Women have all sorts of different tastes and opinions about clothes, so there isn’t one type of clothing that will attract all women.

Some women hate it when a guy wears a shirt because it looks too formal, but other women love a guy in a shirt because they say it looks smart and elegant.

If you want to be attractive to a woman, the most important thing is how you make her feel when you interact with her. Yes, she might have a certain style of clothing that she likes guys to wear, but if your personality and behavior turns her on, she will begin to look at your clothing and style in a more positive light.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works and how you can use it to your advantage to attract women in pretty much any clothing that you decide to wear…

“Will Wearing Designer Clothes Get Me Laid?”

Will wearing designer clothes get me laid?


If you dress very well and spend a lot of money on high end clothing, a woman may look at you and think, “Oh, he’s stylish…he looks good” but that doesn’t mean she is going to approach you or that she will be willing to have sex with you if you approach her.

The majority of women appreciate it when a guy makes some effort to look good, but what’s most important is how he makes her feel when he interacts with her. If a guy’s personality, behavior and conversation style doesn’t turn a woman on, she isn’t going to say, “I feel nothing for him, but I still want to have sex with him because he wears Versace.”

Of course, unattractive women usually like it when they meet an insecure, confused guy who doesn’t know how to attract women with his personality and behavior. They feel less worried about losing him to an attractive woman because he doesn’t know that in the human mating dance, it is women who have to look pretty…not men.

Peacock mating dance

In the mating dance of the peacock bird, the male is the colorful, pretty one and the female is the bland, plain looking bird. Female peacocks select males based on how colorful and vibrant their feathers are.

In today’s world, a lot of men have been tricked into thinking that they need to be very good looking and adorn themselves in the best clothes to stand a chance with women. Yet, it just isn’t true.

Yes, some women will only ever accept a male model with loads of money, muscles and the best clothes, but the majority of women have what I call an Open Type, which means that they are open to being with all different types of guys, as long as the guy makes her feel attracted in other ways (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, humor, etc).

A woman might be going through life saying, “I hate guys who wear t-shirts and jeans…I only like guys who wear ironed business shirts and suit pants.” Yet, when she meets a confident, charismatic guy and he makes her feel attracted to his personality and behavior, she will place less importance on the fact that he’s wearing jeans and t-shirt.

In fact, the more she feels attracted to him, the more she will actually come to like the fact that he wears t-shirts and jeans. She will actually begin to find that look attractive because it’s the look that the guy she feels most attracted to wears.

Most guys don’t get this, so if they hear a woman saying that she likes something or doesn’t like something, they take it as a permanent fact. They assume that the woman cannot change her mind or feelings.

If they hear a woman saying, “I like guys who wear the latest fashions” or “I only date good looking guys” they assume that most (if not all) women think that way and the only way to get women attracted is to look good and wear the latest fashions.

Yet, it’s not.

You can attract women with your personality, behavior and conversation style. You can turn women on in so many different ways. You are not limited to making a woman feel attracted to you because of your looks because you are a man, not a peacock bird.

Look Good, But Don’t Go Overboard

A good rule of thumb to use when approaching fashion as a man is to make an effort to look good, but don’t go overboard.

Unless you’re a fashion designer or work in retail sales for fashion, it’s not something that you need to spend a lot of time thinking about.

Simply decide on what type of clothes you like to wear that also fit in with the type of crowd that you like to hang out with.

For example: If you’re into nightclubbing, then wearing dorky, nerdy clothes isn’t going to make a good first impression on women. Sure, you can attract her with your personality and get to see your fashion sense in a more positive light, but there’s no need to make things any harder for you than they already are.

Clothes Do NOT Maketh the Man

If you listen to the advertising campaigns of big brands and to the gay men on TV who push fashion, you might get sucked into thinking that, “Clothes maketh the man.”

I recently saw a gay guy on TV saying, “Every guy HAS to have at LEAST 10 pairs of shoes.” He was so serious about it and then an attractive woman appeared on the TV to back him up. Most guys will see that as real advice because the hot chick agreed.

In another show, a guy guy and an attractive woman said, “It takes a real man to wear pink” and I rolled my eyes and felt sorry for the guys who’d be watching the show. Most guys don’t realize that the gay guy is trying to make men be more feminine and tolerant of feminine men and the woman is simply agreeing because she can’t admit what she really likes about men.

Women are intelligent, but they say all sort of stupid things about what they want in a man…and then go for guys who are the complete opposite. For example: No doubt you’ve heard women say that they want a nice guy, right?

So, why do they often reject nice guys and go for bad boys?

As you will discover in that video, you can’t always listen to what a woman says as being literal fact. When a woman says that she likes a guy who has good shoes, it doesn’t mean that she won’t have sex with or even marry a guy who wasn’t wearing good shoes when he met her.

Likewise, if a woman says that she doesn’t like chest hair on a guy, it doesn’t mean that she won’t have sex with or marry a guy with chest hair.

She’s just being a girl and saying whatever she feels like, but if she meets a man who makes her feel a lot of attraction in other ways (e.g. confidence, charisma, etc), she will change her mind and begin to love men with chest hair because the man that she is most attracted to has chest hair.

Clothes are not the thing that make you irresistible to women. Yes, clothes can make you look good and help you make a good first impression, but they are not the most important thing to most women.

What makes you irresistible to women is when you trigger their feelings of sexual attraction with your personality, behavior and conversation style and then build up the sexual tension between you to the point where she feels an intense desire to have sex with you…

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