If you want to know how to have more sex appeal, the secret is attraction.

As a man, you can trigger a woman’s feelings of attraction for you in so many different ways (e.g. confidence, masculine vibe, humor, flirting, charisma, charm, etc). The list goes on and on.

Watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use it to your advantage to instantly have a lot more sex appeal to women…

If you are serious about knowing how to have more sex appeal, you need focus on developing the inner qualities that make you an irresistibly attractive man…and that means avoiding the following commonly made mistakes…

It’s Not All About Looks

You only need to watch TV for half an hour to find yourself bombarded with so-called advice on how to boost your sexual appeal as a man.

Advertising campaigns tell you that you’ll become irresistible to women if you wear a certain designer label, use a certain hair product, or wear a certain brand of deodorant, but c’mon guys, you know it’s all advertising hype, right?

Women in the real world aren’t attracted to a guy by his looks alone, the real attraction is who a guy is on the inside and the character traits he has that make him the man he is.

Most women are more attracted to confidence, masculinity and social intelligence in a man than anything else, including looks.

In other words, women are attracted to guys who know how to approach them in the confident way that they like to be approached; how to strike up interesting conversations; how to be relaxed and fun to be around in a social setting and how to naturally escalate a conversation into sexual flirting and beyond.

Guys with those qualities have what it takes to turn a woman on and it’s nothing to do with the clothes they’re wearing or the way they’ve styled their hair.

In fact, guys who fall into the trap of believing that improving their outer appearance will improve their sex appeal run the risk of paying so much attention to the details of their “look” that they end up coming across as gay or effeminate.

Women might love an effeminate guy as their friend and “one of the girls” but they’re not going to lust after him sexually and want him as a boyfriend. The more a guy focuses on prettying himself up, the more he comes across as a guy who is trying to hide his insecurities behind a good-looking but ultimately fake front. Insecurity of any sort is not an attractive trait in a man.

Drew’s story

Drew considered himself to be an average-looking guy but he was finding it hard to get himself a girlfriend.

His insecurities about his appearance and the fact that he wasn’t enjoying the success with women he wanted led to him getting sucked in by the messages he was receiving through reading glossy men’s magazines in search of answers to the question of how to have more sex appeal.

He devoted a huge amount of time and money to kitting himself out with a new closet full of designer gear – especially shoes – and he “reinvented” himself with a new hairstyle and filled his bathroom cabinet with all the latest male grooming products to help him maintain his just-stepped-off-the-front-cover-of-a-magazine look.

He felt good, and his new look appeared to be having the desired effect because he noticed that women were trying to catch his eye wherever he went. However, feeling good about his appearance had done nothing to change the shyness and anxiety he felt about approaching women, and the difficulty this caused him in terms of trying to strike up natural conversations.

He looked good and he caught the attention of women, but his lack of confidence and his inability to just relax and be himself around women meant that he didn’t hold their attention for long. It didn’t matter how great he looked on the outside, women still rejected him because he didn’t have the inner qualities needed to turn them on.

If you want to know how to have more sex appeal, you need to know how to demonstrate the genuine self-confidence that women find extremely attractive in a man.

It’s Not All About Muscles

Another common mistake guys make is thinking that building bigger muscles will boost their sex appeal. However, unless you’ve got the inner qualities that make you a sexually attractive man, the size of your muscles will not make a woman see you any differently.

Just as clever marketing campaigns are responsible for getting guys to buy into certain “sex appeal boosting” products, Hollywood movies are responsible for brainwashing guys into believing that women are only interested in muscle-bound action heroes. This is simply not the case.

You only need to take a look around you in the real world to see guys of all shapes and sizes attracting the attention of beautiful women and with girlfriends on their arms.

It’s not a guy’s physical appearance or physical strength that makes him sexually attractive, it’s who he is on the inside and the emotional and mental strength he demonstrates in the confident, masculine way he handles himself and whatever life throws at him.

In the same way that Drew attempted to hide his insecurities behind a good-looking front, focusing all of your time and effort into changing your body shape will do nothing to change who you are as a man on the inside.

If you’re not getting the results with women you want, it’s not improvements to your outer appearance you need to make, but improvements to your inner self so that the changes you make allow you to become a better man and a more sexually attractive man as a result.

Boosting Your Sex Appeal

Masculine sex appeal is mostly about having the qualities that show you to be a confident, masculine man in the way you think and the way you behave around women and in life. Women are attracted to men who have the sort of masculine presence they sense when they’re in his company.

A truly masculine man knows how to confidently approach a woman and how to make her feel relaxed and comfortable in his company through being relaxed and comfortable in himself.

When a man has the inner qualities that give him true sex appeal, he has what it takes to make a woman feel weak at the knees and virtually powerless to resist him – and that’s a feeling women love.

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