Flirting body language

The key to flirting body language is to allow the woman to experience your confidence. Women are most attracted to a guy’s confidence, so when she notices that you are confidently flirting with her without using words, it will turn her on at a deep and instinctive level.

Flirting Body Language: A Discreet Way to Show Your Interest in a Woman

Flirting body language allows you to show interest in a woman, without actually having to say, “Hey, I like you…do you like me?” When a woman responds to your flirting body language by flirting back at you, she is literally telling you that she likes you in a sexual way.

You can watch some examples of flirting body language in my free, introductory video:

The Cheeky Smile

Cheeky (adjective): Bold, playful.

The Cheeky Smile isn’t a cheesy, sleazy, goofy or over the top sort of smile. It is a relaxed, slightly mischievous kind of smile that essentially says to her, “You’re sexy and I like you. I know that you like me too. I can see it in your eyes.”

Try doing the smile right now as you read this. Imagine yourself talking to a beautiful woman and you know that she wants to have sex with you. You also know that by confidently showing that you know she wants to have sex with you, she’s actually going to become more turned on by the fact that you are being confident about it.

It’s not about being sleazy, but it is about being confident. While she is talking, simply give her a Cheeky Smile. If you do it correctly, you will most-likely begin to naturally display the next type of flirting body language, a “Squint of the Eyes.”

Squint of the Eyes

Squint (verb): To close the eyes partially while looking. To look with the eyes partially closed, as you would in sunlight.

While giving her a Cheeky Smile, try to squint your eyes a little like you’re a bit suspicious about her. You’re thinking to yourself, “This girl wants to have sex with me so bad.

She’s trying to seduce me” and then you give her that look of playful disapproval for looking at you like some sort of sex object. By combining these two bits of flirting body language, they will amplify each other and have a stronger effect.

When Should You Use Flirting Body Language?

The best time to use flirting body language is when you have already made the woman feel attraction for you. Begin by displaying confidence, masculinity and social intelligence to make her feel attracted to you first. When you make a woman feel attraction for you, she will automatically begin to flirt with you in subtle or obvious ways.

Flirt back with her to increase the sexual tension between you. The more sexual tension that builds up, the more she will want to have sex with you.

When the sexual tension is high, most women will make it extremely obvious that they want to have sex with you. How can you know if a woman is interested in you? Watch this video to understand how it works…

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When you know how to attract women with your body language, conversation style, attitude and vibe, you will notice how simple and easy it is to get laid, get a girlfriend or maintain a woman’s attraction in a relationship.

Being able to attract women is an essential skill that every guy needs to have. If you are unable to properly attract women, most women will either reject you when you attempt to pick them up. In a relationship, the woman will gradually lose interest and will either dump you or leave you for another man who does know how to make her feel attracted.

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