Can you be a gentleman and still get the girl? Yes, you can!

“But, I keep hearing that beautiful women like bad boys, so how am I supposed to be a gentleman and still attract the women I want?”

The first thing you have to understand is that beautiful women don’t like being treated badly. They simply don’t want to be put on a pedestal and treated like an unattainable goddess by a overly-polite gentleman or really nice guy.

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Women Love it When a Gentleman Can Also Offer a Bit of Challenge

There’s nothing wrong with being a gentleman to a woman, as long as you also make her have to impress you too. If your approach is all about trying to impress her to hopefully get a chance with her, most women won’t be interested.

There is a very specific reason why women love it when a guy offers a bit of a challenge. Watch this video to understand why…

Being put on a pedestal is the standard reaction that attractive women from all around the world get from desperate nice guys who are hoping to get a chance with them. After a while, that desperation and eagerness to please becomes boring and sometimes even annoying for beautiful women.

Since many bad boys have little respect for women, they often treat women poorly and put themselves on the pedestal instead.

In the beginning, some women feel attraction for bad boys because the woman assumes that the bad boy must be valuable, because he isn’t as desperate to please her like all the other guys are. However, over time, most women are turned off by the lack of respect they receive from a bad boy and they dump him.

Women are not actively looking for a bad boy. What women really want is to find a guy who makes them feel sexually attracted. If that guy also happens to be a charming gentleman, then she will feel as though she’s hit the dating jackpot.

The Ultimate Gentleman

The ultimate type of gentleman that women are hoping to meet is one who:

  • Makes her feel sexually attracted by way of his conversation style, body language and vibe.
  • Makes her feel special by giving her compliments and making her feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth.
  • Gets along well with her and any friends she is with at the time.
  • Has manners, but isn’t an overly polite guy who is trying too hard to impress her.

However, a word of warning…

Compliments are only really appreciated by a woman if you’ve made her feel sexually attracted to you first. If a woman sees you as a typical nice guy who is just trying to kiss her ass and hope to get a chance with her, your compliments won’t hold much weight.

The secret to complimenting a woman in a way that makes her swoon is to first make feel turned on by what you’re saying and doing when interacting with her (e.g. your confidence, humor, charisma, masculine vibe, etc).

When you make a woman feel attracted to you and then give her a compliment, she sees you as a charming guy. Then, if you have better manners than the average guy, she will see you as the ultimate gentleman.

Classic Mistakes That Guys Make When Trying to Be a Gentleman

1. Behaving like it’s the early 1900s

Men in the early 1900s had to behave in a more polite, non-sexual way compared to today’s men.

Sex is no longer taboo in our society and most women have plenty of sex with different men before settling down with their perfect guy. So, when you meet a woman, don’t behave like a gentleman from the early 1900s who treats her like she is still a virgin and would never, ever think of having sex.

2. Thinking that being a gentleman will be enough to impress her

Being nice to a woman and having manners is great, but it’s not enough to attract the interest of most modern women.

If you want to be successful at getting yourself a girlfriend or wife, you have to make sure that you also make women feel sexually attracted to you. It’s very easy for women to get us men to feel sexually attracted to them because we feel that mostly based on the woman’s appearance.

However, for us men, we have to actively say and do things that turn women on…

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