In today’s world, women can live a life that is completely independent of men if they choose to.

A modern woman can earn her own money, be protected by the police, justice system and media and be supported by the government.

However, regardless of how much a woman can take care of herself in the modern world, she still will always want and need a man for the following reasons:

  1. To experience the love that can only occur between a man and a woman.
  2. To be impregnated by a man that she loves and wants to have a family with.
  3. To have the father of her children present to make her feel safe and to help raise the children in a more balanced way, compared to her doing it all by herself.
  4. To be a boyfriend or a husband that she can share life experiences with, overcome challenges with and grow together over time.

So, the answer to the question, “Do women need men?” is a definite yes if a woman wants to lead a normal, happy life.

Sometimes, you might see a news story or an article online about women no longer needing men because they can go and get themselves implanted with semen from a sperm back and have their own children without the need of a man.

Lesbian women tend to do that so they can raise a children, but normal heterosexual women still have a natural desire to be impregnated by a man that they love.

After all, women love having sex just as much as men do.

Women love the feeling of a rock hard penis sliding into their little love tunnel, just as much as we men like to get in there and give it to them.

Sex is a mutually beneficial and enjoyable thing for men and women and so is love.

Regardless of the changes that happen in modern society, the love between a man and a woman always remains a very special and powerful thing that most women place the utmost of importance on in their life.

If a woman doesn’t have the love of a man in her life, she may spend a lot of time on her career and try to distract herself, but will almost always become depressed and feel like her life is wasting away on pointless work, when she really wants to be in love, be a mother and have a family.

So, if you’ve been wondering to yourself, “Do women need men?” because you don’t seem to desperately wanted by women, then you should ask yourself what the real reason is behind you asking that question.

For example: Watch this video to understand the real reason why a lot of good men fail with women…

Have you been wondering, “Do women need men?” because you simply don’t know how to make women feel enough attraction for you to be with them?

Do women seem to not be in need of a guy like you because you’ve simply doubted that you’re good enough for them, so you avoid them and privately jerk off to porn every week?

Are you hoping that women make it obvious that they want you or need you, before you approach them or ask them out?

Why Aren’t Women Making it Obvious That They Need Me?

Why don't women make it obvious that they need me?

When an attractive woman walks past a guy, he will usually turn his head to look at her.

If he’s like 95% of guys on the planet, he will be willing to have sex with her simply based on how she looks.

Yet, women don’t work the same way.

Women essentially walk around in OFF mode, so as a man, you have to approach a woman and actively make her feel attracted to you (e.g. by being confident, charismatic, making her feel girly and feminine in comparison to your masculinity, getting her laughing, etc) to get her to switch to ON mode.

A woman might see a very handsome guy and switch to ON mode, but she’s not going to approach him and try to pick him up. She will simply feel some attraction for his looks and then continue on with her life.

Why? Generally speaking, women are passive when it comes to dating and mating. A woman will wait to be approached by a guy who has the confidence and masculinity to do so.

If the guy who approaches her can make her feel attracted, she will then open herself up to the situation and allow herself to be guided from a conversation to kiss, to sex and into a relationship.

So, if a guy lacks confidence and doesn’t approach women as a result, he’s probably going to be wondering things like, “Do women actually need men these days?” or “Why don’t women like me?” because women don’t seem to be rushing up to him to meet him.

If a guy does have the confidence to approach women, but doesn’t actually know how to actively attract a woman during an interaction, he might be left thinking, “What’s wrong with women these days? Can’t they recognize a nice guy when they meet one? What is their problem?”

Don’t Listen to the BS lyrics From Female Pop Singers

A guy who doesn’t understand women will often feel confused when he listens to the confident, brash, girl power lyrics of female pop singers.

Female pop singers will passionately sing lyrics like, “I don’t need a man” or “Sisters are doing it all for themselves” and act as though they don’t care if they have a man or not.

Yet, is that really the way it is? Do modern women not need men at all, or do those song lyrics simply create a smoke screen to hide what is really going on behind the scenes?

Let’s clear this up…

If a woman is saying she doesn’t need men in her life, you can bet your bottom dollar that she has recently (or repeatedly) had her heart broken and she’s still hurting, or she is lusting after the type of guys who aren’t interested in her.

With that being the case, the anti-men lyrics are nothing more than a smoke screen for insecure or emotionally bruised women.

The heartbroken female pop singer (or everyday woman) who is saying that she doesn’t need men, will cry herself to sleep over the fact that she no longer has a man in her life.

Just listen to some of the candid interviews of female pop singers and celebrities and you will see them admitting to crying their eyes out all the time. They may put on a front of being emotionally cold and independent, but it’s just a smoke screen.

Likewise, a woman who is saying that she doesn’t need men because the kind of men she wants don’t want her, will continue to try to attract their attention.

So, do women need men? Of course they do.

If women didn’t need men or want men in their life, there wouldn’t be so many “Who needs men anyway?” songs out there.

The only reason those songs exist is because single or dumped women tend stick together in a “friends forever” sort of way, so when one of their group has been dumped or let down by a guy, they all rally round to make her feel better by adopting an attitude of, “Who needs men anyway when we’ve got each other?!”

Of course, when the dust settles, they all set about helping her to find a new man ASAP.

Watch this video to understand how women really think…

As you will discover by watching the video above, what women say is often completely different to what they actually do.

Women don’t think, feel, act and behave in the same way that we men do and that is a good thing.

It is the differences between men and women that actually make us feel attracted to each other, so don’t be annoyed at women for being so complex – love and appreciate them for it.

If women were to think, feel, act and behave like men (e.g. imagine a butch, masculine lesbian type of woman with short hair), we wouldn’t feel attracted to them like we do now.

Do You Know What Women Want From a Man?

Do women need men these days?

No matter how successful or independent a woman becomes in her life, she still longs to feel like a woman around a man.

What does that mean? She wants to feel feminine and girly in comparison to your masculine way of thinking, feeling, talking, moving, behaving and taking action.

Modern women often have to supress their natural femininity to compete with male co-workers, or to be seen as mentally tough enough to handle the top jobs.

This is a long way removed from the typical daily life of a woman a couple of generations ago, back in a time when women generally took on the traditionally female role of being a housewife and mother, while the men took on the traditionally male role of being the bread winner and protector.

The world has changed and “sisters” are able to do it for themselves now, but to feel like a real woman (i.e. feminine, free to be emotional, focused on love, etc), a masculine man is needed to provide the natural balance in her life…and that is what all women want.

Ancient Attraction in the Modern World

For most of human history (i.e. like 99.9% of it), women depended on men for their very survival.

Just because we now live in a modern civilization where a woman can survive on her own, it doesn’t mean that her ancient attraction triggers have now been replaced.

If it ever happens at all (I don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future), it will take a long time for women to stop feeling attracted to men for reasons that ancient women did.

For example: Throughout human history, women have always wanted to be chosen by the alpha male in a group or village because he represented the best chance of survival in terms of providing food and protecting them from danger.

In the modern world, a woman may no longer need a “provider and protector” in a literal sense because she can make money and rely on the police, supermarkets, media, government etc. to take care of her, but that does not change the fact that she is still instinctively looking for a man with alpha male qualities.

Classic alpha male qualities include:

  • Believing in himself no matter what.
  • Being masculine in the way that he thinks, feels, talks, behaves and takes action in life.
  • Being composed under pressure because he knows that he has the emotional strength and mental resilience to get through anything.
  • Gaining and maintaining the respect and admiration of other men and people in general, rather than being a guy who is picked on, overlooked or taken advantage of.
  • Leading the way to a better life for himself and others, even if he can’t do a 100% perfect job all the time. He simply keeps pushing forward, learning from his mistakes and leading the way to a better life.
  • Being driven to succeed at whatever he is aiming to achieve in life and not giving up when he faces challenges, obstacles or roadblocks.

A modern day alpha male no longer needs to be able to hunt down a mammoth or fight off a sabre-toothed tiger, but he does need to have genuine confidence, mental and emotional masculinity (i.e. think and feel like a man does) and the ability to make a woman feel like a real woman in his presence.

The bottom line is that if you lack confidence around women, or if behave in a shy and insecure way, you are showing yourself to be a lower ranking male and therefore not a man that women need.

A woman might appreciate a guy as a friend if he comes across as a lower ranking male, but her ancient attraction triggers will remain OFF because she still feels the urge to be with a guy who is mentally and emotionally stronger and savvier than a lower ranking male.

Being the type of man that women need comes down to displaying your natural, alpha male qualities that attract women on a primal level.

It’s not about being a bad boy, a jerk or an asshole. Instead, the ultimate type of man that women want and need in today’s world is a good guy alpha male.

Why? We live in a civilized world now and it’s no longer violence that wins arguments and controls local areas. To be a successful man in the modern world, you need to be able to get along with other people and create win-win situations (not lose-win situations where you always lose or win-lose where you always try to take from other people), which is what good guy alpha males do.

Assuming that you are a good guy, all you need to work on to be the man that women want and need is to improve your ability to attract women on a more instinctive, primal level.

You can still be the good man that you are, but essentially, you most-likely need a bit more balls and to stop being such a nice guy around women.

Here’s why…

As you will discover from the video above, there’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman at all.

However, being nice on its own is not enough to make a woman feel sexually attracted and turned on, so you have to actively trigger her ancient attraction triggers that are just as important to women now as they have ever been.

You can still be a good guy, but you’ve also got to be the sort of good guy that turns women on.

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