If you’re asking yourself, “What is my life purpose?” then you’ve probably recently realized that, despite all the activity in your life (e.g. TV, work or study, clicking “like” on Facebook, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, masturbating to porn, etc), your life really isn’t amounting to much at all.

You see other men achieving big things in life, changing the world and pushing forward to achieve their dreams, but you’re not quite sure where you fit in to the big picture of the world around you.

What is the point of my life if I have no clear purpose in mind?

Finding the answer to your very important question of, “What is my life purpose?” is all about discovering what really fires you up and what you feel most passionate about in life.

Sure, there are guys out there who feel passionate about ending global conflict, curing a certain disease, ridding the world of poverty and so on, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a life purpose like that if you don’t feel the same way. Your life purpose is whatever you feel passionate about, and every guy is going to be different.

The first thing that comes to mind for a lot of guys (especially those who aren’t very good with women) when they think of their life purpose is women.

Yet, despite your passion for women and desire to have sex with many women, the truth is that women don’t want to be your purpose. Women know they aren’t the answer to the ultimate destiny of humanity, but are simply part of it like we men are.

Although most women don’t know why, they pretty much all want you to think big in terms of your purpose in life. Enjoy their physical beauty, enjoy sex with them and enjoy the love, but that is not your purpose in life.

Think BIG

Think about it…

  • Where will humanity be in 1,000 years if we keep advancing our medicinal and computer technologies?
  • What will happen in artificial intelligence becomes a billion times smarter than humans (that’s what experts are expecting will happen by 2100)?
  • What will happen when nanotechnology is being used to keep our human bodies alive indefinitely?
  • What will happen when we are able to merge our brains with computer technology?
  • What will happen when virtual reality (i.e. like the games you play on Xbox for example) are just as real and complex as the world around you today?
  • What will happen when we use new, advanced technology to travel through the universe at speeds millions of times faster than the speed of light?

When all that happens, do you think that life is going to be just like it is today? Of course not. Pretty much everything is going to change.

Yet, in my opinion, one thing will remain the same all the time for men who want to be successful with women. That is: Women will always want men to maintain their masculine superiority over women.

As long as women are women (I think they always will be, at heart), they are going to want you to “be the man.”

No matter what changes happen in the future for humanity one thing is for sure: As a man, you have to be a pillar of strength in this world. You have to be a man who knows what he wants from life and goes after it with unrelenting passion and determination.

If the questions I’ve asked you above have gotten you thinking, then it will be easy for you to understand why I suggest to you that your life purpose not be about acquiring the material “things” that people in aimed for 50 years ago.

Sure, you will need a place to stay, a vehicle to get around and a woman who loves you and can provide a family for you if you want, but outside of that, just know that things are totally open to change.

Lost Men of the Modern World

What is my life purpose as a man?

Hundreds of millions of modern men are confused about what to do with their life today, so don’t think that by you asking yourself, “What is my life purpose?” that you’re some sort of failure and every other guy is onto it.

Most guys I’ve met over the years have goals (e.g. finish university, get a certain job, buy a house, travel, etc), but as I explain in Better Than a Bad Boy, those things are merely the “mechanics of life” and are not your life purpose.

If you think that your life purpose is the basic mechanics of life, then you’re going to be feeling unhappy and unfulfilled your entire life.

Each time you get to achieve one of those milestones, you may hope that it is the thing that will finally make you happy, only to discover that the feeling of happiness and achievement was temporary. Why? It’s not your purpose. Your purpose is bigger and more far reaching than that.

It’s fair to say that most of us aspire to experience a continued state of happiness in life, but many guys make the mistake of thinking that happiness can be found in buying things and having all of the material possessions they’ve ever dreamed of.

Not realizing that money is a recent invention that was created by humans on a planet that is billions of years old, inside a seemingly infinite universe, they think, “If I had loads of money I could buy a house in every country in the world and then I’d be happy” or, “If I could afford to have a huge collection of classic cars, I’d feel satisfied with myself” or, “If I didn’t have to go to work every day and I had enough money to just do what I wanted I’d be a happy man.”

I don’t have anything against money and in fact, I think it’s a brilliant invention that has helped humanity rapidly advance towards it’s destiny by acting as the “carrot at the end of the stick” for innovators and entrepreneurs, yet it’s not your purpose or the purpose of humanity.

Although money will allow you to do more of the things you want when you want, it’s not the answer to the question of, “What is my life purpose?”

Thinking big means thinking in terms of what it’s possible for you to achieve in your life as a man, not thinking in terms of how many material possessions you can acquire. Having every luxury you could possibly want in life is not the same as being who you want to be in life.

Discovering your life purpose has a lot to do with who you want to be in your life. You can make that discovery by figuring out what really inspires you; what makes you feel totally fired up, and what fills you with enthusiasm every time you think about it or talk about it.

Guys with purpose don’t think in terms of, “I’d settle for this or I’d be satisfied enough with that,” they think in terms of what they really want to get out of life and what would bring them a sense of true satisfaction at having achieved their full potential in life.

Women Refer to a Man With Purpose as a “Real Man”

Did you know that women are instinctively attracted to men with purpose? Have you any idea why this might be? Think about it. Imagine these three men right now:

  • Man #1: Knows what he wants from life and is going after it with confidence. His woman can relax into his masculine direction in life and be his woman.
  • Man #2: Doesn’t know what he wants from life and looks to women to lead him, take care of him and be his direction.
  • Man #3: Does know what he wants from life, but is too afraid to go after it, so he attempts to hide from his true potential behind a job that he doesn’t love or behind a woman who he hopes will stick by him, even though he’s afraid of becoming a real man.

Man #1 is obviously the ideal choice for a woman because, with him, she doesn’t have to think or behave like a man. He takes on that role and allows her to be a woman, all the time.

It doesn’t mean that she can’t have purpose too (many women do have purpose), but it does mean that she doesn’t have to “be the man” in their relationship. She can relax, knowing that her man has a plan and he will stop at nothing to ensure he achieves it.

A purposeful man represents someone who potentially has what it takes to provide for a woman and (despite the fact that some women can provide for themselves or that some “masculine” woman on TV say they don’t need a man), on a deep, instinctive level, most women are still looking for a provider and a protector in this world.

In recent times, women have been able to earn their own money and have police, media and government institutions to protect them. However, deep down, they still yearn to be with a man who knows who is, what he wants and will forever go after it will unrelenting confidence and determination.

When a woman gets that sense from you when she is interacting with you for the first time, on a date or in a relationship, it makes her feel a deep respect and attraction for you that she simply cannot feel for lesser men.

Instinctively, she begins to stick to you like glue and her mind begins to see you as her pillar of strength in this reality; as her one and only man for life.

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that “talking the talk” (about having life purpose) will impress women, even though he’s not prepared to “walk the walk.”

It is true that women are impressed by a guy with purpose, but if he’s all talk and no action, he’s a fake and women will pick up on it right away or near the beginning of the relationship and they’ll reject or dump him.

While you certainly can get laid by pretending to be a guy who is going places and aiming for big things in life, you will eventually be found out as a fraud and left behind.

So, don’t hide from your true potential in life and stop ignoring the chance for you to discover your true purpose in life…

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