No man is compatible with every woman and no woman is compatible with every man.

Just like every piece of a jigsaw puzzle doesn’t fit together with any piece, nature is designed in a way where every person is not a perfect match for every other person.

If you meet a woman and it doesn’t end up in a sexual relationship, don’t look at it as a rejection. Instead, simply understand that no man is compatible with every woman and no woman is compatible with every man.

When you understand that, you will realize that rejection isn’t the horrible, scary experience that you’ve been making it out to be.

Are You Afraid to Approach Women Because You Fear Being Rejected?

For many guys, the thought of approaching a woman and experiencing an interaction that doesn’t go from a conversation to phone number (or kiss) and then to sex or a date causes them to feel enough fear to hide themselves away from dating altogether.

They don’t like the idea of things not working out because the assume that if it doesn’t work out with one woman, they are being rejected by all women.

Here’s what is really going on…

If you approach a woman and it doesn’t work out, it means that you’re either not compatible with each other or you simply didn’t say or do anything that made her feel attracted to you.

To increase the chances of a woman feeling like you are a compatible match, you have to make her feel attracted to you. If a woman doesn’t feel attracted to you, she might like you as a person, but the lack of attraction will make her feel like you are romantically incompatible.

If you were able to make her feel a lot of attraction for you, she would most-likely be interested in having sex with you or giving a relationship a shot, even if she felt like the relationship might not last for a life time.

Looking at Rejection in a Different Way

I often receive e-mails from guys who have lost a lot of confidence in themselves after asking a woman out and discovering that she’s not interested in anything other than being friends, or after approaching a new woman only to discover that she isn’t interested in talking to him.

It saddens me to hear that sort of thing from guys because if he just understood what I know about rejection, he wouldn’t have to go through such an unnecessary and painful experience.

Here are two common “rejection scenarios” that men encounter with women. I’ll explain what is really taking place and why rejection has nothing to do with it…

Rejection Scenario #1: Approaching a New Woman

The Situation: This can be anywhere that you see a woman you are interested in meeting – nightclub, bar, store, park, party, cafe or restaurant and so forth. When you approach her, she ignores you or behaves as though she’s not interested in getting to know you.

Your Reaction: You feel rejected.

Why She Didn’t Show Interest: It’s very possible that the woman is already in a relationship and isn’t interested in getting to know you (or any other man) at this time in her life. So, she just wants to make it clear, as quickly as possible, that she’s not interested in talking to you or getting to know you. She simply doesn’t want to give you the wrong impression.

It’s also possible that she might be with a group of her friends and is not looking to meet anyone that night because it’s a “girls night out” or they are celebrating something important and she doesn’t want to be rude to her friends. Her lack of interest in talking to you can be for dozens of reasons that have nothing to do with you as a man.

It’s also possible that your approach was a bit awkward. You may have appeared nervous and, as a result, you weren’t able to demonstrate the essential confidence that women look for in a guy. She may also have noticed you looking nervous and tense as you tried to work up the courage to approach her.

In short, you failed to display the essential traits that women look for in a man. Because of that, she was able to quickly determine that you and her weren’t compatible with each other and thus, she did not want to continue interacting with you.

That isn’t rejection.

It’s just a case of you and her finding out whether or not you are compatible with each other at that moment in time. Had you approached in a more confident way and made her feel attracted based on what you were saying and doing, she would have most-likely been more open to you and the interaction would have ended up with a phone number exchange, kiss or sex that night.

If your approach was good and you did make her feel attracted to you, but she played hard to get, it means that she was testing your confidence level. If a woman is attractive, it’s very easy for her to get men interested in her, but it’s not easy for her to find a guy who doesn’t become nervous, desperate or insecure when she plays hard to get.

Rejection Scenario #2: A Woman That You Are Dating

The Situation: You’ve been out a couple of times with a woman, but she suddenly stops answering your calls or replying to your texts.

Out of nowhere, she is becomes too busy to see you and doesn’t make an effort to fit you in to her schedule. She might even be straight-forward and tell you she’s no longer interested in anything “romantic” or “sexual” and just wants to be friends.

Your Reaction: You feel rejected.

Why She Lost Interest: In most cases, the reason why a woman will go from wanting to be with you to not wanting to be with you is a lack of attraction.

You may have been able to attract her initially, but your inability to maintain a woman’s feelings of attraction for you has lead to her losing interest in being with you. You can get her back if you are able to trigger her feelings of attraction for you again.

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