continue to make your woman feel loved and appreciated no matter how busy or comfortable you get.

Personally speaking, I am extremely busy as I build the gigantic movement that is The Modern Man.

Yet, I always make sure to balance my time to give my woman plenty of love, attention, laughter and enjoyment of being with me.

I would love to devote more time to work (I work about 50 hours a week), but I have to maintain a balance.

Life is all about balance.

You’ve got to eat well, exercise, love well, bang your woman well and sleep well.

Keep everything balance and life is great. Tip things out of balance and eventually, problems begin to arise.

So, even if you are really busy with work or with studies, taking the time to give your woman a compliment on her appearance, or to arrange a night out together, will go a long way towards making her feel loved, and will help to deepen the respect, attraction and love that she already feels for you.

By the way…

If you’ve gotten dumped for taking a woman for granted, here’s how to recover from it…

As you will discover from the video above, taking a woman for granted isn’t a good thing to do, but it’s also not the worst, most unforgivable thing in the world.

Most guys make the mistake of taking their woman for granted, but if you have done that and then become a better man, there’s no need to keep beating yourself up about it.

Instead, be a great man by learning from the experience and becoming a better man as a result.

4. He Allows Her to Wear the Pants in the Relationship

To avoid fights or confrontations, some guys choose to step back and allow their woman to take the lead.

A guy like that believes that letting her make all the decisions will make her happy because she gets what she wants.

Yet, that’s not how a woman’s happiness with a man works.

While a woman does want to be heard, listened to, respected and loved, she doesn’t want to have a pushover for a man who lets her walk all over him.

Only unattractive women like men like that. If an attractive woman accepts a man like that, she will eventually cheat on him, break up with him or divorce him.

A woman wants to be with a man who takes the lead in a relationship and makes her look up to him and respect him, while also listening to her and respecting her.

If a woman finds that she is bossing her man around and getting away with whatever she wants, she may enjoy it for a little while, but eventually she will lose so much respect for him, that she won’t care how much power she has because she’s not feeling respect, attraction and love for him.

It’s a fundamental fact of nature that women are attracted to the emotional strength in men (e.g. confidence, masculinity, determination, the ability to stand up for himself) and turned off by the emotional weakness (e.g. insecurity, nervousness, letting her push him around).

So, even though a guy might get lucky and find himself in a relationship with a woman who overlooks his insecurities and self-doubt in the beginning, if he fails to man-up and become the man that she needs him to be (i.e. lead in the relationship), she will eventually break up with him.

I know this because I’ve personally helped 100s of guys to get their ex back in situations like this, where the woman has lost respect for him because he just wasn’t enough of a man for her.

It doesn’t matter how rich, good looking or tall the man is, a woman is still going to break up with him if he doesn’t make her feel the fundamentally important emotions of respect, attraction and love.

This is why you will see men who aren’t financially successful, who aren’t good looking and aren’t tall and muscular with a beautiful girlfriend or wife for life.

Women place much more importance on how a guy’s personality, behavior, thinking and actions make her feel than on superficial things like looks, money and height.

Of course, there are women out there who enjoy being the boss in the relationship, but these types of relationships are more about convenience than true love.

The woman (usually unattractive) simply accepts an insecure man so she can stop her parents or girlfriends from hassling her about still being single or not having children.

Yet, the relationship will almost certainly end in a break up or divorce.

So, to avoid being dumped for giving a woman too much power, you simply need to accept the fact that women remain attracted to emotionally strong men who have the balls and heart (i.e. you care about how she feels) to take the lead in the relationship.

When you embrace your role as the man and take the lead, a woman can then relax into your masculine direction and be a loving, feminine woman for you.

Of course, a woman can and will take the lead at times (e.g. doing the cooking, keeping your home neat and tidy, keeping your books and finances in order), but generally speaking, she will want you to take on the role of leader and director in the relationship.

If you don’t, she will instinctively begin to feel unsatisfied, her love will fade into the background and you will find yourself wondering, “Why do my relationships never last?”

5. He Tells Her He Loves Her Too Soon

He tells her that he loves her too soon

Some examples of when a guy should not express his feelings of love too soon in a relationship include the following:

1. When a woman isn’t yet fully attracted to him.

Attraction is always the first step that a guy needs to go through with any woman he wants to have sex with and be in a relationship with.

If a woman isn’t fully sexually attracted to him, she might like him as a person and enjoy hanging out and doing things together, but she won’t feel excited about exploring a committed sexual, romantic relationship with him if she’s not completely attracted to him first.

2. When a woman is not as serious about the relationship as he is.

In today’s world, women are free to have casual sexual relationships with guys without the need to become serious.

Some women enjoy one-night stands, while others enjoy having a sexual relationship with a guy (or multiple guys) without wanting the seriousness and commitment that comes with a long-term relationship.

However, some guys make the mistake of thinking that if he tells a woman who doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship with him how much he loves her, she will change her mind and will fall in love with him too.

Yet, that’s not how it works.

If a woman is trying to avoid a serious relationship, she will have had loads of guys saying, “I love you” and hoping to get her into a relationship.

What she wants is a guy who is more of a challenge to win over…

She wants to feel so much respect, attraction and love for him that she can’t stop herself from saying, “I love you” during or after sex.

Most guys can’t give her that experience though because they think they’re being original and romantic by expressing their feelings of love when things seem to be going well.

3. When a woman feels more valuable than the guy.

A woman doesn’t want to feel like she’s doing a guy a favor by being with him.

She wants to feel know that her guy could have his pick of other women if he wanted to, but he has chosen her.

That is what makes her feel special, even though she would rarely admit that if asked in person.

Almost all women say that they hate it when a guy thinks that most women like him, but he is actually the kind of guy that they lust after and hope to get.

It’s not about bragging about having other women interested, but simply being able to attract women during interactions without desperately trying to pick them up.

When women feel attracted and turned on by you and then notice that you’re not desperate to pick them up, they will know that you could easily get other women.

A woman will then feel special and lucky to be chosen by you.

So, when you are in a dating a new woman, rather than wear your heart on your sleeve and immediately telling her that you love her, simply focus on making her feel so attracted to you that she can’t stop herself from saying it first.

She will love you so much more for giving her that priceless gift that she can then brag about to her girlfriends for life.

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