The obvious places where single women go to meet men are bars, nightclubs, singles events and speed dating events.

However, if you have the confidence to approach women that you find attractive, you can literally meet women anywhere (e.g. through friends, at work or university, at a coffee shop, sports game, shopping mall, at a park during the day, etc).

Women meeting and hooking up with men

If you’re asking, “Where do women go to meet men?” you my be hoping that going to places where women go to meet men will boost your chances of success. It might be that you’ve tried to approach women and just haven’t been getting the types of results that you think you should be.

Yet, just going to the places where women go to meet men is not going to guarantee your success. What will? You need to:

Getting a hold of a big list of places that women might go to meet men isn’t going to help you if you don’t have the skills to pull off a pick up.

For example: Most women don’t make it obvious that they want to be approached and will simply dress up and look pretty in the hope of being approached.

She might go to a weekend market, hang around in a bookstore, go to a community gathering, sit alone at a café or attend a recreational class (e.g. yoga, fitness, etc) in the hope that a confident guy will approach her, attract her and seduce her into handing over her number or going home with him to have sex.

Asking, “Where do women go to meet men?” may suggest that you’re looking for some kind of list of places to go where women are going to be waiting and hoping to be approached.

Apart from speed dating events, women usually aren’t going to make it obvious that they are at a certain location in the hopes of meeting a man. For example: You might have heard a woman say that she only goes to nightclubs to dance.

Yeah, right…

Where women go to meet men

She’s simply saying, “I only go to nightclubs for the music and dancing” to not look slutty, easy or sexually active. While she certainly might enjoy dancing at a nightclub, she will also be there in the hope of getting laid, finding her next boyfriend or maybe even a husband.

So, knowing where to find women is not the same as knowing how to approach, attract and seduce women into having sex with you or going out on a date with you.

By the way…

“Seduce” might sound like a bit of dirty word to some guys. However, the truth is that women want to be seduced. Women can’t go around making it obvious that they are interested in sex, because if they did, most guys would see her as slutty and wouldn’t be able to trust her in a relationship.

A woman will secretly hope that she will get approached by a guy who not only knows how to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction, but also knows that she wants the experience of being seduced.

She will almost never admit to want to be seduced, but if you watch what she actually does in her private life, you will see that she is constantly being seduced into having sex and she’s having a great time behind closed doors.

A guy who understands this won’t expect a woman to make it obvious that she’s interested in having sex and will simply move the interaction forward from a conversation to kiss, to sex and into a relationship.

Are You the Type of Guy Women Want to Meet?

Can you approach a beautiful woman and immediately attract her with your charismatic confidence? Can you strike up interesting conversations that excite women and turn them on? Do you know how to go from a conversation to a kiss and then to sex without making the woman feel cheap or as though you’re moving too fast?

Unless a guy can answer, “Yes” to all of the above, then he’s not the type of guy that women are desperately hoping to meet. Until a guy can offer women the kind of attraction experience that women crave, they aren’t going to be very interested in giving him what he wants (i.e. sex, love, relationship).

If you want to be the type of guy that women are desperate to meet, you have to understand the reality that they live in. Watch this video to understand…

Meeting Women at a Singles Event

Imagine this…

You’ve gone to a singles event and you know that the women you see there are single and looking to meet guys. You get yourself a drink and stand by the bar or take a seat out of the way so you can watch what’s going on.

You notice that some women are looking your way and you’re pretty sure they’re interested in you, but rather than walking over and getting an interaction started, you wait and hope that they come over to you.

Unless you’re a perfect looking male model or if the woman is unattractive or drunk, it’s almost always not going to happen.

Women expect men to approach because women don’t want to be giving a “free pass” to nervous, insecure men.

Why? Imagine a world where women rewarded insecure, nervous men with sex and love. After several generations, the human race would begin to turn into a bunch of wimps and women may begin to take on the role as protectors of men.

It’s just not going to happen.

Women reward confident, masculine men with love, sex and devotion. Rather than giving a free pass to men who lack confidence and masculinity (in how they think), they wait to be approached.

Of course, it doesn’t work that way in Hollywood movies…

In the movies, on TV shows and in music videos, women are often shown to approach men and either immediately start kissing him, put their phone number in his pocket or ask him to go home for sex.

Yes, it would be nice if the world worked that way, but it doesn’t.

In the real world, almost all women wait to be approached. If a guy approaches in a nervous way and doesn’t have the ability to trigger her feelings of attraction, she will reject him or be cold towards him until he leaves.

However, if a guy approaches in a confident way and immediately attracts the woman with his charisma, masculine vibe and charm, she will automatically open up to him and see where it goes.

Do You Know How to Turn Women on When You Meet Them?

Make no mistake, women do want you to turn them on.

Women may behave as though they are innocent and uninterested in sex, but that is just a ploy to preserve your perception of them as being fresh, untouched and trustworthy.

These days, most women have experienced a one-night stand more than once and almost all women don’t wait more than one date to have sex with a guy.

A study in America found that 55% of couples had sex on their first date and a European study found that 70% of women admitted to having experienced a one-night stand.

…and that’s just what women are admitting when filling out the survey.

In most cases, women downplay the amount of sexual activity they’ve experienced, so those statistics are most-likely higher.

With that in mind, you need to understand that women do want you to turn them on when you meet them. Don’t be fooled by the shy, innocent act that women put on. In most cases, the woman you are talking to has recently had sex and is open to having more.

If you want to turn women on when you meet them, you need to focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you by displaying the traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.
For example: Confidence, masculine vibe, charisma, charm, humor, etc.

Watch this video to understand how it works…

As you will discover from the video above, there are many different ways that you can attract women and turn them on during an interaction.

If you go out to places where women go to meet men, you will get consistently awesome results if you focus on making women feel the way that they really want to feel around a guy.

Women are everywhere, so the question that you really need to ask is not, “Where do women go to meet men?” but “How can I be the type of guy that women are desperate to meet?”

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