If the woman that you like at work is beautiful or pretty, then a lot of other guys probably like her too.

So, how can you get her to like you and how can you be sure that she isn’t going to reject you if you ask her out?


Make sure that she feels attracted to you first.

As you will discover from the video above, women decide which guy to be with based on how much sexual attraction he makes her feel. If a guy only makes a woman feel friendly, platonic (non-sexual) emotions, then it will be more likely that she will reject his advances.

If you want this woman at work to like you, make sure you begin by triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be sleazy or do anything that might get you into trouble at work.

Flirting with a woman at work

Instead, simply make her feel attracted to you based on your confidence, charisma, masculine vibe and subtle use of flirting.

You have to be careful using flirting in the workplace, but it can be done as long as she is attracted to you and you then keep it subtle and light when you and her are alone or away from prying eyes.

Turning Her into Your Lover or Girlfriend

Turn coworker into girlfriend

In today’s work-centric world where people usually spend most of their life working to earn a living or to build a career, it’s only natural (and even expected) for you to like a woman that you work with.

I often have guys contacting me asking things like, “Dan, I like a woman at work. How do I get her to be my girlfriend without getting myself into trouble with management or the boss?” or “Dan, how can I get a woman that I work with into a relationship with me outside of the work environment?” and “How can I get her to meet me outside of the workplace, so we can have time alone and away from our coworkers?”

So, what should you do? How can you get her to become your lover or girlfriend?

Essentially, what you need to do is:

  1. Make her feel attracted to you.
  2. Flirt with her at “after work drinks” with co-workers or just the two of you, or invite her to a party or event that you’re going to with friends on a weekend.
  3. When you’re certain that she is attracted to you, tell her that you like her by saying, “By the way…you’re sexy…I like you” to ensure that she knows that the attraction is mutual.

After mutual attraction has been established, you need to get her back to your place (or go to her place) to “hang out,” or arrange for a time when you and her catch up just the two of you. Then, you simply need to build up the sexual tension between you and release that with a kiss and then sex.

5 Types of Guys Who Get Rejected By Female Coworkers

Rejected after hitting on a woman at work

If you watch a lot of TV or the latest Hollywood movies, you will often see office romances play out in fun, interesting and very dramatic ways. To entertain the audience, the scriptwriters will show unusual and even problematic relationships between men and women eventually end in sex, love and marriage.

However, in the real world, hooking up with women in the workplace usually follows fairly strict rules and if you fall into one of the following categories, the woman you like may be reluctant to explore sex or a romantic relationship with you…

1. The good friend

He is the guy whom she considers to be her “best friend” at work. They hang out together during their lunch break, they drink coffee together and when there’s a special project to be done, they volunteer to work together because they get along so well.

If a guy like this has been acting like her nice, innocent friend and then suddenly expresses how he feels about her, or suddenly asks her out, a woman will usually feel conned, tricked, confused and annoyed that he had been acting like a friend, but he actually wanted more all along.

Women don’t like it when a guy does this because there was no mutual attraction established between them, so he has been spending time around her under the act of being a nice guy who just wants to be friends. He has already broken the all-important trust that a man and woman need to have to sustain a healthy relationship.

The woman is then often left feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable around him because he has feelings for her, but she just sees him as a friend. Since she can’t avoid him because they work with each other, she will often become cold, distant or even rude towards him to get him to steer clear of her.

Watch this video for a deeper understanding of why acting like a nice guy and being too nice to a woman will often result in rejection…

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being nice to this female coworker of yours. You have to be nice, professional and get the job done. However, if you want her to become interested in having sex with you or getting into a sexual relationship with you, the next step that you need to take is to begin triggering her feelings of sexual attraction.

2. The boss

We’ve all seen those TV shows or movies where the boss sleeps with the receptionist or sexy office worker and yes, it does happen in real life sometimes too.

Personally speaking, I remember how many women started hitting on me when I got promoted to a position of leadership and then became the boss (I eventually left to run TheModernMan.com full time and have done so for the last 10 years).

I didn’t act on the sudden interest of women at work because I was already getting heaps of action outside of the office and I didn’t want to lose the respect of the people working for me by taking advantage of my position.

That said, not every woman who wanted to get into a relationship with me just because she felt attracted to me. Some of the women were just as protective about their career and reputation as I was and even though there was mutual attraction between us, neither of us wanted to act on it. Instead, we just remained professional and stayed focused on the job.

Most women do not want to be accused of sleeping with the boss, even if she is highly ranked herself and she definitely doesn’t want to become the butt of office jokes and gossip. If the relationship breaks up, she will still have to face her boss every day and he may then decide to overlook her for promotions in future.

In my experience, I’ve found that women who have options with men outside of work and are focused on their career will be able to remain professional and not get involved in an office romance. So, if a boss starts hitting on her, she will reject his advances and may even look to complain to HR (Human Resources) or whoever else will be able to help her.

3. The office dead-beat

This one is pretty obvious, but a woman will be reluctant to date the office dead-beat.

He is the guy who has been in the same job, in the same company for the last 15 years and isn’t going anywhere in the company in terms of being promoted to bigger and better positions. He has no real ambition and is going nowhere in life.

Getting into a relationship (even a casual one) with him would be a waste of her time because he has no future prospects or the desire to go anywhere with his life.

He might really like her and spend many lonely nights fantasizing about being her lover, boyfriend or husband, but she won’t be interested unless he starts rising through the levels of his true potential as a man both at work and outside of the workplace.

Of course, if the woman is unattractive and has no options with other men outside of work, she might accept him out of desperation. However, if she is hot and can easily get herself a man who has more ambition and self-confidence, she will reject him.

4. The office womanizer

This is the guy who tries to sleep with every woman in the office.

He is a womanizer and goes from woman to woman hoping that one of them will eventually take the bait and sleep with him. Most professional, career focused women will be reluctant to become another one of his “trophies” and then become the office joke.

5. The office loser

Women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male. When one of the lowest-ranking males in her workplaces begins to hit on her or ask her out, it’s only natural that she will reject him.

Mistakes That Guys Make When Trying to Hook Up With Women They Meet in the Workplace

There are many mistakes a guy can make when he likes a woman at his workplace.

Unlike the dating game outside of the work environment, such as a nightclub, pub, bookshop or supermarket where he can simply chat to a girl and if it doesn’t work out he can go talk to another girl and no-one will know what happened, at work he can find himself in a lot of trouble if he attempts to use his workplace in the same way that a man will use a nightclub or bar to meet women.

Mistake #1: He gets weird

When a guy doesn’t have many (or any) options with other women who are attracted to him, his attraction for one particular woman can lead him to begin acting in strange, weird ways around her.

Soon enough, everyone in the office knows what’s going on and can see that he has a crush on her. This will be absolutely fine if the attraction is mutual and if he’s a guy that other people respect, but if he’s a lower-ranking male and the attraction isn’t mutual, it’s not going to be cool at all.

The woman, in turn, wonders “If he’s like this now, what will he be like if I give him a chance and go out with him? If people already think it’s funny now, what will they think of me if he and I become a couple?” and as a result she steers clear of him.

Then, when she starts to pull back and not want to talk to him as much or be around him, he gets weird about it and she can see that he feels rejected, angry and hurt…even though they’re not a couple.

These type of guys usually fall into the category of trying to “get lucky” with a woman and hope that, despite not being able to make women feel attracted to his personality and confidence, women will be kind and give him a chance.

Mistake #2: He doesn’t create enough (or any) attraction between them

There are guys who will say, “I like a woman at work and I want her to be my girlfriend,” but he doesn’t even know if she feels sexually attracted for him or not. This is one of the 3 things that attractive women hate about single guys…

If a guy wants to have a sexual relationship with a woman, he needs to begin by making her feel sexual attraction for him. It’s easy for us guys to feel sexually attracted to women because most of our attraction is based on the woman’s looks.

However, women place more importance on how you make them feel by way of your personality and confidence. If you can’t attract women with who you are on the inside, they usually won’t care if you look good on the outside.

Seducing a woman at work is similar to seducing a woman anywhere else, in that both parties have to feel mutually attracted to each other.

Guys often try to ask out a woman at work before they have established mutual, sexual attraction will be rejected around 80% of the time. 20% of women (the desperate, unattractive or inexperienced ones) will give it a go anyway (despite not feeling much or any attraction), but most women will not.

Mistake #3 – He uses inappropriate flirting and body language

Flirting, sexual innuendo and sexual body language are great tools of seduction to use outside of the work environment.

However, when at work, you should always aim to keep things professional and only using flirting, sexual innuendos and sexual body language when there is mutual attraction and you are alone or away from prying eyes.

If you’re new to using attraction techniques on women, I highly recommend that you do NOT attempt to practice using those techniques in the workplace. Practice attracting women outside of work and become good at it before you attempt to pick up women at work.

For example: Awkward flirting or sexual innuendos may cause her to feel embarrassed in front of others and she may even complain to a manager or the HR department. If you are reckless and just try to get a result with her even though you aren’t sure what you’re doing, you will likely get yourself into trouble at work or simply get yourself rejected.

If you’re not comfortable attracting women outside of work, or you don’t have time to do that, at least make sure that you do a lot of learning first.

Watch the video below to understand a lot of the common mistakes guys make when they haven’t ever been taught how to properly attract women…

As you will discover from the video above, attracting women can be a very easy, effortless thing that you do in life. Once you “get it,” attracting women becomes one of the easiest, most exciting and most rewarding things that you will ever learn to do in your life.

Mistake # 4 – His timing is all wrong

If a guy tries to get his female coworker to kiss him in front of others, (e.g. at after work drinks or a work function) or agree to go out on a date when coworkers are listening to the conversation, she will almost always reject him or play hard to get.

Sure, some women don’t give a crap about their job and are more interested in getting laid and falling in love, but a lot of women don’t want to be seen to be slutty in front of others.

Even if you know for sure that this woman is attracted to you, she will most-likely want to avoid making out with you or agreeing to go on a date with you when her colleagues can see what is going on. I recommend that you practice discretion by saying and doing such things away from prying eyes.

The only other exception here is when a guy is very attractive to women (i.e. he is confident, charismatic, charming, respected by others, etc) and the woman is super keen to be his lover or girlfriend.

In that case, she will often be proud to let everyone else see that they are hooking up or in the process of getting into a relationship.

Getting the Result You Want

Getting the result you want

Most women are a lot easier to seduce into a sexual relationship than men realize.

Sure, women do PLAY hard to get, but that doesn’t mean that they ARE hard to get. In most cases, a woman will play hard to get when there isn’t enough mutual attraction, so make sure that you aren’t trying to get this woman to “like” you a lot as a person, before suddenly owning up to your feelings for her.

There is a natural flow that almost all relationships follow and as long as you stick to that path (i.e. attract her first), things will usually flow from one stage to the next.

If you attempt to go against the flow of nature by asking a woman out or showing sexual or romantic interest in her before you’ve made her feel any attraction for you, she will usually reject you or begin to play very hard to get.

To avoid the unnecessary games that happen when the right process isn’t followed, just make sure that you turn her on before you attempt to get anywhere with her.

Attracting a woman and guiding her into sex and a relationship is easy and it’s something that any guy can learn how to do.

If you’re not sure what you should be saying or doing to make this woman at work feel attracted to you and want to have sex with you, click around my site and keep learning now…

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