One of the best ways to stop feeling intimidated by beautiful women is to understand that they don’t actually want you to feel that way.

Most of the guys that a beautiful woman meets will feel intimidated by her and try really hard to impress her.

Simply based on her looks, guys will behave as though she is so valuable and is something to be afraid of.

Yet, she’s just a normal girl and she doesn’t want you to be afraid of her.

In fact, she actually wants you to be more of a challenge for her to overcome, rather than being so keen on her just because she looks good.

If She Acts Cold, She is Usually Just Testing Your Confidence Level

Some beautiful women are open, easy and friendly when guys approach them.

Yet, the majority of beautiful women have to put up their guard and act a bit cold and disinterested, otherwise they will make it easy for nervous, insecure guys to get a chance with them.

Women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence, so acting cold towards you is one of the quickest ways to find out if you have enough of it. You want to have sex with her because she is beautiful and she wants to have sex with a guy who has the type of confidence that she is looking for.

When a woman tests you by not contributing much to a conversation or by looking at you in a judgemental way, the trick is to just maintain your confidence. Don’t think, “Oh no! I’m losing her!” and start panicking or looking nervous.

Simply relax and let the silence happen in the conversation, or smile at her judgemental look. She will so impressed by that and excited to finally be talking to a guy who doesn’t panic when she offers a bit of a challenge.

She Doesn’t Want You to Be Extra Nice to Her Because of Her Looks

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make around beautiful women is to be extra nice to her in the hope that it makes her “like” him.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a beautiful woman, but it isn’t the thing that turns her on and makes her want to have sex with you.

If you want to feel confident around beautiful women, you have to focus on making them feel attracted to you. When a woman feels attracted to you, she will help to keep the conversation going and will be much more open and friendly with you.

When you know how to attract beautiful women and have a few experiences doing it, you begin to feel more confident around them. You stop feeling intimidated because it’s no longer a case of you trying to get a chance with her, but her hoping to get a chance with you.

Personally speaking, since working out how to attract women, I’ve had sex with more than 250 women.

Some of my girlfriends would be considered to be very pretty, some cute and girly, some girl next door types, while others have clearly been model material or actually working as models (I hooked up with four catwalk models over the years).

Despite the differences between each woman that I’ve had sex with over the year, one thing has remained the same every time – the way I treat each woman.

I don’t care if she is a TV reporter (an ex-girlfriend of mine was), a catwalk model (same again) or a dental nurse (that was the one time I actually enjoyed going to the dentist), I always treat each woman the same.

They don’t get extra special treatment from me just because they happen to be pretty, sexy or beautiful. In fact, that approach to women is one of the main reasons I have been able to have my choice of women.

So many women are relieved, impressed and utterly intrigued that, unlike other guys, I am not shaking in my boots because of their beauty and sex appeal.

She Doesn’t Want You to Feel Afraid to Come Over and Say Hi

Most beautiful women only ever get approached by drunk guys or nervous, nice guys who are hoping to get a chance with them.

What beautiful women are hoping to experience is a cool, confident, charming guy to walk over and be NORMAL around them. Yet, most normal guys are too intimated to approach.

…and that is a huge opportunity for you.

One of the things that amazed me when I began to approach and pick up women, was the fact that most guys just stand around and stare at the hotties in a bar or club. They are too afraid to make a move and get rejected in front of everyone because they don’t even know how to attract women.

Secretly, they know that they have no idea what to say or do to get the beautiful woman to feel attracted and are just going to hope to get lucky. Yet, after a few failed approaches, most of those guys give up and just stand around looking at women.

When you can be the guy who is not only confident enough to approach beautiful women, but you also know how to attract them, you will realize that you have hardly any competition from other guys. It’s basically you vs. drunk guys and nervous guys.

Most “good looking” guys don’t want to look desperate by approaching, so they just stand around trying to look good. What allowed me (an average to below average looking guy) to have so much sex and choice with women was that I actually approached and also focused on actively attracting women.

So, if you are interested in approaching and talking to beautiful women, but need a bit of a confidence boost first, check this video out…

2 Ways to Feel Less Intimidated Around Beautiful Women

Here are 2 more ways to relax and feel less intimidated around beautiful women…

1. Don’t Place Her Above You in Terms of Value

When a guy approaches a beautiful, he usually blows it by acting like a little boy who has just met his superhero. He’s feeling so much attraction for her that he comes across as excited to be talking to her and eager to get her approval.

Yes, a beautiful woman is great to look at and she is special, but she doesn’t want to be with a guy who feels like her is less valuable than her. A guy like that will most-likely become insecure and clingy in a relationship and she will then have a hard time when trying to break up with him.

She wants a guy who at least feels like her equal, but ideally, a guy who feels like he would be doing her a bit of a favor by being with her. Beautiful women won’t go around admitting that openly because many guys will take it as an invite to treat her badly.

Beautiful women expect a guy to know the deal and if he doesn’t, she just rejects him and waits to meet a guy who understands.

2. Remember That She is Actually Insecure About Her Looks

Women being insecure about their looks

According to a global survey on beauty conducted by Dove cosmetics, 96% of women do not consider themselves to be beautiful.

Weird, I know, but it’s true.

Even though a woman will act like she is very confident and as though she thinks she is the hottest woman in the world, she will almost always be insecure.

She knows that she doesn’t look as good without make up and that she doesn’t look like the perfectly Photoshopped women in magazines and on TV commercials. She knows what she looks like when she wakes up and it’s a lot different to how she looks after doing her hair and putting on make up for 1-2 hours.

Blonde before and after make up

Blonde before and after make up

Dark blonde before and after make up

Brunette before and after make up

Brunette before and after make up

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