It’s no secret that most women like to dance. If you think back to school dances, girls liked to dance so much that even when the boys sat on the sidelines, girls would get up to dance with each other.

When it comes to dancing with women, you don’t have to be as smooth as Fred Astaire, Usher, Justin Timberlake or be good enough to compete on one of the popular TV dance shows. But having a sense of rhythm, having confidence and knowing a few moves will help you to attract women like nothing else can.

The reality is that a guy who is a great dancer can usually have his pick of women in a club. It won’t matter if he’s short, fat, bald or generally not what you’d consider a stud. If he can dance well, women will gather around to dance with him. The great thing about dancing is that it’s ‘legal’ touching, so you can escalate to physical touching (and kissing) naturally and easily.

Some dancing styles, like ballroom dancing require men to take the lead and be in charge – and women love that. Latin dancing requires you to press your body tightly against a woman, grind your hips against her and stroke her arms, legs, neck and back in ways that if you attempted to do this to a woman you’d met only moments before, would likely get you rejected.

Guys who master at least the basic moves of dancing and have the right attitude are considered ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ by women because many women associate how well a man moves on the dance floor to how well he’ll do in the bedroom.

Let’s look at a couple of examples…

In the movie, “Shall We Dance” starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez, there are a couple of pivotal moments in the movie that equate dancing with mating. “Yeah, sure,” you might say to yourself, “What woman would turn down Richard Gere in his prime?”

Although that’s probably true for a lot of women, his character in the movie isn’t the one we’re going to focus on right now (although we’ll get back to him in a bit).

One of the minor characters, played by Stanley Tucci, is a balding corporate attorney who loves to dance. Even though he knew the dance moves, his obvious lack of confidence in himself made him feel as though it was necessary to develop a bigger persona to impress the women. The persona he developed wore a wig, false teeth (to make his smile bigger) and a really bad spray tan.

No matter how well he danced, he had trouble finding women partners who weren’t turned off by his fakeness and vibe of desperation. During a dance competition where a woman had to be forced to dance with him, his wig came flying off causing him to literally lose his footing.

Moments later, when he returned to the floor without the hairpiece, he realized that the crowd was now with him and his partner looked at him in a much different light. His confidence soared and he got the girl.

Now let’s get back to Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez’s characters, John and Paulina. Without going into the movie’s plot, there is a scene where Paulina, John’s dance teacher, wants him to learn to take control and not think about the steps.

John starts to tango with Paulina and she keeps pushing him away because he’s not leading and taking command properly. When he finally begins to take control of her, they go on to have one of the ‘hottest’ (that’s how women refer to it) dance scenes in the history of cinema.

By the time the dance is over, she’s breathless and quivering – and if he wanted, he could have had her right there on the studio’s dance floor.

OK, you’re still thinking, “Yes, but whatever the character, it was still Richard Gere.” So let’s talk about another example – Donny Osmond – King of the Nice Guys and a dorky-looking dude at that. He’s in his 50’s, is the father of five and the grandfather of two.

While more than 30 years ago he was a heartthrob to pre-teen girls, sexy is not the first word that would ever come to mind for women when talking about him. Cute in an earnest, moon-faced way with a toothy grin? Sure. Sweet? Very. Sexy? Not so much.

When he was on “Dancing with the Stars,” he performed well. He was more like a good entertainer rather than a great dancer, but what no one could anticipate was what happened the night that he and his partner took the floor to do the Argentine tango.

For the first time in the competition, he was in command. He took total control. He pressed her body against his. He lifted her. He dragged her by her toes. He caressed her naked thigh and when the dance was over, women around the world, from 18 to 80, put together four words together that most thought they’d never say, “Donny Osmond is hot!”

It wasn’t that he was the best dancer that women had ever saw, but he displayed such power, such confidence, such manliness and control that women couldn’t help but be stunned and think, “Whoa! I never saw that coming.”

The point is it doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or what you look like. If you display confidence and control when you dance with a woman, she’ll follow you anywhere.

Do you need to take dance lessons or get a couple of videos to learn some moves? Maybe, that’s up to you. If you think it will help with your confidence, go ahead. But if you can move reasonably well (with relaxed confidence) and show command and assurance on the dance floor, lessons aren’t necessary for you to attract women.

Picture this.

Caressing, stroking, pressing your body against a sexy woman and having her submit to your every whim and movement. That’s foreplay. If you want to get her to eagerly follow you to your bedroom, start by leading her to the dance floor.

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