You can literally pick up women anywhere, even at a sport game.

If a woman is single and you are able to make her feel attracted to you when you interact with her, then approaching and picking up women will always be a very simple and easy thing for you to do.

Although there are usually much less women than men at a sports game, there are still a lot of great opportunities to approach and meet pretty women who are interested in the same sport as you are.

If you are supporting the same team as the women that you want to approach, it’s almost like you are friends who simply haven’t met each other yet. You are a part of the same, like-minded community and have something in common that you both really enjoy, which makes an interaction start of fairly easily.

What you need to know is that it is possible to pick up women at a sports game and it’s actually quite easy to do. So, if you’re interested in learning how to pick up women at a sports game, here are 5 pointers that will help you get great results:

1. Sit next to women that you find attractive

If the seats aren’t pre-allocated and you can choose where you sit, then simply look around for girls that you want to sit next to.

Approach them and say to them (with a confident smile and a relaxed attitude), “Hey, is this seat taken?”

If the seat isn’t taken, sit down and immediately introduce yourself in a confident, easy-going way. “Nice to meet you – I’m Dan. What’s your names?”

From there, casually talk about that day’s coming game, the chances of the team winning and have a relaxed chat with them.

2. Celebrate a goal or point together with a high five

An important part of the process of picking up a woman is making her feel good around you and making her feel like she is connecting with you.

An easy way to accomplish that is to get her (and some or all of her friends – whatever feels appropriate) to high five with you to celebrate an exciting point or goal.

I’ve done that many times before at a football game, where I have turned around to high five with girls behind me and my friends and also tapped girls on the shoulder who are in front of us.

It doesn’t matter if the girls are beside you, behind you or in front of you; simply cheer when the exciting point or goal happens and then high five with them.

Don’t ask for permission to high five, just expect that they will high five you.

After the high five, just continue on celebrating with your friends or if the girls are maintaining eye contact and wanting to continue interacting with you, you can then switch to using some humor to keep things going.

For example: One of the times that I picked up a woman at a sports game, I started things off with a high five and we (her friends and I) smiled, made eye contact and laughed together.

People looking on would have assumed we knew each other because it was so comfortable, free flowing and natural.

Anyway, after the high five, I turned to the hot girl that I liked and said, “Hey – we’re going to play a little game here. You guys want to know what the game is?”

They said, “Yes” and I then said, “It’s call the Beer For a Goal game and it works like this. You girls will pick the team that you think will score the next goal and us three guys will take the other team. If you girls are right, we will buy you all a beer at the break and we are right, you will get us a beer. You in?”

They agreed and we lost, so we bought them a beer at the next break and that gave me a couple of minutes to chat to the girl I liked.

During the game, we did some more high fives and then near the end of the game, I turned to the girls and said, “Hey, we are going to the pub here for a beer after the game. Do you guys want to join us for one beer?”

They said, “Yes” and after the game, we went for a beer and the girls bought the first round.

Three hours later (after all of us went to another bar outside of the stadium nearby), I was back at my apartment with the girl I liked. She stayed the night, of course! You wouldn’t expect any less from me, would you? Lol…

3. Say hello when waiting in a line during breaks

During the breaks between the game, pretty much everyone rushes off to go to the toilet or buy some food or drinks.

If you are waiting in line to get some food or drinks, have a positive, easy-going attitude and just say hello to the women that are in front of you or behind you.

Talk about the game, ask them how they think the team is going and tell them what you think of the game so far.

As long as you know how to trigger feelings of attraction inside of the women (e.g. by using some humor, being confident, being charismatic, being charming, etc), they will be excited and interested to talk to you.

Do you know how to trigger a woman’s feelings of attraction for you when you interact with her? Watch this video to find out…

4. Get there early

If you get to the sports stadium early, it will give you a chance to warm up by meeting some women at the bar or at the cafeteria when women are lining up for food or drinks.

It’s usually a lot less noisy and frantic if you get there early and because the game hasn’t started, women don’t really have much to do other than talk to their friends, eat and drink, so they are open to having the odd random chat to a confident, charismatic guy.

If there is a chance to talk to a woman when she is buying some food, simply say something like, “Hey…do you think our team is going to win today?” and if she says “Yes” for example, you can joke around by telling her that the star player for the team has been injured at the last minute.

When she looks at you with a shocked expression and says something like, “What? No way!” you can a smile, laugh and say, “Just kidding.”

She will then have a laugh and you can follow up by introducing yourself. “No, I think our team will win today for sure. I’m Dan by the way – what’s your name?”

5. Approach the women who hang around in the bars or cafeteria after the game

If your team has won the game and women (who support the same team as you) are hanging around after the game, they are going to be in a happy, positive mood.

They are most-likely going to be smiling and feeling open to chatting to fellow supporters of the team who can strike up a harmless conversation with them.

For example: If you walk up and talk to women who are hanging around after the game, you can say (in a confident, easy-going and positive manner), “What a game. We killed it today. It was awesome. What did you guys think of the game?”

Have a quick chat, properly introduce yourself (e.g. “By the way…my name’s Dan. What’s your names?” and then focus on making the women feel attracted to you (e.g. by using humor, being confident, being charismatic, being charming, etc).

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