Here are some of the best places to meet single women:

  1. Singles parties: Most women at singles parties are hoping to meet a good guy who is confident and make them feel attracted and turned on during an interaction. Do a Google search for “Single parties” and then include the name of your town or city.
  2. Speed dating events: All women will be single and hoping to find a match. Pretty much every major city or town has a speed dating service, so just try it.
  3. Bars and nightclubs: Many women will be single, but even if they aren’t most will still be open and friendly if you approach and chat to them in a confident, easy-going and social manner, rather than just trying to pick them up.
  4. Hobby clubs: Some women go to hobby clubs (e.g hiking, bike riding, acting, painting, cooking, etc) to improve their skills, but many also hope to find a boyfriend who will share her passion or at least appreciate it.
  5. Dance classes: Many women go to dance classes as an easy way to meet guys. People who attend the classes are forced to dance together as couples, which gets rid of the awkwardness of waiting around for guys to approach and talk to her.

So there you have it.

Meeting single women is as simple going to those places now, right?

Not quite.

If you’ve already tried going to those places to meet single women, you will have probably already figured out that it’s not as simple as simple as that. Knowing the best places to meet single women is great, but you also have to know how to attract them when you approach.

If you approach women and have no idea how to make them feel attracted to you, they aren’t going to be interested in talking to you for very long. For women, it’s very easy for them to attract us men because we are mostly attracted to women based on looks, but most women look for qualities other than mere looks in the men that they meet.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works…

Single women are open to being approached by guys, but they have some basic requirement that they want you to meet:

  1. Approach in a confident, relaxed manner, rather than coming across as nervous and tense.
  2. Be real and authentic, rather than putting on an act of being nicer, cooler, tougher etc than you really are.
  3. Have a fun and interesting conversation that sparks her attraction and allows her to feel what it would be like to be your girlfriend.
  4. Make sure that you make her feel attracted to you first, before you try to make a move on her or get her number.

That last one is the most important.

Attractive women hate the fact that most guys who approach them don’t even know how to make them feel attracted. Watch this video for more info…

As long as you approach women in a confident, relaxed manner and have the ability to make a woman feel attracted to you (e.g. by displaying confidence, being charismatic, making her feel girly in comparison to your masculinity, etc), then meeting single women will be an easy, exciting and rewarding part of your life.

Most Women Are Much Easier to Pick Up Than Guys Realize

Meeting single women

If you go out to meet women in bars or even at a singles speed dating event, women don’t always make it clear and obvious that they are hoping to meet a guy.

Most women put on an act of being indifferent, being hard to get, not needing a man in their life or being too attractive for every guy in the room.

Yet, when those same women go home, they will often cry themselves to sleep because all of their girlfriends have a boyfriend or husband are enjoying sex, love and relationships.

So, when you go out to meet single women, don’t ever expect them to make it obvious that they want to be approached by you or even that they really like you when you’re talking to them.

Some women will make it clear that they like you during an interaction (e.g. she might start touching you a lot, tell you that she likes you, or make it really obvious that she wants to kiss you, etc), but the majority of women don’t make it that obvious.

In fact, if you meet a woman who wants a very confident guy, she will often act as though she doesn’t like you very much because she wants to test your confidence.

Best place to meet single women

If she plays hard to get and you crumble under the pressure, she knows that you’re not confident enough for a woman like her.

However, if you remain calm and continue to talk to her and build up her attraction, she will eventually let down her guard and show you a friendly, easy-going side of herself that most guys never get to see.

Best places for meeting single women

When you are able to do that to women, you will realize that most women are much easier to pick up than they make themselves out to be.

Early on, when I first started approaching and picking up women, I didn’t know what women were really doing when they were playing hard to get with me.

Being the insecure guy that I was back then, I assumed that they were playing hard to get and being difficult because I wasn’t good looking enough and they wouldn’t like a lower middle class guy from the outer suburbs like me.

However, when I realized that it’s usually just an act that women put on to make themselves appear more valuable to you or it’s a test that they use to see how confident a guy is, that is when things started to change.

I realized that that I needed to stay in the interaction and continue to build up a woman’s attraction for me. When the moment was right, all I needed to do then was get her phone number, move in for a kiss or take her home for sex.

Having Sex With Single Women

Sex is another thing that women pretend not to be interested in or act as though they never do in their life.

Yet, statistically speaking, most of the single women you will meet will have already experienced a one night stand (sex on the first night) or had sex on a first date.

For example: A study in the USA found that 55% of couples had sex on their first date and a European study found that 70% of women had experienced a one night stand before.

So, don’t fall for the act that women put on where they seem like they’re not even interested in men or that they won’t have sex on the first night or first date.

As long as you build up a woman’s attraction for you and create a unique connection between you and her, the ball is then in your court to take things to the next level (e.g. phone number, kiss or sex).

Don’t think that she hasn’t done it before or that she is an innocent girl and every other woman is naughty. The woman you are talking to has most-likely already had plenty of sex before and is willing to have it with you if you play your cards right.

It’s not 1905 anymore where a woman had to save her virginity for marriage. These days, women have sex all the time and they will have it with you if you can make them feel attracted, connect with them and then move the interaction forward with confidence.

As long as you have attraction and a unique connection in place, almost all women won’t reject you at that point. If a woman does play hard to get about giving you her phone number, kissing you, going on a date or leaving a venue to have sex with you, it’s usually just to test your confidence or your interest level in her.

So, when you go out there to meet single women, make sure that you don’t give up at the first sign of resistance.

Stay in there and continue to build up the woman’s attraction for you while also creating a unique connection between you and her.

When the moment is right, take things to the next level with her and enjoy the great times ahead.

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