Meeting women on Facebook has become a lot easier thanks to the popularity of dating apps like Tinder that have almost made online dating seem like a “cool” thing to do.

In the past, most women would feel embarrassed to admit that they met a guy via the Internet, but these days the majority of women feel like it is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing to do.

If a woman is single, she will usually be open to receiving messages from guys on Facebook because she will want to explore whatever options are available to hoping find herself a lover or boyfriend.

As long as a guy can spark her interest, get her on a call and then arrange to meet up with her in person, he can have her as a girlfriend, hook up with her casually or even end up marrying her. Yet, despite the fact that many women are open to meeting guys via Facebook, most guys go about it in the wrong way and immediately turn women off.

Hitting on a girl immediately via Facebook

Woman turned off by message via Facebook

For example: Most of the guys who contact women via Facebook will send the same type of junk that pretty much every other guy is sending. Messages like, “Hey…wassup…you’re beautiful…wanna chat?” or “Hey – you’re pretty. Can you add me as a friend?”

When a guy sends those types of typical messages to a woman, she simply places him in the same category as the other 100 guys who messaged her that month. She will assume that he is another typical loser guy who doesn’t understand how to attract women and is simply messaging every hot girl he can find.

So, if you want to succeed at meeting women on Facebook…

Start By Making Your Profile Attractive and Interesting to Women

Make your Facebook attractive to women

The same, #1 rule of approaching women in person applies to meeting women via Facebook.

That is…

You always have to start by actively making the woman feel attracted to you.

When a woman looks at a guy’s profile, she will either feel turned off by who he seems to be as a person or she will feel attracted to it. His profile with either trigger her feelings of attraction or it won’t.

If it doesn’t, she won’t be interested in getting to know him. She might keep him on as a friend so she can get some extra likes on her photos or status updates, but she won’t have any sexual or romantic interest in him because who he seems to be isn’t making her feel attracted.

When you message a random woman on Facebook or add her as a friend, she will quickly have a look over your main page and photos to see what kind of guy you are.

Woman analyzing a man's Facebook profile

She will be asking herself things like:

  • Are you a lonely guy or do you have a lot of good friends?
  • Are you living a fun, interesting life or do you seem a little boring?
  • Do your friends on Facebook respect you by liking and commenting on what you post, or are your photos and status updates mostly ignored by your friends?
  • Have you had any hot girlfriends who are at her level of attractiveness, or is she way hotter than your ex girlfriends?
  • Do you seem to be a guy who is making progress in life and getting somewhere, or are you a no hoper, loser or deadbeat?
  • If she became your girlfriend, would her friends be jealous because you’re such a cool, confident guy or would they feel like they have a better boyfriend than she does?
  • How would she feel if she posted up photos with you and her on her Facebook?

A woman will assess those types of things because she wants to know if she will feel proud or embarrassed to be called your girlfriend.

These days, many women feel so attached to their social media profiles that it becomes the main part of their identity. Who they are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for example, is how they want their friends, family and coworkers (or fellow students) to think of them in real life.

If a woman appears to be living a cool, fun and interesting life based on her social media activity, she will want to be able to keep up that image when she gets into a relationship.

So, if a guy adds a woman on Facebook and she looks through his profile to discover that he lives a fairly solitary life, looks uncomfortable in photos at parties, social events and doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who other women would like, then she’s not going to be in a hurry to get to know him.

Lonely guy vs. popular guy on Facebook

He might feel instantly attracted to her because she looks good, but if she is like most women, she wants to be with a guy for reasons other than just looks.

When a woman feels attracted to who you are, she will be much more open to messaging you on Facebook, giving you her phone number, chatting on the phone and agreeing to meet up with you in person.

So, before add another random woman on Facebook, just make sure that your profile will make women feel:

  1. Attracted to you.
  2. Interested to get to know you.
  3. Safe to meet up with you in person.

Being Attractive to Women Via Facebook

If you want to use Facebook to meet women, make sure that you only post things that will make women feel attracted to you and avoid posting up anything that makes you appear insecure, lonely, socially awkward, confused about what it means to be a man, unsure of yourself, etc.

Some random examples of things that will make the majority of women feel turned off when they look at a guy’s Facebook profile:

1. Talking about his feelings like girls do

Guys acting like girls on Facebook

Women love to get on Facebook and openly talk (or rant) about their feelings. One day she is happy, the next she is sad and the next she is angry.

Yet, when a guy behaves like that, women don’t say, “WOW! He’s so sensitive and emotional like a girl! He changes his feelings like the weather…he’s so messed up like a woman!”

Instead, they simply feel turned off by his lack of masculine strength and ability to be a man who feels emotions, but then focuses on finding a solution, fixing the problem and moving forward in life rather than whining about it like a girl.

While girls might reply and say, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” it doesn’t mean that he is going to have sex with them. The women will simply feel like he is one of their fragile, feminine guy friends that they have absolutely no sexual interest in.

2. Having a comic book hero as his profile or cover photo

It’s fine for a grown man to like absolutely anything he wants (including comic books), but if the main thing that a man is interested in is the type of thing that young boys (or immature men) would like, most women will feel turned off.

Most women are more attracted to guys who are moving forward in life, rather than hanging onto their childhood and still wanting to feel, act and think like a boy. If a guy is masculine, emotionally mature and is moving forward in life and achieving what he really wants, then it is fine that he also retains a fascination or interest in things that he liked when he was younger.

However, if a guy lacks masculinity (in how he thinks, behaves, acts, etc) and is using his fascination with boyhood hobbies to hide from his rising up and achieving his true potential as a man, women are going to feel turned off by him.

The woman may wonder, “If he is still so into comic books, will that mean that he still has the mind, attitude and emotional maturity of young boy? Will he be capable of being the masculine, mature man that I need in a relationship, or will I end up feeling like a bit of mother figure to him?”

3. Ranting and raving like a girl about equal rights, political issues, etc

There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion and discussing political or ethical issues with friends, but some guys make the mistake of ranting on and complaining like a girl about how much the world sucks. Women are more attracted to mature, masculine guys who do something to fix a problem rather than complaining and hoping that everyone else will fix the problem for them.

For example: If a guy posts up complaints about politics all the time, he should either get into politics or shut up and focus on achieving what he wants to achieve in life. Almost no-one wants to hear a guy complaining about issues and not doing anything to fix them, especially women. It’s not attractive, it’s not cool and it’s not helpful.

It’s fine for women to bitch and moan, but we men need to either shut or do something about it. Bitching and moaning like a woman will turn the majority of women off, no matter how “cool” the guy thinks his post is. Women are attracted to guys who think, behave and act in a masculine way, not a feminine way.

4. Posting up lonely photos

Guys posting up lonely photos on Facebook

Women aren’t attracted to lonely guys. Instinctively, a woman knows that it’s much more beneficial for her to be with a guy who is liked and respected by others than to try to survive life with a guy who is ignored, disliked or even hated on by others. This is just as true today as it was when humans were living in villages and tribes.

5. Posting up cute, sensitive or romantic things like girls do

Girls (and women) love to fill out those quizzes like, “Who is your soul mate?” and other random, “cute” stuff that they find online. When a guy posts up stuff like that, the majority of women feel turned off by it because women aren’t attracted to guys who think, act and behave like girls do.

Women don’t think, “Wow! He must be so sweet and romantic. He would treat me so well! He’s not just looking for sex, he’s looking for a soul mate! Wow!” Instead, most women will simply assume that he’s another lost guy who doesn’t know how to make women feel attracted to him.

An Example of Message to Send to a Woman Via Facebook

Okay, so let’s assume that you’ve done what it takes to automatically trigger a woman’s feelings of attraction for you via Facebook.

Your profile photo is confident, your status updates are mature, masculine and forward moving and your photos show you having a great time with other people.


Now, you are ready to begin adding women and messaging them to create a connection.

For example:

“Hey Michelle

You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I added you recently when I saw you appear in the “People You Might Now” sidebar on Facebook.

Since we’ve added each other, I thought I’d reach out and say a quick hello to you, rather than being a silent friend on Facebook.

I see that you’re a cat lover too. Nice! Cats are the best pets. I grew up with two cats in my household and the love and relaxation that they add into a home is just awesome.

Anyway, after having a quick look at some of your photos and what you’ve posted up on Facebook, I have to admit that you not only seem like a smart, interesting woman, but you’re also a pretty damn cute.

I don’t expect anything from you in return for this message, but I just wanted to say hello! ☺


In the example above, I am pointing out something that I like about her, but I’m also showing her that I am not a desperate, random guy who is immediately trying to pick her up via Facebook with a message like, “Hey…ur cute” or “Hi – wanna chat? Ur sexy!”

If the women that you are adding on Facebook are actually single and looking for a boyfriend or lover, you will get replies to an opening message where you point out something that you like about her and subtly try to connect with her.

If you don’t get a reply from her, you need to:

  1. Keep adding to the attractiveness of your profile (e.g. post up photos of you looking confident, liked and included when having fun with other people).
  2. Like some of her posts.
  3. Comment on some of her posts in a positive, funny or encouraging way.

If she feels attracted to the online representation of you from your Facebook profile, she will begin to click like on some of your photos or status updates.

When that happens, you should try to initiate a chat with her when she is online and after a bit of flirting and chatting, get her on a Facetime call or get her phone number to call her phone.

After a bit of flirting back and forth, simply say, “Hey – let’s say hello on video. I’ll call you on Facetime, okay?” or “Hey, what’s your number? I’ll give you a call and say hello.”

From Facebook to a phone call

Sometimes, a woman won’t want to do a video call with you on Facebook because she will be relaxing on the couch without any make up on, or wearing old clothes that she only puts on when at home alone.

Woman using Facebook

If that’s the case, she’s only going to be comfortable with an audio Facebook call or a phone call, so if she says no to getting on a video call, just go for an audio call on Facebook or to her actual phone number.

It’s important to get away from text chat as quickly as possible because it’s much easier to make a woman feel attracted to you when you talk to her via video chat or a phone call than it is via text.

If you’re just texting or messaging her, she can easily lose interest if she isn’t feeling much attraction or she can begin playing hard to get (i.e. by giving you short replies, not replying for hours or days or not replying to some messages at all) just for fun.

From Facebook to a phone call

However, if you get her on a phone call, you then have more control because you can trigger her feelings of attraction for you (e.g. by making her laugh, flirting with her, being confident, etc), connect with her without having to wait hours for a reply and then arrange to meet up in person.

Don’t Hide Behind Messages. Get Her on a Call, Attract Her and then Meet Her in Person

One of the biggest mistake that guys make when they meet a woman on Facebook is to waste weeks or months talking to her online, without ever taking the step to get her on a call.

A guy will sometimes feel like he is in a “relationship” with a woman that he has been text chatting to via Facebook because she will seem to be interested, but until he actually gets her on a call, meets up her in person, kisses her and begins a sexual relationship with her, he is simply another guy online who is hitting on her.

If she is attractive, she will always get random guys trying to hit on her online and even though she might message back and forth with some of them, nothing will happen until the guy meets up with her in person.

All it takes for an online guy to be forgotten or replaced is for a guy to meet the woman in person, make her feel attracted and then either kiss her or have sex with her.

Facebook - friend zoned or forgotten

When a woman feels attracted to a guy in person and kisses him, that is much more real and exciting than the 100 messages that she’s received from a guy who likes her on Facebook.

So, if you are interested in meeting women via Facebook, make sure that you always try to take things to the next level. Don’t wait around wondering what she might be thinking – make her feel attracted, connect with her, get her on a call, meet up with her in person, kiss her, have sex with her and start a relationship.

Make Her Feel Like it Would Be a Good Thing to Be Associated With You in Real Life

The key to attracting women on Facebook is to appear to be the kind of guy they would feel proud to be associated with in real life.

On Facebook, you can do this by:

1. Posting lots of pictures of you having fun with other people

This allows a woman know that you are a cool, well-liked guy that people like to be around. Unless a woman is a lonley emo type, she isn’t going to be very interested in guys who aren’t well liked by other people.

When a typical woman looks at a guy’s Facebook profile, she wants to know that it would feel good to be by his side in a social environment. If she looks through his profile and discovers that he is usually on his own or appears uncomfortable when around other people, she will feel worried about what it might be like to be alone with him in person.

2. Posting interesting updates about your life that show you are making progress, moving forward and living your life

No matter what age a woman is, she will feel naturally attracted to a guy who knows what he wants and is confidently going after it to make it happen.

A woman wants to see that you are following through on your desires, having fun and enjoying life without fear of failure or rejection. You have big dreams and you are following through on them, while also enjoying the fun side of life with the people in your life that you love.

All of that makes you attractive to her, compared to the type of deadbeat posts that some guys make, such as: “So bored…nothing to do” or or posting up random, pointless internet memes that most young children and immature adults are sharing around to waste time and distract themselves from life.

Women are much more attracted to guys who are passionate about something in life and moving forward to achieve it, compared to guys who are confused about what they want and waste time distracting themselves with unimportant things (e.g. always posting up funny meme photos, news stories, the latest celebrity gossip, etc).

By the way…

Too difficult to meet women via Facebook?

If all of that sounds like too much work just to get a girlfriend or get laid and you’d rather just approach a woman in person, pick her up and have sex with her that night and then start a relationship without having to do all the showy stuff via Facebook, then make sure that you are prepared to approach the next time you see an attractive woman in public.

If you usually don’t have enough confidence to approach attractive women in person, watch this video…

Approaching a woman in person is very easy to do, as long as you know how to trigger her feelings of attraction for you. When you make a woman feel a lot of attraction for you when you meet her (e.g. by being confident, making her laugh, being charismatic, being charming, etc), she will open herself up to talking to you and be interested to get to know you.

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