If you are looking confidence tricks that work for any guy no matter what, then you’ve come to the right place. Rich, poor, tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white…you name the guy and I have successfully taught him how to succeed in the modern dating game.

Now it is your turn to learn my proven confidence tricks that I have taught to 1,000s of men who are now enjoying love, sex and relationships with women of their choosing.

Why Do Many Guys Lack Confidence Around Women?

Some of the reasons why many modern men lack confidence around women is that they:

Allow past failures to haunt them: Maybe you got rejected before and think it will keep happening.

Instead of thinking that you will be rejected by every woman you approach, simply understand that no man is compatible with every woman he meets. This confidence trick (or more intelligent way of thinking!) helps you let go of your fear of rejection and approach women in a much more enlightened state of being.

Confuse what they see on TV and in movies with actual reality: After seeing enough movies, TV shows or music videos that show women rudely rejecting men (e.g. slapping men, tipping a drink over the guy’s head, etc), many guys make the mistake of assuming that women behave like that in real life.

After approaching 1,000s of women (while coaching guys on weekends and showing them how to approach women), I can tell you with 100% certainty that 85% of the women you approach will be friendly and open. The other 15% will be cold and not want to open up, but they will NOT slap you or tip a drink over your head for approaching them.

How do I know this? Well, apart from approaching 1,000s of women, having sex with more than 250 women and studying this area of life for more than 10 years, I have also ASKED women what they think of being approached. Have a listen to the clips below:

“Guys Are Not Approaching Enough”

Confidence tricks

“Guys Need to Grow a Pair of Balls”

Talking About One Night Stands (Sex on the Same Night)

Feed their insecurities on a daily basis: The only way to be confident with women is to go through a process of building AND maintaining your confidence. After a while, being and feeling confident becomes natural and automatic.

Yet, here’s the thing: Being and feeling nervous, anxious and insecure can ALSO become natural and automatic, if you allow it. You have to feed your confidence and not your insecurities if you want to truly rid yourself of annoying things like nervousness, anxiety and shyness. Confidence is self-created and self-maintained; you have to feed it and keep it alive throughout life.

Building the Confidence to Approach Women

Most guys need a bit of extra help when it comes to feeling confident around women. A common problem area for guys is a lack of confidence when it comes to approaching women. They may feel confident in other areas of life, but when it comes to approaching women, all of their confidence dissapears and is replaced by fear, nervousness and anxiety.

They freeze up and can’t build up the courage to approach the woman. Before he knows it, the opportunity with her is gone and he walks away feeling regret and wishing that he could find some sort of confidence trick that would fix everything for him.

Who Am I?

My name is Dan Bacon and I used to have little to no confidence around women. I too searched for confidence tricks and it wasn’t until I discovered the secrets to building and maintaining TRUE confidence that everything changed. If you want confidence tricks that will get you instant success with women, then get started here.

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