A couple of guy friends of mine always get loads of likes and comments whenever they post up a status update. They have girls saying, “You’re so funny” and “Hahaha! Cool” and things like that all the time.

So, I thought I’d share some of what they are doing to get so much attention on Facebook.

Personally speaking, I rarely post anything on Facebook other than photos from catching up with friends, family or attending a big event or special day (e.g. wedding, birthday, etc). I also get tagged in a lot of photos that my wife (I got married recently) posts up.

When I post up things on Facebook, I do get a lot of clicks and comments, but it’s pretty rare that I’d post something up, so maybe that has something to do with it.

What I know for sure though is that those two guy friends of mine just kill on Facebook. People click like, comment and share their stuff all the time.

How Popular is Your Facebook Profile Today?

You may have 225 friends on your Facebook list of friends, but just how many of them regularly check out your page to see what you’ve been up to?

These days, Facebook has become so influential that being popular on Facebook can actually mean being popular in the real world. If you want people to start noticing you, you need to start doing more than just adding random pretty girls as friends.

Here are 3 funny ways to increase your popularity on Facebook that I’ve seen my friends do. You won’t come off as desperate and you won’t have to wrack your brains to think of witty status updates on a daily basis.

1.   “It’s My Birthday” (Every week)

Out of the 365 days a year, there is one day when most people will click on your Facebook profile. Your birthday!

Once a year, you’ll find yourself inundated with well wishes and congratulatory messages on turning a year older. It has become a Facebook tradition. I think it’s pretty annoying, but that’s probably because I am so busy online with The Modern Man and can’t be bothered replying to 100+ family and friends to say, “Thanks!” so I just click like on their comments.

However, I understand that some people LOVE the Facebook birthday attention, so if you do love it, why not try what a couple of my friends did for a couple of months? They changed their birthday every week, so it kept appearing for everyone as a reminder and they kept getting inundated with happy birthdays, confused messages and LOLs from people.

Thanks to Facebook’s birthday notifications, people you have not spoken to in years will be reminded to drop by your page and wish you a happy birthday. This includes ex-girlfriends and ex-crushes, so who knows what could happen when you start “talking” again.

Go to your account settings and change your birth date to the date for next Tuesday. Watch as traffic trickles and laugh as everyone wishes you great happiness for your birthday.

Some of your ‘real friends’ and family will pick up on the fact that it’s not your birthday, so just say “Yeh, I’ve decided to change my birthday to _______ (whatever date you’ve chosen). It works better with my schedule”

Then, do the same thing next week. You’ll get a lot of “LOL!” and “WTF” responses, but that’s the point. People will be posting and you will be more popular on Facebook.

2.    Say Something Funny

After seeing 20 really funny status updates from my friends, I began to wonder. “Are these guys making up the jokes themselves, or getting it from somewhere online?”

I searched around online and instantly saw that there are loads of sites dedicated to funny status updates (e.g. SillyFacebookStatuses.com).

Yet, that hasn’t make me think any less of the guys. I still appreciate that they bring a laugh into my life every few days with a quirky or funny status update.

Some examples that I saw on a site I just looked at:

“Didn’t Selfie Sticks used to be called Friends?”

“I’m beginning to think that for some of you, the wheels on your bus do not go round & round.”

“Do people with cats not know about dogs?”

“Whoever said “What goes around, comes around”, never passed around a bag of Doritos.”

Some examples from my friends:

“If I ever get arrested I am going to ask for a status update instead of a phone call.”

“It’s amazing how long you can hold your farts at the beginning of a relationship.”

“If a guy wants to find out all of their flaws in under a minute, they just have to ask their girl if she has gained weight.”

“If a man says you’re ugly, he’s being mean. If a woman says you’re ugly, she’s jealous. If a little kid says you’re ugly, then you’re ugly.”

3.    I’m in a Relationship

If you are single, a good way to keep your page abuzz with rumors and frivolous talk is to change your relationship status to ‘In a Relationship’ on Facebook.

This usually generates a myriad of comments from nosy and poky friends. Sit back, relax and laugh as some of your friends open a discussion about your romantic life. “Who is the lucky girl?” “Is it Ann from high school?” “OMG who is she? I want details!”

Keep it mysterious and don’t reveal too many details. The less you comment, the more prying they become. The less you give them, the more they want. You don’t have to state who your girlfriend is, just say something like, “It’s all moving very quickly…I’m actually quite shocked…sorry for not telling you guys earlier…”

If they ask you for details, you can then laugh and say that you were only joking. My friend wrote, “Sorry, I was just dreaming. I want a girlfriend. I am over being single.”

What happened next? People started suggesting he meet some of their single girlfriends and a couple of women said that he was hot.

Personally speaking, I’ve never done anything like that (the only time I changed my relationship status was when I got into a relationship with my now wife), but if you want to get a laugh and have some temporary buzz on your Facebook profile, go ahead.

If you like to joke around and don’t want to take life seriously, then make sure that you embrace that. Some of my best friends in life are those who are always looking to have a laugh. People love those who can make them laugh, so if that’s your thing – go for it!

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