Dating a pretty girl and trying to get into a relationship with her, versus dating a pretty girl and having her try to get you into a relationship, is a completely different experience.

Likewise, you can have a long-term relationship with a woman where you and her are kind of 50/50, or you can have a dynamic where you are trying to impress her all the time and hopefully get her to love you as much as you want to be loved, or you can have a relationship experience where she wants to impress you.

She wants to maintain your interest and she appreciates the fact that you love her and want to be with her.

She feels lucky that you have chosen her.

You can literally experience that all the way into a long-term and lifetime relationship with a woman.

For now though, let’s start at the beginning…

How can you get a pretty girl that you’re dating to chase you, really want to be with you and hope that she gets to be your girlfriend?

1. Let her feel like she is getting to be with you, rather than you are getting to be with her

In most cases, if a guy gets to the point where he has sex with a pretty woman that he finds really attractive, then he will immediately begin trying to secure an exclusive, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with her.

So, she will be in the position where she gets to say, “Yes” or, “No” to an exclusive relationship and he needs to ensure that he impresses her enough to the point where she hopefully says, “Yes.”

Make a girl chase by making her feel like she is getting to be with you, rather than you are getting to be with her

In other cases, if a guy is simply dating a pretty woman and they haven’t had sex yet, he will usually be giving her the impression that he’s hoping to be chosen by her.

He’s hoping that she will let him be her boyfriend.

How to get the girl you are dating to chase you

For example: If a guy goes on a date with a pretty girl that seems to have gone well, he will often go home feeling excited about her becoming his girlfriend.

He will then start texting her sweet messages, asking if he can see her again and essentially, behaving like a guy who is falling madly in love with her and is hoping to become her boyfriend.

In many cases, the guy will text and text and text until she eventually friend zones him, even though he could have gotten her into a relationship if he used a different approach.

In his mind, he thought that he was using the right approach by showing her how excited he was and how much he was hoping to get into a relationship with her.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a guy doing that if he wants to.

A guy can do whatever he wants.

Yet, if he’s dealing with a pretty woman, an attractive woman who is highly desired, then she is going to be used to the fact that most guys instantly fall in love with her and really want to have a relationship with her.

She’s going to be used to that and it’s not the type of experience she is really looking for, when it comes to a relationship.

What she is really looking for, is to feel like she would be lucky to be with the guy (i.e. that she needs to make sure that she impresses him, that she maintains his interest, so she can get him into a relationship).

When that type of dynamic is established, the woman feels more excited to be with the guy.

It’s an excited type of love, rather than a reluctant type of love.

What a lot of guys make attractive women feel is a reluctant type of love.

She is bored of feeling a reluctant type of love for guys and wants to experience an exciting type of love, where she feels very lucky to be with a guy. It's usually the guys who feel very lucky to be with her. She wants to feel like the lucky one for once.

It’s a reluctant type of relationship, where she is essentially giving the guy a chance.

He’s getting to hang around her.

He’s getting to have sex with her.

He’s getting to be in a relationship with her and she is allowing that.

For her, it’s like, “Alright, fine” and she will go along with it, but that isn’t an exciting experience for an attractive woman.

It’s so typical where the guy is hoping and trying really hard to be able to get her into a relationship with him.

Yet, what she really wants is to have that feeling where she is getting to be with the guy.

She’s going have to make sure that she impresses him and that she maintains his interest, otherwise, she is not going to get to have a relationship with him.

The thing is, a lot of guys are able to do that when it comes to women that they’re not attracted to.

A woman that they’re not attracted to is showing lots of interest and he eventually just gives her a chance. He thinks, “Alright, I’ll have sex with her for a while” or, “I’ll hang out with her for a while. Why not? I’ll give her a chance.”

She then feels that pressure where she needs to impress him, maintain his interest, build on his interest and make sure that she doesn’t stuff things up.

Now, when it comes to an attractive woman, most guys aren’t willing to do that to her.

They see it as being too risky.

“What if I stop showing a lot of interest in her and she then loses interest in me? What if I don’t text her a lot and she stops texting me and then start seeing another guy? Then I’ve lost her. What if I suddenly stops trying to arrange dates and she then goes completely cold on me? What am I going to do then?”

Well, the way that it works, is that prior to getting to sex with an attractive woman, you should pursue her and make something happen between you and her.

Arrange a date, get to the date, attract her, kiss her, have sex with her on the first, second, or third date, whatever it is and get that to happen.

You’ve got to get to the point where you and her have had sex.

After that, you can then take the foot off the gas pedal/the accelerator.

You can let her text to you.

You can let her call you.

In most cases, if you’ve done a good job making her feel attracted and she enjoyed having sex with you, then she’s going to want more, so she will then usually text you or call you.

Now, if she doesn’t call you after three or four days, or doesn’t text you after three or four days, it’s totally fine to send her a text and say, “Hey beautiful, how are you doing?”

That is a totally different experience for a pretty girl, or a beautiful woman compared to what usually happens.

Usually, if she gets to the point where she has sex with a guy, the guy will almost always start saying that he really likes or loves her, or wants to have a relationship with her and then he blows her phone up with texts,

“Good morning.” “Good night.” “How is your day going?” Blah, blah, blah.

He’s texting her all the time.

He wants to see her everyday and so on.

Now, the thing is, you can date a pretty woman, have sex with her and then immediately begin to push for a relationship and get that, in some cases.

You can do that, but it would be a totally different experience.

It will be her letting you have a relationship with her.

It will be her accepting that you’re getting to be with her.

It’s a completely different dynamic compared to this:

You make her feel very attracted when you’re on a first date and on the second date.

She really likes hanging out with you.

You have sex.

She’s totally into it.

She enjoys it with you and then after sex, you’re not blowing her phone up with texts or in person.

You’re not saying things like, “I love you. I want to have a relationship with you. You’re the girl that I’ve been waiting for all this time” and so on.

You’re chilled out about it all.

She is feeling attracted to you and she also feels like she wants to have a relationship with you.

The words “I love you” are on the tip of her tongue, but she doesn’t want to say it.

She is hoping that when you and her part ways, you will text or call her so she can see you again.

Then, she checks her phone on the way home: No messages.

She wakes up in the morning: There’s no good morning text.

She goes to work for the day: No text then either.

She gets home, she’s watching Netflix, she’s all alone, she’s chilling out: No text from you.

What’s going on?

Well, what’s going on is that she’s missing you.

She’s going to be thinking about you.

You made her feel attracted on the date.

You connected with her.

You had sex.

She really enjoyed her time with you, but now, you’re not chasing her and trying to get her to commit to a relationship with you.

So, then she starts wanting to have a relationship with you.

She starts feeling like she wants to get to have a relationship with you.

You’re beginning to create that dynamic.

2. Let her be the one trying to get you to commit to a relationship and then eventually, allow her that privilege

As you continue to date her, have sex with her and hang out with her, she’ll be waiting to hear that you want to be her boyfriend and you want an exclusive relationship, but when you don’t say it, it will be on her mind.

She will get to the point where she will eventually say, “Well, where is this heading? What does that relationship mean? What are we? Just friends with benefits, or do you want something more?”

She might say that she really likes you and she wants to be your girlfriend.

She wants a committed relationship.

She doesn’t want you seeing other girls.

She just wants to be with you.

To give her the relationship experience that pretty much every beautiful woman wishes she could have, then just take it easy at that point.

Don’t immediately say, “Yes, alright, I’ll commit to you.”

Let her really want it.

Let her feel lucky to be getting you into a relationship.

So, at that point, you can say something like, “Well, I enjoy hanging out with you. You’re pretty. You’re cool. Let’s just see how it goes.”

Now, think about it.

In almost all cases, it’s the pretty woman saying that to a guy.

The guy is totally smitten with her.

She’s beautiful.

She’s sweet.

She is friendly.

She is exactly what he wants in a pretty girl.

He’s got the girl that he wants and he’s trying to get her to commit to a relationship with him, like pretty much every other guy does when they meet a pretty girl, or a beautiful woman and they get a chance with her.

Yet, in this case, the tables have turned.

She is hinting at wanting a relationship or directly asking for it and the guy is (half playfully, but also half seriously) saying something like, “Well, let’s just see how it goes. I enjoy hanging out with you. You’re pretty, you’re cool, but I haven’t seen much of your cooking yet. Let’s see how good of a cook you are.”

Woman cooking to impress a guy that she wants to commit to her

In almost all cases, if you’ve been doing a great job of making her feel attracted to you and she’s enjoying having sex with you, then she is going to want to step up to the plate there and cook something for you to impress you.

She is going to want to make sure that she is maintaining your interest and building up your interest to the point where she gets you into a relationship and eventually, you then say to her, “Alright, you and me are boyfriend and girlfriend” or, “Alright, we’re exclusive, it’s you and me.”

She’s excited to be with you.

She feels lucky to have gotten you into a relationship.

Now, with number 3 here, this is if you want to have a long-term relationship or marriage with her.

3. Maintain that dynamic while also showing your love and commitment to her

There’s a line in a relationship.

There’s a sweet spot, where things work really well and it makes for a happy relationship for life.

Relationship sweet spot

On one side of the line (the ‘line’ is the sweet spot in the middle of the image shown above), the guy is making the mistake of trying to always impress his woman.

He’s trying to do everything for her.

He’s trying to be the best man that he could possibly be to hopefully get her to truly love him, to love him in the way that he wants to be loved, to appreciate him in the way that he wants to be appreciated, to respect him and so on.

He’s going to try and try and try and hopefully one day, she will give him that love, respect and appreciation.

That’s a crappy type of relationship to be in for the guy.

It’s not fun and really, it’s not that much fun for the woman either because she isn’t truly in love with the guy.

She doesn’t truly feel attracted to him and she doesn’t truly respect him.

Now, on the other side of the line (e.g. to the right of the sweet spot in the image above) is where the guy takes his woman for granted.

He just doesn’t give a crap.

“If she wants to be with me, good for her. I don’t have to do anything.”

That approach can work for a while when a woman is trying really hard to hopefully, one day get to the point where the guy loves her, respects her and appreciates her the way that she wants to be loved, respected and appreciated, but almost all women tire of that.

What usually happens is that the woman will eventually dump the guy and it’s often at a point where he is feeling emotionally weak.

He’s going through a difficult time in his life, becomes emotionally weak (i.e. he becomes needy of her, insecure about her devotion to him) and then, she dumps him and leaves him behind.

On either side of the line, a good relationship doesn’t happen.

The guy who is sucking up to his woman all the time often gets cheated on, or he ends up getting really angry at her and cheating on her to make himself feel better.

It’s not a good relationship dynamic, but the sweet spot, now, that’s where it’s at.

Maintaining a relationship with a pretty girl

It’s a very particular type of relationship.

It’s where the woman feels lucky to be with her man.

She wants to impress him.

How to build a relationship with a pretty girl

She wants to maintain his interest, but the guy also shows his love and commitment towards her.

He also respects her and appreciates her and she feels that, but she also feels as though she is lucky to be with him.

She also feels that he could lose interest if she doesn’t continue to impress him.

He doesn’t threaten her with that, but she gets the sense based on the type of man he is.

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That is a completely different life experience as a man, compared to trying to hopefully get a girl to like you enough to give you a chance, or trying to get your girlfriend or wife to hopefully show you the respect and appreciation that you deserve, if you put loads of effort into the relationship.

That’s a completely different life experience.

You don’t have to experience that.

You can create a dynamic with women from the start and throughout an entire relationship where they respect you, appreciate you and feel lucky to be with you.

To help you understand why, just think about what an attractive woman usually experiences.

It’s usually the guy who feels lucky to be with her.

He’s usually trying his hardest to hopefully not stuff things up, so he doesn’t get rejected or doesn’t get dumped.

Yet, you don’t have to put yourself in that position and what’s more, is that an attractive woman or a pretty girl doesn’t want you to be in the position where you feel like you have to suck up to her and hopefully get a chance with her or in a relationship, do loads and loads of things for her to hopefully be respected and appreciated.

She doesn’t want you to be in that position.

She actually wants to be in the position where she feels lucky to be with you, where she feels that natural desire to impress you, maintain your interest and build on your interest.

She wants to be in the position where she doesn’t ever want to stuff things up with you, because she loves you so much and feels lucky to be with you.

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