How can you get some sex if you’re single?

Some guys might be thinking, “Well, just go pay a hooker. Give her some money, have sex with her and leave. Done.”

Yet, how about having sex with a woman who really does want to have sex with you and doesn’t require you to pay her to have sex with her?

How about a woman who wants to have sex with you because she really likes you and really feels attracted to you?

Well, there are many ways to get some sex if you’re single.

In this video, I’m going to explain 3 ways that you can get some sex.

1. Go to speed dating events prepared to make women feel sexually attracted to you

Before I give you some examples of what you can say to make women sexually attracted to you at a speed dating event, I just want to point out that the women you meet at a speed dating event usually won’t be the most physically attractive women in your city or town.

In most cases, women who look like this won’t be attending the speed dating event.

Instead in most cases, it will be women who are average looking or below average looking and sometimes you will get some pretty women there as well.

If you want to have sex with more attractive women, then make sure that you stick around for the other two tips that I’m going to give you in this video on how to get some sex if you’re single.

In those two tips, I’m going to be talking about how to make a woman want you sexually when you have approached her randomly because you found her attractive.

For now, let’s look at tip number 1. Go to speed dating events prepared to make women feel sexually attracted to you.

If you want to get some sex, I don’t recommend going to speed dating events and then just trying your luck, or going to speed dating events and having a nice conversation with women, trying to get to know them and so on.

If you want to get some sex from speed dating events where all the women there are going to be single and either looking for a boyfriend or a lover, then focus on making the women feel sexually attracted to you as you talk to them.

Don’t just sit down, have friendly conversations, ask her what she does for a living and try to get to know her in a neutral, friendly way.

Instead, in addition to having normal conversations, make sure that you add in things that will create a spark of sexual attraction between you and the woman.

Then, build on her feelings of sexual attraction and make her want you sexually.

So, with speed dating, you have to go from table to table and sit down and talk with each woman for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the organization, the way that they arrange things.

Rather than just going to every table, sitting down and introducing yourself in a typical way like every other guy is going to do, introduce yourself in a unique way that is going to make the woman laugh and feel attracted to your confidence.

For example: You’ve just finished up the first 5 or 10 minutes talking to the first woman and then you’re going to go to the next table.

When everyone is changing tables, you walk over to sit at the with the next woman and then you (smile and) say something like this (in a joking manner), “Hey, oh, actually, I think I might just skip this table and go to the next one.”

She’s going to find that funny so you and her can have a laugh together and start the interaction off in a positive, easy-going way.

You’re not going to sit down and put on an act like other guys are of being nicer than you normally are, more polite than you normally are, more restrained and reserved than you normally are.

Instead, you have the confidence to joke around with a woman that you haven’t even met yet.

You have the confidence to joke around and have a laugh with her, rather than trying to be on your best behavior to hopefully impress her in that way.

Then, as you continue talking to her, build up her sexual attraction by making her feel attracted in other ways such as you being confident, being emotionally masculine, making her laugh, being charismatic and so on.

By the way…

For the guys who don’t know how speed dating works, at the end the quick date, you and the woman then tick “Yes” or, “No” about whether you want to exchange contact details with each other.

If both you and her tick yes, then the organization, the company will give you her contact details, you can contact her, set up a date and then… have sex with her.

So, back to the speed dating.

When you finish up the date with a woman and you’re going to go to the next table, if she can hear what you’re going to say to the next woman, you can say something like this, “Oh, finally, I get to talk to you. I had to talk to that boring girl for five minutes, so boring. How are you? I’m Dan, what’s your name?”

The girl that you just had a quick date with that was attracted to you and was laughing, is going to continue laughing and she’s going to feel even more attracted to you in that moment.

She’s going to know that you were joking because you and her were getting along really well and laughing, so don’t worry about her being offended or anything like that.

Women get it.

They know when a man is joking, especially if they’ve just been flirting and laughing with him for 5-10 minutes.

So, just have the confidence to be a bit more relaxed with your humor.

Don’t worry about being Mr. Polite because that doesn’t work.

Mr. Polite gets forgotten and Mr. Confident, Funny, Good Guy gets remembered…and gets sex.

By the way…

If the next table that you’re going to go to is too far away, or it’s too loud in there and the previous woman won’t hear you, you can say something like this instead.

“Oh, it’s the girl in the black dress. I noticed you earlier. You were standing out from the crowd. I’m Dan, what’s your name?”

It’s important to be able to give women compliments like that at times and be a bit charming, because when around other women who have done themselves up, many women feel insecure about their attractiveness in comparison to the other women.

So, if you’re able to say to a woman that you noticed her and she was standing out from the crowd and you are able to say that in a confident genuine way, then she’s going to really appreciate that comment and like that about you.

She’s going to be happy that you really do find her attractive and you’re not just sitting down for a random date with a girl that you’re not attracted to.

You’ve let her know that she has stood out from the crowd, but you’re not going overboard with it.

You’re not saying to her, “Oh, wow, I noticed you before! You were really standing out from the crowd! I’ve been looking forward to talking to you!” and going overboard with it.

You’re not putting her on a pedestal like that, worshiping her and saying, “Wow, you know, you’re so beautiful, you stand out from the crowd.”

Instead, you’re being confident, relaxed and charming about it, “Oh, it’s the girl in the black dress, I noticed you earlier. You were standing out from the crowd. I’m Dan, what’s your name?”

From there, build on her feelings of sexual attraction for you as you talk to her. so she is really hoping that you end up ticking “Yes” on the piece of paper or whatever you’re using with the speed dating event to match you and her up.

Then, with all the phone numbers that you get from speed dating event, make some phone calls, set up dates and enjoy some sex.

2. Get to a first kiss with a woman who is attracted to you

Prior to kissing a woman, you haven’t really secured anything yet.

You may have made a woman feel attracted to you, but sex isn’t just going to happen based on her feeling attracted to you and enjoying a conversation with you.

You have to have the confidence to get to a first kiss because after the first kiss, the dynamic changes from being flirtatious and showing interest in each other to being physically intimate with each other.

After that, the next step is to have sex and that may happen on the first night you meet a woman, the first date, second date, third date or whatever.

How fast you get there is up to you and her, but if you want to get to sex, make sure that you’re not avoiding the first kiss.

It’s essential that you have the confidence to make a move and initiate a first kiss when a woman is attracted to you and showing you signals of interest.

This is where a lot of guys go wrong.

They go out to meet women and they talk to women, make them feel attracted and then don’t do anything about it.

In many cases, the woman goes away feeling rejected and disappointed.

There was clearly a spark between her and the guy, but nothing happened.

He was talking to her, they were getting along, they were attracted to each other, they were flirting, it was an enjoyable interaction and she was showing him signs of interest, but he didn’t do anything about it.

He ended up walking away and nothing happened.

So, if a woman is attracted to you and she is showing you signs of sexual interest, then have the confidence to make a move and initiate the first kiss.

After the first kiss, there will then be a sexual dynamic between you and her and it will either lead to you having sex on the first night, on the first date or second date or whatever.

You and her will be both be feeling sexually tuned based on the kiss and you’ll want something to happen.

So, if you’re talking to a woman who’s attracted to you and she’s showing you signs of sexual interest, then make sure that you have the confidence to initiate a first kiss so you and her can then take things to the next level after that.

3. Help a woman to bring out her sexual side around you

Say for example you are at a bar, a nightclub or a party and a song comes on and the woman says, “Oh, I love this song.”

How can you bring out her sexual side so she starts to show you that side of herself and want to be more sexual with you?

When she says, “Oh, I love this song,” you can say something like this, “Cool, I like this song as well. Let’s dance. Come here, show me your moves.”

If you had been making the woman laugh, relax, open up and show you her easy-going side prior to that, then she’s going to be happy to have a dance with you in that moment.

If she hesitates, you can just say something like this, “Come here, don’t be shy. Let’s enjoy it, this is a great song.”

Of course, with most women, you won’t have to add that in.

She said that she loved the song, which is usually followed by the woman wanting to dance to that song.

You know what women are like, so capitalize on the moment and get her to dance with you.

Tell her to show you her moves, which in most cases is going to bring out a woman’s sexual side.

She’s going to want to show you that she can be sexy and she’s going to want to enjoy herself and let her hair down in that moment, while dancing to a song that she really loves.

Now, once you start dancing with her, you don’t need to pull off any amazing moves.

Most guys out there aren’t great dancers.

You may be a great dancer; I’m not.

Yet, that never stopped me from having a ‘dance’ with a woman at a bar, party, nightclub or an even with a dance floor.

All you have to do is basically stand there and move with the woman, just have a bit of rhythm.

Before you know it (if you and her are body to body, enjoying each other’s company and she’s feeling attracted to you), then you and her are going to start kissing…and what happens after kissing?

It usually leads to sex that night.

So, go ahead and enjoy yourself!

She’ll love it.

Learn More?

Okay, those were some quick tips on 3 ways that you can get you’re self some sex.

If you want in depth tips and you’d like to know everything that you need to say and do to ensure that a woman is attracted to you, wants to kiss you and have sex with you on the first night or the first date, then I recommend that you read my eBook, The Flow, or listen to the audiobook version, The Flow on Audio.

The Flow is everything that you need to know to go from hello to sex with a woman that you find attractive.

When you read The Flow, or listen to The Flow on Audio, you will learn my best-ever conversation starters, ways to keep conversations going and to keep them interesting, ways to make to make women feel instantly attracted to you and increasingly attracted to you the more you talk to them, how to create an unforgettable connection between you and a woman and how to get on all the next level moments with a woman.

The 10 next level moments that I go to detail on in The Flow are:

  1. Touch her.
  2. Get alone with her.
  3. Get her phone number, or get her to add you to Facebook.
  4. Text her right after getting her phone number.
  5. Kiss her the first time that you meet her.
  6. Have sex with her on the first day or night that you meet her.
  7. Call her to arrange a date.
  8. Kiss her on the first date.
  9. Have sex on the first date.
  10. Text her or call her to arrange a second date.

Examples of each are included, along with instructions on how to do it right.

By the way…

You don’t have to complete all of the next level moments to get some sex with a woman.

However, you do need to know how to handle all of those next level moments to make sure that you are successful when going through a pick up with a woman.

So, when you read The Flow or listen to The Flow on Audio, you will always know what to say and do at each step of the way with a woman that you find attractive.

Simply follow the steps of The Flow and before you know it, you and her will be in bed having sex and enjoying yourselves.

Women Really Do Want Sex, But They Don’t Always Make it Obvious

How to get sex

One final point that I want to make for you in this video, is that in many cases, it may seem like women aren’t even interested in sex.

However, they really do want to get to kissing and sex just as much as men do.

The thing is though, in most cases, women have to approach the process of getting to sex differently than men.

For example: When a woman meets a man and is hoping to get herself a boyfriend, she wants to be able to show him that she’s not that easy.

She’s not a woman that goes around trying to get sex.

She’s a woman who can control herself and if he would get into a relationship with her, he would be able to trust her because she’s a woman who doesn’t go around trying to get sex.

Some guys go through life never really understanding why women behave in the ways that they behave, but once you understand it, it’s all very simple and easy.

Women do want to have sex, they want to get to a kiss, they want to have sex, they want to fall in love, they want to have a relationship, but they go about it in a different way to men.

So, as long as you understand how the process works, you simply have to walk up to women that you feel attracted to, make them feel attracted to you, connect with them and then take things to the next level.

When you approach it in that way, you’ll find that getting sex when you’re single is very easy because women want it too.

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