Lately, a number of men have written into The Modern Man to ask, “Should men shave their pubic hair?”

The answer is pretty simple: Do it if you want to, but you don’t need to shave your pubic hair to be sexually attractive to women.

If you want to sexually attractive to a woman in the bedroom, the most important trait to display is confidence in your sex appeal to her. A woman wants to see that you’re not worried about a thing when you are naked in front of her and are simply offering her your raw, confident masculinity.

That is what really turns a woman on.

Even though you might hear women saying that pubic hair is gross, it doesn’t mean that she cannot feel sexually attracted and turned on by a man with pubic hair. Women say all sorts of superficial things about men (e.g. “I don’t like bald guys”) and often then hook up with and even marry men who have the traits they were complaining about.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter to a woman if you have pubic hair or are shaved. It’s not going to something that makes her think, “OMG, I cannot be in a relationship with this guy!” or “OMG, I am so grossed out and never want to have sex with him again.”

For 99.9% of human history, men have not had access to razors that are refined enough to shave the hairs on their ball sack. Some weirdo men might have “gone bald” because they have a fetish about it or it may have been cool in some remote tribes, but the majority of men just go natural.

As long as you have confidence in your sex appeal to a woman and allow her to experience your raw, masculine presence, she isn’t going to be focused on your pubic hair. She is going to be deeply enjoying the mental and emotional experience of being with a man who doesn’t think like a woman (i.e. you’re not concerned about your appearance).

A Very Weird Thing About Women’s Attraction to Men

When a woman feels attracted to a man for reasons other than his physical appearance (e.g. he is confident, charismatic, has a masculine vibe, etc), she then starts to look at his physical appearance in a more positive light.

Features that she may have previously complained about when talking with her girlfriends (e.g. a guy not having a six pack, a guy being bald, a guy having pubic hair, etc), will suddenly become something that she actually likes about a guy, as long as he is making her feel enough attraction for other reasons.

Watch this video to understand how it works…

As you will discover from the video above, a woman can actually come to like the fact that a guy either has pubic hair or doesn’t, simply based on the fact that she is feeling a lot of attraction for him for other reasons.

Since she is feeling so much attraction for him, she will begin to like his sort of style. For example: If he has a beard, but has shaved his pubic hair and he makes her feel intense attraction for other reasons (e.g. she feels girly in response to his masculine vibe, he’s confident, etc), she will then start to say that she likes guys who have beards and bald balls.

Attraction is a really weird thing.

Women can be attracted to men for so many different reasons, so if you take what women say on face value, you will almost always feel confused about what women really want.

For example: Some women will go around saying that they only date handsome men, but she will then get into a relationship and marry a guy who is clearly not a handsome man. Instead, he will be very confident, masculine, charming, etc and will have made her feel enough attraction in those ways for her to begin looking at his physical appearance in a more positive light.

She will literally refer to him as being handsome or good looking, even though he does not have male model features.

Why Do You Want to Shave Your Pubes?

“Should men shave their pubic hair?” is one of those questions that has begun to come up more frequently lately because it’s one of the latest “man trends” going around known as “manscaping.”

Where did guys get this idea?

Partly from watching porn and thinking that if the guys in porn are shaving their balls and getting to have sex with hot women, maybe one of the reasons women aren’t interested in them is due to their pubic hair.

Obviously, a woman can’t see a guy’s pubic hair before sex, but a lot of guys feel like they need to be “ready” in case they do get to have sex with a woman. They want to ensure that they “look the part” like guys in the porn movies and fear getting an “Ewww…” reaction from a woman for having pubic hair.

Other guys have gotten the idea to shave their pubes by listening to women on TV, the internet or in magazines. Somewhere along the way, a few hot women will have said that they like a guy to shave down there, so millions of guys rushed out to get razors and get themselves ready to hopefully impress women.

“Look lady, I have no pubes! I’m like a boy. Now do you like me?”

Man, some guys are so damn confused about what women want.

Guys, listen up…

Do not try to be pretty for women. Women will gladly suck your “you know what” with or without pubes, as long as you are confident in your sex appeal.

Women will say all sorts of things that they later recount (e.g. in the 1980s, women called out for men to be more sensitive and cry. Men obeyed, turned into wussies and got dumped, cheated on and divorced in record numbers).

Do not take what women say about men so literally. When a woman is asking for a man to be more sensitive, she means that he is more open to love and actually feeling emotions, rather than being cold and afraid of experiencing love.

However, she is not saying that she wants a guy to become a woman.

Likewise, if you hear some random women saying that they like a guy who is shaved, it does not mean that you have to shave your pubic hair.

Tell her to suck it and she will, as long as you believe in your sex appeal to her. Give her your raw, confident masculinity and she will love you.

However, give her an insecure, “Now do you like me?” feminine approach to sex and she will not love you. She will feel turned off by you on a deep level because you are thinking and behaving like a woman.

Smooth vs. Hairy

It wasn’t that long ago that the latest “man trend” was to have your chest waxed. Women said they preferred smooth, hairless chests to hairy chests, so men started visiting beauty salons in their droves and undergoing the “painful-but-I-can-take-it” wax treatment on a regular basis.

However, this led to a lot of men spending more time in the salon than women, and women became increasingly turned-off by a guy’s overly-feminine interest in his appearance.

Women then began to say that they preferred a man with a hairy chest!

Why? Simple. The majority of guys they were meeting who had waxed their chests had fallen victim to thinking like a woman in terms of their sexual attractiveness.

In other words, these confused men failed to understand that the things that women find most attractive about a man cannot be seen (e.g. his masculine vibe, his confidence, his alpha male mindset, etc).

So, if you’re wondering whether or not to follow the latest trend by shaving your little hairs down there, there’s every chance that the trend will have changed by the time you’ve finished reading this article.

By the time you shave off your pubic hair, women will have begun saying, “I like hairy balls” and you will be back to square one. You still won’t know how to properly attract women and you will keep running around in circles, hoping that women give you a hint of the real secret to attracting them.

To Shave to Not to Shave

Some women are going to prefer a hairy man, others are going to prefer a hairless man, but the majority of women are not going to express a preference either way because whether or not you shave your pubic hair or wax your chest is not what really turns her on.

What really turns a woman on is a man’s confidence in his sex appeal to her. Women love a guy who is confident and comfortable just being himself, knowing that he is more than good enough “as is.”

Let’s face it, if you’re a guy who spends a lot of time “preening” yourself to look “pretty” for women, then you’re not showing yourself to be a masculine guy who is relaxed and comfortable in his own skin.

Women are attracted to who a guy is on the inside, not how he dresses himself up on the outside. Trends will always come and go (e.g. fashions, hairstyles, manscaping, etc) and being a man who works hard at keeping up with them all suggests you’re a man who feels insecure in himself and unsure of who he really is.

Don’t Be a Peacock

Peacock mating dance

“Peacocking” is a word used to describe the way a guy might try to use his clothing or other elements of his outward appearance to attract attention to himself, or change the way he behaves in an effort to make himself appear more “impressive” when he’s around women.

The expression comes from the fact that male peacocks “strut their stuff” in front of female peacocks and put on an eye-catching showy display by opening out their tail feathers in an effort to attract a mate.

For male peacocks, attraction is all about looking colorful and pretty for the plain looking female…but you are not a peacock!

For you, attracting female human doesn’t come down to looking pretty and being all shaved up like a little boy.

Women are naturally attracted to confident, masculine men and if you allow a woman to experience your confidence and masculinity around her, she will naturally be drawn to you. Unless she’s one of the small percentage of women who like little boy balls, she is going to love your pubic hair because it is a part of you.

Shaving your pubic hair may suggest that you are a “trendy” man, but it has no bearing on who you are as a man. Having beautifully trimmed pubic hair or super smooth genitals is not going to attract a woman if you are an insecure man who lacks real confidence.

Put it this way; if you’re not genuinely comfortable just being yourself, or you’re nervous and shy around women that you like, then they’re not going to be anywhere near your genitals to worry about whether you’ve shaved them or not.

Each to Their Own

It’s entirely up to as an individual if you want to run a razor around and over your genitals. If you like it, go ahead and do it.

Likewise, if your woman suggests that she’d prefer it if you kept your pubic hair trimmed because it’s tickling her when you’re lying naked in bed together, then it’s up to you whether you want to laugh at her or grant her request.

The fact that you have a woman to lie naked with in the first place suggests that you’ve got a lot more going for you than neat pubes.

Whether or not you go with the trend is up to you and your woman, but if you’re a single guy hoping to make himself more attractive to women and maybe even get himself a girlfriend by being bang on trend, you need to think again.

Focusing on your appearance – whether it’s your pubic hair, your chest hair, the hair on your head, or any other area of your body you’re attempting to “peacock” – is not the way to make yourself more attractive to women.

Remember, women are turned on by genuine confidence and real masculinity in a guy. It is the inner man that attracts, not his tail feathers…or his pubic hair.

Yes, some women want a perfectly groomed, male model with a perfect body. That is true.

However, most women really don’t care if you have pubes, what color they are or how often you shave them or don’t shave them.

What a woman really wants to experience in the bedroom with you is to see your absolute confidence in your sex appeal to her. She wants to see that you’re not worried about a thing and are simply offering her your raw, confident masculinity.

If you give her that, she will love you regardless of whether you have pubic hair or not.

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