Before I list off some of the things that attract women to bad boys, I want to point out something very important…

You can still attract women in these ways while being a good guy. You do not have to treat women badly to be attractive to women.

The ultimate type of guy that women want is a good guy who also has some balls. So, if you’re a good guy who wants to attract women, you can get rid of the idea of thinking that you need to become a bad person to accomplish it.

Bad boys are not the ultimate type of guy that women want. However, some of the things that do attract women to bad boys, which you can use to attract women as a good guy are as follows…

1. He lives by his own rules.

Bad boys are generally the type of guys who do what they want, even if the current standards of society say they shouldn’t.

Bad boy (noun): A man who does not conform to approved standards of behavior. A person who goes against convention.

As you can see by the dictionary definition above, a bad boy is a word that is traditionally used to describe a guy who lives by his own rules, rather than just blindly following the crowd.

After all, culture always changes and what is taboo today, will be acceptable and normal soon enough.

A classic example is women wearing mini skirts. It used to be shocking if a woman showed her ankles while wearing a long dress, but it later became acceptable to wear a mini skirt and then a skimpy bikini on the beach.

Women before and now

Even though in the year 1900, most people thought it was wrong for women to show some skin by wearing a mini skirt or a bikini, most women are now free to do it and everyone is enjoying it.

Culture always changes, so it’s no surprise that women have an instinctive attraction to guys who have the balls to go their own way if they believe that it’s the right thing to do, rather than just blindly following superficial cultural ideas that may eventually be replaced anyway.

Just look at what happened to “no sex before marriage.” Men who had sex with a woman before marriage were seen as bad boys, but now it’s just normal.

Society used to be so serious about pre-marital sex and some men and women were sent to jail, sacked from a job, disowned by family and even murdered for committing that “crime.”

Oh, how times change...

Yet, times have changed and now sex before marriage isn’t a big deal for most of the world.

So, just because certain behaviors might be seen as taboo today, it doesn’t mean that people won’t relax about it later on, or even come to like it and prefer it.

For example: Here are a few, famous men who went against the status quo (i.e. they took on a bad boy role in society), but who are now seen as good guys who helped change the world:

Bad boys who helped change the world

  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak: Jobs and Wozniak were looked at as nerds for working on computers. Most people didn’t see any reason to start using computers at all, but Steve Jobs pushed on and he and the people at Apple helped changed the way people now interact with technology.
  • Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King: Mandela and King were told that black people weren’t equal to white people, so they spent most of their life fighting for equal rights and won.
  • Eddie Mabo: Eddie was told that the Indigenous Australians (known as Aboriginals) were not entitled to any land that was taken over by the Queen of England when England created a colony in Australia. The Aboriginals were reported to have been in living in Australia for up to 60,000 years before the British arrived. Eddie Mabo didn’t bow down and instead fought the case and the Aboriginal people were awarded vast stretches of land in outback Australia.
  • John Lennon from The Beatles and Jim Morrison from the Doors: John and Jim lived in a time where society expected musicians to sing nice songs about nice things. Yet, these men went against the grain by singing controversial lyrics that challenged the status quo.
  • Elvis Presley: He lived in a time when musicians were expected to act nice and not use any sexually provocative body language. His sexual dance moves, unconventional lyrics and masculine confidence soon landed him the title as being the bad boy of rock and roll.

As you can see by the examples above, living by your own rules can have huge benefits in your own life and for humanity.

Have a look at the dictionary definition again…

Bad boy (noun): A man who does not conform to approved standards of behavior. A person who goes against convention.

Elvis Presley, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela and the other men are literal examples of how the dictionary describes the term bad boy.

If all of those men simply hid away and kept their mouth shut, the world would probably be a much less tolerant, less interesting and less connected place right now.

Although women might not be able to explain their attraction to a man who lives by his own rules (labeled as a “bad boy” by the dictionary), there is a deep, instinctive reason why it is attractive, which is directly linked to the development of the human race.

Think about it…

If women were mostly attracted to guys who kept quiet and didn’t stand up for change when they thought it was necessary, humanity would most likely advance at a much slower rate.

Dictatorships would probably be more common and we may not have as many democratic countries that allow citizens to enjoy certain freedoms (that have been fought for by bad boys).

Of course, not all bad boys that women are attracted to are going to change the world or even do anything special at all, but women can’t stop themselves from feeling an instinctive attraction for a guy who has the balls to do what he thinks is right.

You don’t have to be a bad person to do that, as has clearly been demonstrated by the celebrity examples above.

You can still be a good guy, but if you want to make women feel attracted to the bad boy trait of living by your own rules, then just start doing what you want, thinking how you want and going after what you really want in life…even if conservative people currently think that it’s wrong.

2. He has a raw, masculine confidence that makes her feel feminine and girly in comparison to him.

Raw, masculine confidence that makes a woman feel feminine and girly in comparison

This is another example of a bad boy trait that can still be used to attract women, even while being a good, honest guy.

When a woman interacts with a guy who has a raw, masculine type of confidence, it automatically triggers her feelings of sexual attraction because it makes her feel feminine and girly in comparison to him.

It instantly creates a spark of sexual attraction between them because there is a clear masculine and feminine dynamic between them. Rather than feeling neutral, they are attracted to the differences in their energy (i.e. he is the man and she is the woman).

Think about it this way…

When you place a positive and negative magnet next to each other, they will naturally be attracted to each other. Yet, when you try to force two negative magnets together, you will be able to feel that they are naturally repelled by each other.

That’s a fairly close match to how human attraction works. For human sexual attraction to exist, there has to be a more masculine and more feminine person.

So, when a woman interacts with a guy who has a soft, nice guy type of confidence, it doesn’t make her feel girly and feminine in comparison to him because he isn’t exuding a lot of masculinity with that confidence.

Instead, it just makes her feel nice, friendly and neutral around him. There is no sexual spark because there is no real difference in their energy; they are just neutral around each other (i.e. neither are very masculine or very feminine around each other, but are somewhere in the middle).

What a lot of good men don’t understand is that the majority of guys in this world (I’d estimate it at about 80%) use the typical nice guy approach on women.

The typical nice guy approach is where a guy tries to be liked by a woman by showing her how much a nice, respectful, trustworthy and genuine guy he is.

Nervous nice guy hoping to be liked and given a chance to be with a woman for being nice to her

Women do appreciate nice traits in a guy, but if a guy is simply trying to get a chance with her as a result of being nice to her, then he is skipping the most important thing of all…

Sexual attraction.

The first thing that has to be established between you and a woman is mutual sexual attraction.

Yes, you are attracted to her looks, but as a guy, you have to actively make a women feel sexually attracted to you and turned on by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, masculine vibe, etc).

Only then will she appreciate the fact that you’re also a nice guy.

However, she’s not going to want to select a guy based on how nice he is being to her.

If women did that, men would be in competition over who could be the nicest to women and things would get very crazy.

Can you imagine what would happen if women rewarded men with sex, love and devotion based on how nice they were?

Desperate guys might begin offering to be a woman’s slave and do whatever she wants, if she will just give him a chance to be with her. Other guys might buy flowers and chocolates and gifts for women every day in the hope that one day, she will reward him with a kiss on the cheek.

Luckily, the world doesn’t work like that and attracting a woman is something that you can do easily and immediately, without ever having to suck up to her with expensive gifts, dinners or a long list of compliments.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works and how you can use it to make women lust after you and see you as being better than a bad boy…

As you will discover from the video above, you do not have to be a bad boy or bad person to attract women.

You do not have to treat women badly, be an arrogant prick or be rude to women.

You can be a good guy, but you simply have to be willing to display some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, flirting, masculine vibe, etc).

3. He makes a woman feel a range of exciting emotions compared to a typical nice guy.

Feeling exciting emotions around a bad boy

Although a bad boy isn’t the best relationship option for a woman, she will often have sex with him or date him for a while, just so she can experience the wide range of emotions that come with being in a relationship with a guy like that.

If a woman hooks up with yet another nice guy, she can usually predict how it will play out.

The nice guy will be nice and sweet to her, he will be very attracted to her, he will fall in love with her and when she gets bored of being in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t make her feel much attraction, she will then try to break up with him.

Yet, since he has a hard time attracting women because his approach is to hopefully be “liked” by a woman for being such a nice, good guy, he will cling to her like glue and become insecure and needy as she tries to break up with him.

Even though she might like him as a person and feel sorry for him in a way, she will try hard to continue on with the break up because she knows that he doesn’t have a clue about how to make her feel the kind of attraction that really wants to feel for a man.

For most women, it’s the same story over and over again.

So, rather than going through that, a woman will often play around for a while by being with a bad boy who is capable of making her feel a wider range of emotions based on how unpredictable he is or how difficult he is to win over.

For example: A lot of the guys that women label as being a “bad boy,” are those who are more of a challenge to win over, compared to a typical nice guy.

Watch this video to understand why most women prefer guys who are a more of a challenge and how you can be a challenge, while still being a good guy…

As you will discover from the video above, you’re not being a bad person by offering a woman a bit of a challenge before you let her get to have sex with you or be your girlfriend.

Instead, you are a just being a wiser man who understands the reality that women live in and as a result, you are giving her a gift that she is desperately looking for.

4. He makes a woman feel like she is doing something naughty.

Think about it this way…

Most guys like to look at sexy, female strippers and exotic dancers or jerk off to the women in hardcore porn.

Men looking at online porn

The women in porn are bad girls!

So, is the nice guy wrong for feeling attracted to them? Should he ignore those women and only pay attention to women who wear long skirts and don’t kiss or have sex before marriage?

He can do that if he wants to, but if he is like most modern men, he doesn’t only pay attention to nice, conservative women.

He can’t stop himself from feeling attracted to the bad girls in porn and if he goes to a strip club and watches exotic dancers (i.e. bad girls), he probably won’t be able to control his attraction for them either.

He might have been going around telling everyone, “I want a nice girl that I can introduce to my family,” but that doesn’t mean he can’t feel attracted to bad girls too.

Strippers are bad girls

A stripper is arousing for guys because she isn’t being so conservative and formal like everyday women.

By working as a stripper, she’s actually being a bad girl, but most nice guys will still feel attracted to her, want to have sex with her and may even a relationship with her.

So, can you blame some women for going through with the attraction that they feel for so called “bad boys” who are little bit naughty when it comes to showing their sexual interest and actually kissing her and hooking up with her for sex very quickly?

Likewise, the women in porn are actually bad girls, but millions of nice guys from all over the world jerk off to them all day long.

So, in just the same way that guys get turned on by women who are being a little bit naughty rather than just being nice, women can also feel turned on by guys who make them feel a bit naughty.

How naughty? It doesn’t have to be too extreme at all. It’s simply about taking things a little further than a typical nice guy would and if you can do that, it’s enough to get most women aroused.

For example: A typical nice guy will take a woman on a series of dates before he eventually builds up to kissing her and having sex with her.

Yet, he doesn’t realize that in today’s world, most women have experienced sex on the first date or even sex on the first night.

In the USA, a study found that 55% of couples had sex on their first date and a European study found that 70% of women had experienced a one night stand.

In other words, while millions of nice guys have been jerking off to porn and thinking that everyday women don’t want to have sex, bad boys (and good guys like me who can attract women) have been having sex with women on the first night and first date for years.

These days, sex happens very quickly, but that isn’t something that women like to go around admitting.

So, when a woman meets a guy who has the ability to attract her, turn her on and then guide her to kissing and sex on the first night or first date, it makes her feel a bit naughty.

Nice guys would probably label that guy as a “bad boy,” but in reality, he’s just a guy who has adapted to the pace of the modern dating scene.

Some nice guys will think that modern women are disgusting and slutty for having sex so easily, but those same nice guys will jerk off to hardcore porn and have all sorts of wild thoughts while doing it.

So, guys can’t blame women for wanting to feel a bit naughty at times, rather than just always being so nice, innocent and sweet.

The Ultimate Type of Man

The ultimate type of man that pretty much all women are attracted to is a good man who is also very confident and masculine.

Yet, since those men are usually already taken, a woman will often accept what she sees as the next best thing (i.e. a bad boy) if she is sick of the typical nice guys that she keeps meeting.

So, although it might look like women are mostly attracted to bad boys or only want a man who is bad or mean to her, that’s actually not the case at all.

Of course, there are some strange women who like to date bad men (e.g. women who are attracted to career criminals, thugs or men on Death Row), but the majority of women in this world want a good guy who is confident, self-assured and masculine.

Being with an actual bad man is not what women are looking for.

Actual bad men - the type of men that most women are NOT interested in

The vast majority of women definitely aren’t looking to couple up with a bad man who will beat her up, treat her like crap and make her life a misery. That would be crazy.

Instead, women just want a good guy who has some balls and isn’t afraid to live the life he wants.

Most women just want a good guy who has the balls to go after what he wants in life

You don’t have to be a bad person to make women feel attracted to you. Women aren’t looking to get beat up or be treated like crap by a bad man. They just want you to have some balls, but also be a good, loving guy.

Treating a Woman Like a Princess

When a guy thinks of himself as being a “nice” guy who likes to treat a woman like a princess, but then notices that most of the women he really likes (i.e. the feminine ones) seem to be more attracted to guys who don’t treat women as nicely as he does, he might ask himself, “What attracts women to bad boys?” or, “Why does a woman want a man who treats her badly, rather than a nice guy who will treat her well?”

A guy like this will often make the mistake of thinking that women must not feel attracted to him because he’s not a bad boy or a bad person.

“Maybe I should start treating women like shit. If that’s what they want, then fine. I’ll show them what a bad boy is. I’ll be the rudest asshole they’ve ever met. Will they like me then? I doubt it! Stupid bitches…they can’t see what they are missing with me. I’m the nicest, most honest, genuine guy around. What else do they want?!”

What he doesn’t realize is that his inability to create feelings of sexual attraction inside of woman is what is getting him rejected or making women overlook him.

He doesn’t understand that almost all women do want a good guy, but they only want that good guy if he can also make her feel sexually attracted to him.

I treated her like a princess, but she likes him instead

It’s simply not enough for a guy just be to nice because niceness isn’t what turns woman on sexually.

So, should he be bad to her?

Of course not.

He needs to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, masculine vibe, charisma, etc).

Quite simply, a woman will hook up with a bad boy because he makes her feel attracted. Ultimately though, what she really wants is a good guy who can make her feel just as much or even more attraction than a bad boy.

Thankfully, that is a very easy thing to do.

Watch this video to understand more about how easy it is to attract women as a good guy…

As you will discover from the video above, you actually have a lot of direct control over how much or little attraction a woman feels for you.

For example: If a guy interacts with a woman and comes across as nervous, insecure and unsure of himself, while also trying to suck up to her by being really nice, then she’s not going to be feeling attracted and turned on by him.

However, if a good guy interacts with a woman and comes across as confident, emotionally strong and charismatic, the woman will naturally feel attracted to him.

Why? Women are naturally attracted to the emotional strength in men (e.g. confidence, high self-esteem, etc) and turned off by the weakness (e.g. insecurity, nervousness, etc).

When you display some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women, you don’t even have to work at trying to get the woman to like you because she will automatically like you based on the attraction she is feeling.

Then, if you also happen to be a good guy, she will feel as though she’s just hit the dating jackpot and will be keen to hook up with you sexually and hopefully get you into a relationship.

“I Just Want a Nice Guy Who Treats Me Well”

Most guys have probably heard women say, “Where are all the nice guys?” or “I just want to be with a nice guy who treats me well.”

Then, what often happens is a lot of guys begin thinking, “I’m a nice guy and I really, really like her. So, what I’m going to do to get her is treat her like a princess, show her that I have good intentions, show her that I respect her and that will treat her right. Hopefully, she will then realize how much of a nice guy I am and will give me a chance with her. After all, she just said she wants a nice guy, so I’m going to be really nice and then she will really want me. Yes!!! I’ve worked it out! I’ve discovered a secret hack to get women to like me! I’ll be the nicest guy they’ve ever met and then they will have to choose me! Yayy!”

Yet, when he tries the nice guy approach, instead of her falling head over heels in love with him, she either rejects him or she says something like, “I really like you, but I only see us as being friends,” or “You’re really nice, but I don’t have feelings for you” or “I see you as more of a brother.”

Later on, he might then be disappointed to see her dating a guy that he perceives as being a bad boy (e.g. because he kissed her or had sex with her on the first date) and he may wonder, “Why do women say they want a nice guy and then end up hooking up and dating bad boys? I don’t understand what attracts women to bad boys? Why would a woman prefer to be treated badly when there is a really nice guy just dying to have a chance with her and treat her like a princess? I would wait months or years to have sex with her if that’s what she wanted. I would do anything for her!”

What he doesn’t realize is that being nice to a woman just isn’t enough to make her want to begin a sexual, romantic relationship. As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being nice to a woman, but being nice isn’t the thing that makes her wet and gets her craving sex with you.

You Don’t Have to Be a Bad Boy to Attract Women

Hopefully by now, you have realized that most bad boys are able to display certain personality traits, (e.g. confidence, masculine vibe, charisma, charm, etc) that women find attractive in men.

The majority of nice guys simply don’t know that they can attract women in those way, so they waste a lot of time trying to be a nice, sweet guy by pretending not to be interested in having sex with her, in the hopes that she will like him and want to date him one day.

Yet, the nice guy could easily get into a sexual, romantic relationship with her immediately if he would simply stop trying to suck up to her by being nice and start making her feel sexually attracted and turned on by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

If he isn’t willing to make her feel turned on (e.g. because he thinks it’s wrong, sleazy or too forward), the woman will reject him or keep him in the friend zone, even if she really likes him as a person.

He may then feel confused about that and wonder, “Maybe if I can be even nicer to her, she will then see that I’m the nice guy that she has been looking for all along! I’ve been nice to her so far, but now I’m going to be twice as nice!”

He will then be even nicer, more polite, more generous and caring, but he will remain stuck in the friend zone because the all-important element of sexual attraction will still be missing from the dynamic.

Then, when he see another guy walk up to her, attract her and show his sexual interest right away, he will label the guy as being a bad boy or a jerk. “What an asshole. All he wants to do is have sex with her. At least I respect her!”

He will wonder why an intelligent, beautiful woman like her would fall for a guy like him, “I don’t understand what attracts women to bad boys when they can have a nice guy like me who treats her like gold and cares about her? What does he have that I don’t?! I’m a much nicer guy than he is! I don’t get it!”

It’s pretty simple: The bad boy is making her feel attracted.

So, to close up here, I want to make one point very clear…

You do NOT need to be a bad boy to attract women.

You can attract women by being a good guy, as long as you are willing to display some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women and turn them on.

When you do that, you will immediately begin to enjoy your pick of beautiful women and you will notice that in reality, most women are not attracted to bad boys after all. Most women just want a good guy who turns them on.

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