What do you really want to experience with women?

I’m not talking about what you tell other people, but what you really want? Do you ever picture yourself having sex with new women all the time, or is your ultimate fantasy to be married to a sexy, beautiful woman who loves you more than anything else in the world?

Whatever it is that you really want with women, why are you getting it? What is really stopping you?

If you’re like a lot of modern men, it is FEAR.

Irrational, unnecessary, stupid FEAR.

Here’s the thing…

Fear feeds on the power that you give it. Fear can only exist if you feed it. If you want to be a truly confident man, you have to feed your confidence, not your fear.

Some guys go through life looking for reasons to be fearful, rather than looking for reasons to be confident. They hide themselves away from women and if they do interact with women, they present a weak, hesitant, fearful version of themselves.

Instead of having the confidence to be themselves and allow an interaction to unfold naturally, they tense up and put on an act of being someone they’re not.

The fear being rejected, fear saying the wrong thing and fear being embarrassed or humiliated in front of others. It’s a horrible state of existence that I once used to live with, until I discovered what I reveal in this video…

Life or Death Fears Are Useful

The primal feeling of fear is a useful thing when it comes to protecting your life (e.g. running away from a tiger, keeping your home locked at night to prevent intruders from entering, etc), but for anything else it usually just holds you back from achieving what you want.

For example: Approaching women.

Many guys feel fear when they want to approach an attractive woman. All of a sudden, thoughts like these trigger feelings of fear, anxiety and nervousness:

  • What if she has an angry boyfriend and he rushes over and then beats me up?
  • What if she tells me to go away and humiliates me in front of everyone?
  • What if I approach her and get rejected and then other women think I am a loser?
  • What if something that I know from work (or university) sees me getting rejected?
  • What if I run out of things to say and look like an idiot?
  • What if freaks out and other people step in and tell me to go away?

Yet, what most of these guys don’t realize is that the majority of women are friendly and open when approached by a guy, as long as he approaches and talks to her in a confident, easy-going way.

If a guy approaches and immediately tries to pick her up in a rushed way, or comes across as nervous, awkward and tense, then of course she isn’t going to react as positively as she would to a guy who is confident, easy-going and isn’t in a rush to get a phone number.

How can you feel confident and relaxed when approaching women? Start by watching this video…

When you approach women in the right way (i.e. you make them feel attracted to you and you have an easy-going attitude), things flow smoothly from one step to the next. After experiencing that a few times, you begin to realize that approaching women isn’t something to be afraid of – it’s something to be excited about.

There’s nothing more rewarding for a single guy than being able to approach and attract women at will. Suddenly, the world opens up to him and he has his choice with women.

He’s no longer the fearful guy who waits in the shadows or spends most of his time masturbating, watching TV, “hanging out” with people on social media. Instead, he’s getting laid with hot girls and getting the love, respect and attention that he has deserved all along.

Yet, none of that will happen for him unless he faces up to his fears and becomes the man that he knows he can be.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt, longest-serving First Lady of the United States

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato, Classical Greek philosopher

Fear Based on Previous Experiences

If you’ve been rejected by a lot of women and don’t really know why, it’s understandable that you will feel some fear, insecurity and anxiety around women that you find attractive.

However, that fear is not a permanent thing that you have to live with. You can get rid of it by learning how to attract women properly so they don’t reject you.

Over the years I’ve heard many guys say things like, “I really do want to have a relationship with a beautiful woman, but I’ve been rejected so many times in the past and have been turned down when I’ve asked women out. I stopped trying a while back because women are just too choosy these days. You can’t please them.”

Yet, those guys are wrong.

What they don’t realize is that they ARE good enough for women, but are simply approaching the pick up in the wrong way. For example…

Many guys use the nice guy approach and wonder why women reject them for it…

Many guys don’t even realize why women like a guy who is more of a challenge…

The more you learn from me, the more you will realize that you ARE good enough for women. You can attract and keep a beautiful woman, but you have to approach things in the right way.

If you are sick and tired of missing out on experiencing the type of success with women that you KNOW you deserve, then stop fuelling your fear and start fuelling your confidence…

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