Would you have the confidence and conversation skills to approach the group of women above?

If not, is it because you lack the confidence to do so, don’t know what to say or are just worried about being rejected in front of others? Are you thinking that women like them wouldn’t be interested in a guy like you?

If you knew that approaching them wouldn’t result in you dying or being humiliated by rejection, would you approach?

Don’t worry – Most guys can’t work up the courage to approach women. Even though approaching a group of women won’t result in death or serious embarrassment, most guys just can’t do it.

If you want to build up your confidence to approach groups of women, watch this…

In most cases, the only guys that beautiful women approached by are drunk guys or guys who offer no challenge and are simply hoping to get lucky.

Single women hope to meet a guy who knows what he’s doing when approaching women, but it RARELY happens. They just keep meeting the same type of guys over and over.

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As you will discover from the video above, most women wish they could meet a guy who is more of a challenge to win over.

When you approach groups of women, what you need to do is make all (or most) of the women in the group feel attracted to you by:

  1. Being confident.
  2. Being charismatic.
  3. Using humor.
  4. Using flirting.
  5. Be charming.

When a woman is feeling attracted to you and notices that her girlfriends are also feeling attracted to you, it then increases her attraction and desire for you. She wants to be the one who wins you over and in the process of doing that, she makes it easier to pick her up.

What if You Approach a Group of Women and They Reject You?

Approaching groups of women

Many guys avoid approaching women due to a powerful feeling of potentially being rejected. Other reasons that guys come up with to avoid approaching women include:

  • What if I’m interrupting them?
  • What if they don’t want to be approached by a guy like me?
  • What if I can’t keep the conversation going and keep it interesting and they get annoyed that I’m hanging around?
  • What if they humiliate me or make fun of me in front of everyone?
  • What if they tell me to go away?
  • What if I freeze up when I get there?
  • What if I fumbles and embarrasses myself?

Can't approach women

When you ask yourself those sorts of questions before approaching a group of women, it’s only natural that you will feel nervous and anxious about it.

Guys who can approach women simply block out any negative thoughts and either focus on positive thoughts or just go over and talk to the women without wasting time thinking about what might go right or wrong.

Rather than wasting time or making themselves feel nervous by thinking about it, they simply act on their instinct and take action like an alpha male would.

Movie Life vs. Real Life

Woman slapping man
If you watch a lot of TV sitcoms, TV drama shows or Hollywood movies, you will notice that guys who approach women usually get rejected.

A guy might get a drink tipped over his head for approaching, slapped for showing sexual interest in a woman or laughed at by people who see him approach the women.

Yet, what happens in movies is completely different to what happens in real life. In real life, most women are open to being approached because it’s their opportunity to meet a guy.

Generally speaking, women don’t approach men and simply wait to be approached, so they know that if a guy approaches, it is an opportunity for them to potentially find love or have some fun for a while.

In TV sitcoms and movies, women are often portrayed as mean-spirited people who go out of their way to embarrass, humiliate and ridicule any man who comes near them or shows interest in them.

It’s almost always a case of a guy getting lucky and the woman eventually giving him a chance after rejecting him earlier in the movie or TV show. Groups of women are also often portrayed as being callous, cruel and unapproachable.

Why is that?

Why do TV shows and movies push that sort of message?

It is entertaining to watch for some men and women (not me!), because it’s unusual and shocking to see women behave like that. If everything just worked perfectly every time (i.e. a man approaches a woman, she likes him, they have sex and live happily ever after), people would get very bored with that type of storyline very quickly.

So, for a guy who has been watching a bit too much TV or too many Hollywood movies, it’s only natural that he might feel a bit turned off (or even terrified of) approaching groups of women. Instead of approaching women and getting to have real sex and enjoy real love, he sadly masturbates his desire away to porn every week.

To Approach or Not to Approach

Approaching groups of women
Of course not all groups of women want to be approached, or should be approached and assessing the situation before you approach is sometimes necessary.

For instance, there’s no point approaching a group of women who are having a serious business lunch or when one of them is crying. It’s just not the right time for flirting and having a fun conversation for hours on end, so either avoid that group of women or wait until you see an opening to approach much later on.

Apart from extreme cases like those though, pretty much every other group of women is open to be approached and even hoping that a guy approaches, so they have an opportunity to meet someone.

Common Mistakes That Guys Make When Approaching Groups of Women

Approaching groups of women is easy, but most guys get it wrong. That is a huge opportunity for you because when you approach in the way that women are hoping a guy does, it instantly marks you out as a man who is worth paying attention to.

Here are some common mistakes that guys make:

1. Approaching the group with obvious nervousness or fear

Nothing guarantees a quick rejection like a nervous, insecure guy. Insecurity and nervousness are perceived as being a sign of low self-esteem and a lack of self confidence and women find that very unattractive in men.

2. Crumbling at the first sign of resistance

If a guy approaches a group and he is not greeted with open arms, he will often give up too quickly and walk away. This can be perceived as a sign of someone who is mentally and emotionally weak and women find this to be a turn off.

Women want to see that you have the mental and emotional strength to stand there and talk to them, regardless of how challenging they may be behaving towards you.

3. Asking permission to sit or talk with them

Women don’t want to have to boss you around, mother you or shelter you from the big, bad world.

They also don’t want to meet a guy who behaves like he’s just stepped out of a time machine from the 1800s, where is was impolite to approach and talk to women he didn’t know. In the modern world, it’s one big party and everyone is invited.

You are invited by default, so there’s no need to ask if you can come to the party.

This is your world and your life, just as much as it is their world and their life. Get involved and enjoy it.

Knowledge is Power

How to pick up a woman
Approaching groups of women may seem intimidating at first, but when you know exactly what to say and do to get women to like you, it quickly becomes the most exciting and rewarding thing that you’ve ever done in your life.

You approach a group of women and they immediately show their interest in you. Then, when you pass the tests that they put guys through, the women in the group become extremely interested and even begin to compete amongst each other for your attention. It’s really cool how it works.

I remember when I first started approaching women and getting positive results. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days after sleeping with my first catwalk model…and she was just the first of many catwalk models, pretty girls and sexy women that I’ve slept with since!

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