The reason why women like jerks or bad boys is that their confidence and behavior triggers feelings of attraction inside of the woman.

The same applies to you…

You have most-likely been going through life saying that you want a nice, intelligent girl that you can trust, rely on and proudly introduce to your family and friends. Yet, you are also attracted to slutty strippers.

A beautiful stripper

Strippers are bad girls are you can’t stop yourself from feeling attracted to them, even though you want to get a nice, pretty girl that doesn’t show off her naked body to hundreds of men every night.

Almost All Women Want to Find a Good Guy, Not a Bad Boy

If you’ve seen beautiful, intelligent women lust after jerks and bad boys, you might have come to the conclusion that women must prefer bad men.

Yet, it’s not true.

Almost all women (99%) would prefer to be with a good guy who ALSO makes her feel sexually attracted, but if none of those guys are available (they usually aren’t. Hence why you will often hear women saying, “Where are all the real men??”) a woman will hook up with other guys who can make her feel attracted, which are usually the jerks or bad boys.

Why doesn’t being nice to a woman make her feel attracted? Watch this video to understand…

There is NOTHING wrong with being nice to a woman (I am nice to women and I had sex with more than 250 of them, before recently settling down with a sexy, 22 year old even though I’m 37 years old), but you ALSO have to make her feel sexually attracted to you.

If your main approach to women is just to be nice and hope that they like you enough because you’re such a good guy, then you’re always going to get rejected and the spark is always going to die in your relationships.

Do You Even Know How to Attract Women?

Back when I had no idea how to attract women, I used to look on at women and think, “WTF? Why is she with that guy?”

I’d see beautiful, intelligent women with guys who looked like thugs, low-IQ idiots or douchebags. It just didn’t make any sense. From my perspective, I thought that I was approaching the situation correctly…

I was (and still am) a nice, good guy with good intentions. Yet, no matter how much I showed that to women, they didn’t care! They just rejected me. Why? NOTHING that I was saying and doing was making the women feel sexually attracted to me.

It was only years later that I eventually realized the real reason why a lot of good guys fail with women…

Women Don’t Want a Bad Man

Women are not desperately seeking a bad man who will treat them like crap.

However, most women would rather be with a man who doesn’t really care if he loses her, instead of being with a guy who needs her for his emotional security and sense of identity.

Why? Simple…women find it extremely easy to attract men for sex. If a woman is attractive, pretty much every guy in the world is willing to stick his dick in her at least once.

Based on this reality, the majority of women get to the point where they want a guy to be more of a challenge to impress and seduce. Here’s why…

Almost all women want a good man, who also has the ability to make her feel attracted to him. Women do NOT want a bad man who will cause them harm, treat them badly, cheat on them, etc.

If you are going through life thinking that women like jerks and bad boys because they want to be treated badly, you are wrong.

Women are not seeking bad men who will hurt them. Women are simply looking for a good guy who isn’t a pushover. She doesn’t want you to be instantly impressed by her and willing to have sex and a relationship with her simply because you feel attracted to her physical appearance.

She wants you to realize the reality that she lives in (i.e. most guys would bang her) and then allow her to have the experience of trying to impress you enough to get you interested. She wants to feel lucky to get a chance with you, rather than feeling like you’re just another horny guy who is hoping to get a chance with her.

She Doesn’t Want You to Behave Like a Sweet Guy From a “Chick Flick”

Being romantic and sweet only works if she feels attracted to you first

In many Hollywood movies, you will see a man being super nice, sweet and romantic to a woman.

Throughout the movie, the woman will be “swept off her feet” by his niceness and generosity and after he saves the day, saves the world or saves her from danger (or a bad boy), they will fall in love and live happily ever after.

Women cry when they watch those movies and say, “Oh, he’s so sweet…I wish a man would treat me that way,” yet what most guys don’t realize is that women don’t find a guy’s niceness appealing UNLESS they are attracted to him.

In the movie, the scriptwriters turn the sweet, romantic guy into a confident hero who saves the day, which then makes the woman feel attracted to him. In real life, you don’t get to save the day and you have to attract her in other ways…

If your main approach to women is to be nice, sweet and innocent, then your main response will be rejection and disappointment. Women DO want to find themselves a good guy, but if she doesn’t feel turned on by you when she interacts with you, she isn’t going to care how nice, sweet and good you are.

She might like you as a friend or even lead you on and pretend that she likes you or will stay with you for life (if you happen to get her into a relationship), but she will always leave herself open to being seduced by other guys.

If you want to be successful at picking up women and then keeping a woman in a relationship, you have to offer more than just being a good guy. A woman wants to feel sexual attraction for you, not just nice, friendly feelings.

Yo do NOT have to become a bad boy or be a jerk to women, but you do need to start saying and doing the types of things that actually make women feel turned on. If you don’t do that, you can’t expect women to suddenly change their natural instincts.

Just like you can’t help yourself from being attracted to strippers or sluts in porn, women can’t help themselves from being attracted to the sorts of things that we teach here at The Modern Man.

These Days, You Have to Start With Kissing and Sex

Start with kissing and sex and then take it from there

In the past, women were completely dependant on men for their survival. A woman’s life was essentially about growing up, finding herself a nice gentleman for a husband, raising a family and then dying.

Since it was shameful to divorce, a woman had to select a man based on how nice he was and how well set up he was to support her and their family.

The old days...

In 1900 for example, the divorce rate was less than 10% across the developed world, whereas it’s an average of about 50% these days.

In today’s world, women select men based on how much sexual attraction they feel. Women know that they don’t need to settle down with the first guy they have sex with. Instead of saving her virginity for marriage, a woman will have sex with whomever she likes and settle down whenever she feels like it.

Kiss her, have sex with her and then think about starting a relationship

This is one of the reasons why the nice guy approach doesn’t work anymore. The nice guy approach comes on too strong with a relationship vibe, whereas most women just want to take you for a “test drive” first and see how they feel.

Instead of trying to get women to give you a chance by being nice to them, you need to make them feel attracted to you and then escalate to kissing and sex. After you’ve had sex, both of you can then decide whether or not you just want to keep having sex or maybe start a relationship…

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