The main reason why women love one night stands is that sex feels just as good for women as it does for men. Kissing, being skin to skin, embracing, looking each other in the eyes, oral sex, orgasm…it’s all good and women know that.

Dating - Sex before marriage

In today’s world, women are free to have sex with whomever they want and they can settle down into a committed relationship whenever they feel like it. So, they do just that…a lot.

Life isn’t like it was in the distant past where a woman had to save her virginity for marriage and then stick with the one man for life. Back in those days, pre-marital sex with strictly forbidden and even talking about sex was seen as taboo or shocking.

Marriages around the year 1900

Not anymore.

These days, women are free to do whatever they want sexually and don’t even have to settle down if they choose not to. If a woman wants to enjoy the excitement of sex and potentially then have a relationship with that guy, she is free to do so.

No one is stopping her.

Despite these changes, most young girls are still brought up to believe that one day they will be swept off their feet by Prince Charming and they will then live happily-ever-after. In the fairy-tale world that girls are told to believe in, there is no sex…only love and a committed relationship with a nice man.

From a young age, women are conditioned to think, behave and act in a way that fits with the idea of waiting to find true love, then getting married and living happily ever after. Yet, despite the best efforts of parents, most women lose their virginity in their late teens and then have sex with a lot of men before eventually settling down.

These days, a woman is fully aware that she doesn’t need to settle down with the first guy that she has sex with. Based on this freedom, most women simply want to have a good time until they meet a guy that they love and want to commit to.

Often, a woman will go through much of her 20s and early 30s thinking that she never wants to settle down and have kids. Unless she meets a guy who really makes her feel a lot of attraction and opens her heart up to experience true love, she will be happy just to have fun and get in and out of casual relationships.

She won’t consider herself to be a “slut” or to be doing anything wrong because that’s just how the world works now. Pre-marital sex is allowed and sex is no longer taboo.

Putting Out Vs. Having Sex For the Fun of it

Putting out vs. enjoying sex

Despite the real changes that have happened in society, many women are still taught that it’s degrading for a girl to “put out” for a guy on a first date or casual encounter and women who have one night stands with men are being “used.”

Some guys grow up thinking this way as well (e.g. if they’ve been raised by strict, conservative parents), so they treat women in a way that suggests she would never want to have sex…even though she probably had sex that week or the week before with a random guy that she met or a guy that she is casually dating.

A classic example of an outdated approach to dating that many guys are still using is the “nice guy” approach…

Although there is nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, some guys make the mistake of thinking that being really nice to a modern woman is the way to “win her heart” and eventually, hopefully, maybe get to have sex with her.

Yes, that was an excellent idea back in 1897, but not in today’s world. Having sex with a modern woman is very simple, easy and in most cases, instant. Simply make her feel sexually attracted and then escalate to kissing and sex. Most women will have sex with you on the first night, first date or second date.

Although the majority of women are reluctant to talk about how much they enjoy sex, that doesn’t mean they aren’t having it…on a regular basis…with different guys. For most modern women, they don’t see having a one night stand as “putting out,” but as having fun and enjoying themselves.

Why women love one night stands

It makes sense because society really has changed. It’s just not 1897 anymore, even if some people wish it was. In today’s world, sex happens a lot easier and more often that most guys realize and that most women admit.

These days, many women choose to have sex with a man they have no intention of having sex with again purely because it feels good. It’s fun, it’s enjoyable and it’s natural. Yes, it used to be taboo to hook up and have a one night stand, but not anymore.

Why women love one night stands

A recent study in Europe found that 70% of women admitted to having experienced a one night stand. Another study in the USA found that 55% of couples admitted to having sex on their first date.

…and that’s just what they are admitting to!

Why women love one night stands

Most women still feel the need to minimize their sexual encounters or experiences to appear more lady like, innocent and untouched. Why? She doesn’t want to be seen as the sort of woman who couldn’t be trusted in a relationship.

If a man meets a woman who is easy to hook up with sexually and talks about how many guys she’s slept with, do you think he will be able to trust her if she went out on her own? Probably not. A woman being too easy and open about having sex with other guys just isn’t good for establishing trust and building a relationship that lasts.

Despite having experienced a lot sex, I’ve found that most women will never admit to having had a one night stand or to sleeping with more than a total of 10 guys. Most women will say that they’ve only had sex when in a relationship or that they’ve only slept with 5 or 6 guys.

The “5 or 6 guys” that a woman is usually thinking of are those that she’s been in a relationship with. The other ones are kept hidden away as her little secret.

Often, a woman won’t even tell her girlfriends how many guys she’s had sex with. If she goes home with a guy, she will sometimes say that she didn’t sleep with him and then say that she plans to sleep with him after a few dates.

You can’t blame women for putting on an act of innocence about sex. It’s not her fault that she is still expected to act like an innocent virgin, even though everyone is having sex all the time. She’s just trying to do what she thinks is right.

100 years ago, it was “right” to remain a virgin, but what is “right” today? Have sex with 3 guys before settling down? 10 guys?

Why women love one night stands

There is no clear instruction for women on what to do, so many of them keep their sex life a secret and continue on until they meet the type of guy who is worth settling down for.

A Surprising Fact About One Night Stands

From the outside, one night stands might seem sleazy and very temporary. After all, the term suggests that the couple only have sex for “one night.”

However, a surprising fact about one night stands is that they often lead to relationships. After a couple has had sex, they can then immediately begin a relationship because there’s no need to date for weeks before finally having sex. The relationship has already started.

Women know this too.

When a woman meets a confident guy who seems like he could attract other women, she knows that the fastest way to get to his heart is to sleep with him. After she has sex with him, she can then seduce him into falling in love with her. However, if she doesn’t have sex with him, he might have sex with another woman and fall in love with her instead.

This is completely different to how things worked in the past.

100+ years ago, a man had to court a woman for months or even years before he could finally get her to say “Yes” to marrying him. Generally speaking, people lived in small towns or small cities, so there weren’t many other options to choose from.

Women knew that back then too.

When women are in short supply, they can afford to play hard to get a make a guy earn a kiss. However, in today’s world, women know that other women are willing to have sex with a guy to begin a relationship with him, so they have to act quickly.

One night stands aren’t just about having sex. In most cases, women do it to find themselves a boyfriend, even if they don’t admit that to the guy on the night.

The Science of Instant Hook Ups

Why women love one night stands

Scientific studies have found that a woman can feel immediately willing to have sex when she meets an alpha male who is sexually interested in her. Why is that?

For most of human history, we didn’t live amongst millions of other people in big cities. We only had a very limited pool of options to breed with (e.g. 150 people in a town) and since a woman’s natural instinct is to breed with an alpha male, she had to be willing to have sex very quickly to ensure that she had a chance to breed with him.

These days, alpha males are everywhere and are not as scarce as they once were, but women still react by becoming open to having sex right away or very quickly when they meet an alpha male who is sexually interested in them.

Why women love one night stands

Why do women feel the instinctive desire to breed with an alpha male? Throughout human history, alpha males usually offered the best chance of creating offspring that would be better at surviving (i.e. the boys would likely be strong, confident and brave like their father).

Generally speaking, an alpha male can usually offer a woman the best chance of protection and he will be more enjoyable to have sex with (i.e. because he will be confident and masculine, which is attractive to women), which will then allow the couple to continue having sex for many years and possibly create several children, rather than just one and then they lose interest in having sex with each other.

These days, women a woman meets a guy who displays alpha male traits (e.g. confidence, masculinity in how he thinks and behaves, etc), her instincts kick in and she becomes more open to having sex with him very quickly (i.e. a one night stand, sex on the first date).

In the past, if a woman was lucky enough to get the attention of an alpha male, she would have to act quickly to ensure that she got a chance to be impregnated with his strong genes. Today, the instinct is still there for women, but instead of looking to get pregnant, they are simply looking to enjoy the pleasure of having sex with an alpha male.

The Secret to Pulling One Night Stands

The secret to pulling one night stands is to focus on triggering a woman’s primal attraction triggers, such as her desire for an alpha male.

This does not mean that you have to be a macho jerk or act like you are King Dick and everyone else is beneath you. What we teach here at The Modern Man is about being a good guy alpha male. A good guy alpha male is confident, assertive, masculine (in the way he thinks, behaves, moves, etc), but he is also loving, charming, charismatic and easy-going.

For example: If you’re talking to a woman in a bar and she asks, “Hey, do you want to get another drink?” you can come from the position of an alpha male who knows that she wants to have sex with him, while still being playful and easy-going.

Trying to get me drunk

You can reply by saying, “Oh, I see what’s going on. You’re trying to me drunk. Sorry, I’m not that easy…I’m not going to sleep with you tonight. It will take a few dates before I let you kiss me.”

She will then laugh and possibly say that it is you who has to wait to have sex with her. However, it will make her feel attracted to your confidence in yourself. She will assume that if you have the confidence to talk to her like that, other women must like you too.

This is one way to trigger her attraction to alpha male traits. If you want to learn more examples of how to attract women and get them to have sex with you on the first night, keep learning from us here at The Modern Man.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works and how you can use it to make women feel an intense attraction and desire for you…

Make Her Feel Attracted and She Will Become Open to Having Sex With You

Even though a woman is expected to act like a lady and only have sex in a relationship, the majority of women don’t.

To a woman, one, exciting night of feeling totally feminine and completely under the influence of a guy’s alpha male power feels absolutely right in the moment. When a woman is feeling a lot of sexual attraction for a guy, she isn’t necessarily thinking about “happily ever after,” but is feeling swept up in the way that he is making her feel right now.

…and that’s all that has to matter to her.

She’s a free, modern woman who is allowed to do whatever she wants.

Why women love one night stands

Despite what a lot of guys think, women do love sex just as much as men. As long as a guy triggers a woman’s primal attraction triggers, it doesn’t really matter what he does to her in the bedroom….it’s going to feel good because she will be feeling a deep, instinctive attraction for him.

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