The way to get a woman begging to be your girlfriend is to:

  1. Make her feel intense sexual attraction for you. 
  2. Show her that you find her attractive, but are not fully interested in her yet, so she feels the need to impress you and get your approval and acceptance.
  3. Let her spend time with you when you’re not busy with other things, rather being available to see her all the time.

When you do that, a woman feel compelled to chase you, pursue you and even beg to see you, kiss you and have sex with you.

It will be up to you to decide whether she gets a chance to be your girlfriend, or whether you allow another woman to experience the privilege.

Another way to approach it, is to make her feel very attracted to you, then have sex with her and stop pursuing her after that, but still be available when she wants to see you.

I explain how to do that in my video, How to Get the Pretty Girl You’re Dating to Chase You, which results in her hoping to get to be your girlfriend.

Having a Hot Girlfriend

Having a beautiful woman as your girlfriend, is truly one of life’s finest luxuries because it satisfies you on a deep, instinctive and primal level.

You got the girl and she’s hot.

You got the girl that others wish they could get and she’s yours.

It’s a really good feeling, especially when she is totally attracted to you and in love with you.

Personally speaking, I remember the first time I pulled a catwalk model back to my place for sex.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when she got up to go to the bathroom and walked out of my bedroom naked.

I looked at her and thought, “Wow…she is amazing. Look at that body. I am really good at picking up women now. I’m doing this. It’s happening.”

It was an awesome feeling because she was the sort of girl that turned heads everywhere we went, so I felt proud to have her as my girl.

Yet, I wasn’t ready to settle down, so I kept picking up more hot women.

Eventually, I had many hot women in my life at once.

At one point, I remember just chilling out on the sofa during the week and hot women were calling ME, hoping to meet up because they were missing me.

It really was such a cool life to live.

10 years later, I decided that I was ready to settle down and I met my perfect girl and have been with her ever since.

How about you?

Have you been consistently sleeping with hot women, or have you been able to get yourself a hot girlfriend lately?

Unfortunately, most men miss out on being with hot women because they are making very simple, but disastrous mistakes that push women away.

It’s not their fault though.

For example: In almost all cases, guys who are failing with women aren’t doing it because they want to fail and be miserable.

Instead, it’s because they don’t know what ELSE to do, assume they are doing the right thing or believe that there is no other way of doing it.

…but, there is.

When you approach your dating and relationship life like I did, or like the Naturals that we know have always done, you will begin living a completely different life with women.

Women will want to be with you and many will even beg, plead or try really hard to get you to allow them to be your girlfriend.

When you use The Modern Man approach, it will be like you have stepped into a fantasy movie all of a sudden and are questioning, “Man, is this real? Do I really have this hot chick sitting next to me on my couch?”

It will be real and you will be proud of yourself for finally mastering this area of your life and giving yourself choice with women.

Being a Challenge

One of the ways to make a woman try harder to be your girlfriend is to be a challenge for her to win over.

Watch this video to understand why…

To be a challenge that a woman will want to win over, you need to start by making her feel attracted to you, which you can do by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women.

For example: Confidence, charisma, the ability to make her laugh and smile, a masculine vibe that makes her feel girly and feminine in comparison to you, charm and so on.

Once a woman feels attracted to you, the next step of being a challenge is to actually have standards about what you like and dislike in women.

Don’t tell her that you have standards (that is cheesy and will cause a woman to play hard to get back in return), but simply let her get that impression by way of your body language, vibe, behavior and how you react and respond to what she is doing around her.


Let her see that you are not 100% sold on her yet.

Yes, you find her attractive, but she has to impress you more if she is going to have the privilege of having sex with you, or being your girlfriend.

Don’t tell her that though.

Just let her sense it.

When you’re really good with women (i.e. you have a mastery level of skill with women), you can say things like that and it will still work.

However, prior to getting to the mastery level, where you know how to handle anything a woman’s challenges you with, just don’t say anything about having standards.

Instead, let her sense it based on your behavior and approach to her.

She’ll love it.

Messing Up With Beautiful Women

The fact is, when it comes to attracting women, most guys need a bit of help with average looking women, but when it comes to BEAUTIFUL women, they need a LOT of help.

For example: Here’s what most men do when they have even the slightest CHANCE to score with a beautiful woman:

  • Show her her too much interest too soon and then wonder how to get her to call, or text more often or show interest in taking things further. Think about it: If a woman knows that you’re completely sold on her, why does she have to call?
  • Quickly try to get her on a date before another guy steals her. This reeks of desperation and women are instantly turned off by that. They want a guy who doesn’t really NEED them, but who does want them. This is the approach I used with many of my girlfriends (who asked me to marry them) and with my wife, who also asked me to marry her.
  • Call or text her too often. This becomes predictable and boring. She wants to be able to miss a guy and wish he would text her. Additionally, she also doesn’t want a texting buddy who only wants to text her. She wants to get to in person catch ups, where there is a lot of kissing, hugging, having sex and hanging out.
  • Are too available and willing to cancel pretty much any plans to see her. With a beautiful women, you need to have your own life that is just as important as she is to you. She shouldn’t be more important than your biggest goals, dreams and ambitions in life. If she gets the sense that she is, she will lose interest and see you as just another lovestruck guy who is willing to follow her around like a lost puppy. She wants to follow you into the future, not the other way around.
  • Want to see her way more often than they would see an average-looking girl. Beautiful women hate this. Almost every guy that a beautiful woman starts dating instantly wants to see her all the time.
  • Want to get her into a relationship as soon as possible. Just chill and let things come together naturally, or make her chase you by using the approach I teach in my video, How to Get the Pretty Girl You’re Dating to Chase You.

Interview with Mark the Master

Mark the Master is a short guy that we know, who is an absolute master with women.

He gets hot girls, even though he is a lot shorter than them and is not rich.

He’s just an average guy looks wise and has an average job, but he has something that most guys don’t have: A mastery level ability to attract women.

When we interviewed ‘Mark the Master’ in Confessions of a Natural, one of the secrets he revealed is that he likes to do the OPPOSITE of what other guys do.

For example, he:

  • Shows ‘just enough’ interest to get her on a date. He then begins to pull back his interest in her, while still keeping her attracted. This eventually ends up making her chase HIM. I have personally seen at least 7 women that Mark has been with, who have ended up like this with him. 5 of those women were models and the other 2 were just damn hot. It’s crazy to see because he is so short and average looking, but makes total sense when you know what we know here at The Modern Man (i.e. that you really can attract women for reasons other than looks, height, money or social status. It really is true and it really does work. It’s also a whole lot of fun to do and experience first hand).
  • Takes his time moving through the dating process. He does move things forward, but he’s not in a ‘desperate rush’ to get the woman on a date, in fear of another guy stealing her.
  • Doesn’t call or text her too often. He doesn’t text girls back straight away. Not surprisingly, women usually call him to set up more dates.
  • Doesn’t become ‘too available’ and willing to cancel plans to see her. He treats women well and makes them feel special, but he puts his life first.
  • Doesn’t desperately try to see her again and again, just because she’s beautiful. No matter how hot the woman is, he treats her the same way as he treats anyone else. Mark always treats people like accessories in his life, rather than essentials. In other words, you get to spend time with Mark. He doesn’t desperately try to get anything from anyone. If you spend time with him, you also know that he could cancel the catch up at any moment, because he always has something else to do regarding his biggest goals, ambitions and dreams in life.
  • Doesn’t eagerly try to get her into a RELATIONSHIP as soon as possible, like every other guy has tried to do with her. That last one is probably the most important of all. If you want to get into a relationship with a beautiful woman, you need to make HER want to get into a relationship with you. She needs to be chasing you and subtly trying to CONVINCE you to take your dating relationship with her to the next level.

To find out more about getting beautiful women chasing you and trying to get YOU into a relationship, listen to Mark’s interview from Confessions of a Natural.


P.S. Mark also teaches the secrets to being a nice guy, who is more attractive to women than bad boys are.

That advice is just priceless and I was amazed to hear it myself…but, then when I thought about it, I realized that Mark had been ‘the nice guy’ around women all along…and he ALWAYS gets the girl. That’s one of the reasons we call him ‘Mark the Master.’

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