However, a beautiful woman only really cares about compliments like that from a guy who can make her feel attracted to him.

If a guy that doesn’t even know how to attract her and turn her on says, “You’re beautiful” she might be nice about it and say, “Thanks,” but she’s not going to think, “WOW! I’m not attracted to him, but hey – he thinks I’m beautiful. WOW! Maybe he is the guy for me!”



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Do Women Enjoy Being Called Beautiful?

It depends on who is saying it.

There are different instances in which a woman will either be delighted by the compliment, or instances where she will feel put out. Giving a woman a compliment is usually acceptable, but because there are times when compliments come with a host of underlying issues and expectations, a woman will usually only prefer to be called beautiful by a man she already feels attracted to.

Some good examples of when women do not like to be called beautiful are…

Being complimented by a guy she finds creepy. When a woman refers to a guy as being “creepy” it is usually the type of guy who suppresses his real personality, hides his emotions (or bottles them up) and pretends that he is not interested in sex.

Now if a creepy guy says, “You’re so beautiful” to a woman, she might start to worry that he will snap out of his usual state of “no emotions” and attack her. Being called beautiful by a guy like this is definitely not welcomed.

Another example of when a woman doesn’t like to be told that she is beautiful is when a guy uses compliments to hide his lack of conversation skills.

If a guy is nervous about talking to women, and he lacks confidence in himself and in his self worth, he may keep telling a woman “You’re just so beautiful,” “Do you know how beautiful you are?” or “I can’t believe that I’m talking to such a beautiful woman like you.”

If he has nothing else to say, this type of conversation will just make her feel uncomfortable. Although every woman likes a compliment now and then, if all a guy does is tell her how beautiful she is and nothing else, he again comes across as being creepy as well as insecure.

Another example is the type of guy who has no idea bout to approach a woman that he finds attractive.

His idea for an approach might be to be the perfect gentleman by walking up to her and saying, “Wow, you’re so beautiful!” A beautiful woman, especially one who is self confident and secure in herself, already knows that she is beautiful.

If a guy walks up to her out of nowhere and the first thing out of his mouth is a remark about her looks, she is likely to shrug it off as just another guy after her because of her looks, and she won’t be impressed.

Some guys use compliments about a woman’s beauty to get her to have sex with them. If calling her beautiful is all he has, then he is likely not going to get far with her (unless she is very insecure about herself).
Most women want to know that a guy is interested in them for more than just their looks, and in turn, they are attracted to the guy for more than just his compliments.

In certain instances it may be okay for a guy who is only her friend to call her beautiful, but she will feel a little weird and won’t want to give him the wrong impression.

She will likely say something like, “Oh, you’re so sweet. You’re such a good friend” or “You’re so nice. Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Often, guys like this will misinterpret what she is saying and think it’s a come on. Unfortunately, if this “friend” is harboring secret feelings for her, the whole situation can get weird and uncomfortable.

Finally, a woman does not like to be called beautiful by a guy that she does not feel attracted to. If a woman doesn’t feel attracted to a guy and she is never going to have sex with him, being called beautiful by him can make her feel uncomfortable.

This is especially true if this guy is relentless and thinks that if he compliments her enough times she will change her mind about him and will give in to his advances.

So, when do women like to be called beautiful?

There are instances where complimenting a woman on her beauty will be accepted. For example…

If a woman is beautiful but suffers from low self esteem, she will thrive on being called beautiful because it is a way for her to make herself feel better about herself.

In this case if a guy tells her she is beautiful she will happily accept the compliment; even though she may not feel attracted to the guy or want anything to do with him. She may even give him some false signals to keep him interested in her so that he can keep telling her how beautiful she is and she can keep feeling good about herself.

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