The golden rule of how to get to know a girl is this: Make her feel attracted to you first and she will then try hard to get to know you and make you like her.

Everything starts with attraction. If you just pretend to be a nice friend and hope that she “likes” you enough as a guy to give you a chance, you will usually be rejected when you ask her out or attempt to kiss her.

Here’s why…

Let Her Know That You Find Her Sexy

After making her feel attracted to you, it’s very important to let a girl know that you find her sexy.

Did you know? Dove cosmetics did a global study on beauty and found that 96% of women do not consider themselves to be beautiful. You might find her incredibly pretty and sexy, but in her mind, she will often be focused on her flaws.

Women insecure about their looks

She will be going through life secretly thinking, “If only I had a smaller nose, then I’d be pretty” or “If only I lost a bit of weight, then I’d be sexy.”

A woman knows that she looks much better with make up than without, so she will often feel insecure about her appearance compared to other women. She will worry that her hair isn’t perfect, her clothes aren’t fitted perfectly on her body or that she just doesn’t look as good as other girls.

Blonde before and after make up

Blonde before and after make up

Dark blonde before and after make up

Brunette before and after make up

Brunette before and after make up

So, if you really like a girl and you want to get to know her, don’t pretend that you don’t find her sexy. Don’t treat her like a friend and pretend as though you don’t even look at her in a sexual way.

If she isn’t 100% clear that you find her sexy, a girl will often play hard to get to make you show lots of interest in her before she shows any interest back. Why? She doesn’t want to get rejected or seem to keen in a guy who doesn’t even think she is sexy.

To avoid all the mind games that go along with dating women, you simply have to be honest. Instead of pretending to be an innocent friend and saying, “You look nice today” talk to her like a potential lover or boyfriend would and say, “You look sexy today.”

Give her a smile and let her know that you find her sexy. Being honest like that cuts through all the bullshit and allows you and her to get on with kissing, having sex and enjoying a relationship.

Have You Been Making Her Feel Attracted to You?

If the girl that you want to “get to know” hasn’t been feeling much sexual attraction for you, then she’s not going to really care that you like her.

When you make her feel sexually attracted to you, she will automatically have an increased desire to get to know you, impress you and hook up with you.

So, the question is: Have you been making her feel attracted to you? Watch this video to find out…

If you want this girl to like you and want to get to know you, it’s not enough just to be the good guy that you are. You also have to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you. When she feels sexually attracted to you, make sure that you then take things to the next level (e.g. kissing, sex or a date) otherwise you may lose your opportunity with her.

Waiting Too Long to Make a Move

The friend zone

Some guys feel that it would be “disrespectful” to show their sexual interest in a woman, so they act like an innocent friend and wait and hope that something happens.

Yet, it almost always backfires because all it takes for the girl to instantly lose interest in him is for another guy to come along, focus on making her feel sexually attracted and then hook up with her.

Of course, if you only want to get to know this girl as a friend, then you simply need to find common ground and mutual interests and you will naturally get along well. However, if you want to have sex with her and you want her to be your girlfriend, don’t pretend to be a friend who has no sexual interest in her.

Sexual Attraction

Get to know a girl

The process of getting to know a girl happens very quickly if she is sexually attracted to you.

If you haven’t been making her feel sexual attraction for you, then you are just another horny guy who is hanging around her pretending to “just want to be her friend” when what you really want is stick your dick in her.

If she picks up on that, she will often pretend to be interested in you and use your interest in her to feel good about herself. Secretly, she will have already decided that she will never have sex with you, but she will enjoy all the attention and then hook up with another guy who makes her feel attracted.

Have You Been Enough of a Challenge For Her?

Most guys don’t understand the world that hot girls live in.

If a girl is attractive, most guys want to bang her. Most guys don’t care if she is smart, what she does for a living or what she studies. They just want to slide their weiner inside of her and enjoy it. If a relationship happens after the sex, fine, but it’s not the main thing that most guys are looking for.

A hot girl knows that most guys would be willing to have sex with her just based on her appearance and many of those guys would also love to be in a relationship with her. After a while, she gets bored of that and starts wishing that she could meet a guy who was more of a challenge…

The best way to get to know a girl is to make her feel attracted to you first. Then, instead of immediately trying to get her into a relationship with you, offer her a bit of a challenge. Make her have to try a little bit harder than normal to impress you, maintain your interest and hopefully get a chance with you.

Most guys aren’t willing to do that because they don’t want to miss out on the chance to bang the girl or get her into a relationship. Yet, what they don’t realize is that she is bored of how easy most guys are.

If a girl is hot, she will be hoping and wishing that she could meet a guy that makes her feel like she really wants to get to know him and hopefully get a chance with him…

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