Bad boy (noun): A man who does not conform to approved standards of behavior.
Jerk (noun): An obnoxious man. Often selfish, manipulative and mean to others.
Nice guy (noun): A man with a friendly, but unassertive personality.
Real man (noun): A good man, who is also confident and masculine.

Bad boy, jerk or nice guy: Who is the best man out of those three in terms of what women really want in a man?

It’s not the bad boy.

It’s not the jerk.

It’s not the nice guy.

The best type of man is a what women refer to as a real man.

The Best Man: A Real Man

What women really want in a guy is for him to be a good man, but also be very confident and masculine. If a man is only good or “nice,” but lacks confidence and masculinity (in how he thinks, behaves and takes action in life), then he will not be what women refer to as a real man. He will usually be placed in the friend zone, rejected, ignored and overlooked by women because his lack of confidence and masculinity makes him unattractive to women.

Women are mostly attracted to a man’s confidence and masculinity and if he also happens to be a good guy, then it’s a welcome bonus. Real men are very hard to find for women, which is why you will often hear women asking, “Where are all the real men?” It’s easy for a nervous nice guy to become a real man, if he just puts in a bit of effort to improve his confidence and masculinity.

Women Don’t Want a Bad Man

Some nice guys get annoyed when they see women hooking up with bad boys and jerks and then conclude that all women are crazy and that women actually want to be with a bad man. Women aren’t looking to find a bad person to have a relationship with, they are looking to feel attraction. Just like you might turned on by very slutty women in a porn video (even though you probably want a nice woman to have as a girlfriend or wife), women will get turned on by very confident and masculine men in real life (even though they want a good man).

The solution is not to become a bad boy or a jerk, but to be Better Than a Bad Boy by becoming a real man.

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