Knowing a few great conversation starters that get a woman interested in talking to you, is an essential part of mastering the art of approaching and meeting women. The best conversation starters to use are funny conversation starters and natural conversation starters.

Here are two examples of each:

Funny Conversation Starter #1

When you see another guy approach a woman, fail miserably and then walk off looking a little rejected, you can walk over to the woman, smile and ask, “Hey, how did that last guy go?” 🙂 This always gets a laugh and also shows that you realize that when most other guys approach, they are being sleazy, trying too hard or say the wrong things.

Funny Conversation Starter #2

The next time you see a woman in the vegetable section of a supermarket or grocery store, walk up, smile 🙂 and jokingly ask, “So…what are you cooking me for dinner tonight?” This shows a lot of confidence and if you smile and ask the question in a light-hearted way, most women will laugh and enjoy it.

If that conversation starter is too advanced for you (i.e. you don’t feel like you have the confidence or charisma to pull it off), then use this one in the vegetable section, “Hey, I always seem to get the same veggies…broccoli, carrots, mushrooms…and then cook up a steak! 🙂 What veggies can you recommend for a man who wants to cook up something new and delicious?”

Natural Conversation Starter #1

My favorite natural conversation starter is to just say, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and be social and say hi…I’m Dan – what’s your name?” Women appreciate this because you are not trying to pick them up in a sneaky way.

You’re just being a cool guy and being social and friendly. I’ve never had a woman react badly to that conversation starter; they always feel obliged to tell you their name and open up to the conversation.

Natural Conversation Starter #2

Another natural conversation starter is to walk up to a woman in a shopping mall and say, “Hey…I’m out doing some shopping at the moment and I saw you and thought – wow, I have to come over and say hi…I’m Dan, what’s your name?”

As long as you say it in an easy-going way, most women will be happy to open up to the conversation. Some women feel nervous and unsure of themselves when approached in a shopping mall, but when they see that you are relaxed, easy-going and confident, they too begin to relax and open up to the situation.

What Can You Say After the Conversation Starter?

Many guys get stuck with what to say after they begin a conversation with an attractive woman. In most cases, the guy simply doesn’t know that it’s okay to talk about anything he wants, as long as what he is saying and doing is making the woman feel attracted to him.

Watch this video to understand how it works…

Have You Ever Been in This Situation?

You see an attractive woman that you’d love to meet, but you simply don’t know what to say to her to start a conversation or how to get her phone number after a few minutes of conversation.

Later that day, you finally come up with the perfect conversation starter you could have used…but, it’s too late. Your opportunity with her came and went and you are still stuck feeling single and possibly feeling a bit lonely and left out.

Can you relate to that situation? Don’t worry, most guys can. You’re not alone with that experience. The dating scene has changed so much and men now need to be a lot more skilled at talking to women if they want to attract women and get a girlfriend.

Another reason why you might not start conversations with women you find attractive, is due to your fear of rejection. You might be worried that if you walk over and use a conversation starter to meet a woman:

  • She will ask you to leave her alone.
  • She will look at you as though you are a try hard, lonely loser who is trying to pick up women.
  • She will laugh at you.
  • She will ignore you.
  • You will feel humiliated in front of others if she turns you down.

Back when I was struggling to feel confident around women or get a girlfriend, I used to think worry about the same types of things. When I saw a woman I found attractive, I would freeze up and be unable to work up the courage to approach her, even if I had a great conversation starter to use.

It was a VERY frustrating and lonely time in my life. I also used to believe that I needed to say something unique and funny that would sweep a woman off of her feet. I now know that’s not actually the case. You do NOT have to come up with a fantastic line that blows the socks of her cute, little feet. You just have to be confident, easy-going and be your normal, cool self.

Yet, back when I was hopeless with women – I just didn’t know that. I would get nervous when I wanted to start a conversation with a woman, because I would be thinking things like, “Well, if I do manage to start a conversation…what will I say after that?? What if it just turns into one of those awkward moments, where there is just me, here and a whole lot of silence?!”

I didn’t want to have to go through the experience of approaching women and being rejected, because I knew it would damage my confidence even further. I just wanted to know the right conversation starters to use and how to keep a conversation going so the approach WORKED first time, every time.

Fast forward to today…

I now know how to start a conversation with a woman and make her feel very attracted to me within seconds. I also know how to keep conversations going and keep them interesting and how to have women begin to fall in love with me during the first conversation. Over the years, I had sex with more than 250 women before recently settling down with my perfect girl.

How about you?

Are you getting the results you want with women?

If not, I am ready to help you right now…

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