Asking a woman out is a very easy thing to do, as long as you have made her feel enough sexual attraction for you first.

If you have been focussing on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you, then it’s only going to make sense to say, “Yes,” when you ask her something like, “Hey, can I get your number so we can talk again sometime?” or “Hey, do you want to catch up for a drink on Friday after work (or university)?” or “Hey, do you want do grab a bite to eat together on Thursday?”

If you’re looking for tips on asking a woman out, you may be feeling unsure of her desire for you and may be worried about how horrible you might feel if she says no. Perhaps you don’t want to ruin the friendship between you, get into trouble at work or become the laughing stock of students at your university.

Whatever the case, getting the response you want will be achieved if you use the right approach.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Ask Her Out

Questions to ask before asking her out

Before you make the bold move to ask out the woman that you like, answer these 5 questions to check if you’ve been approaching things correctly with her so far…

1. Is she attracted to you?

Is she attracted to you?

If you ask a woman out who isn’t currently feeling a lot of attraction for you, then she’s more than likely going to reject you.

She might choose to go on a date with you simply because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings but if this is the case, it’s not going to feel very relaxed and probably a bit awkward.

2. Is there any sexual chemistry between you and her?

No sexual chemistry

Going on a date with someone who is really only interested in being friends is going to feel weird. The sexual chemistry that is needed to spark a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship just won’t exist.

You’ll feel awkward about telling her how you feel, especially when you realize that she just isn’t feeling the same way.

Sexual chemistry happens when both the man and the woman feel sexually attracted to each other, as well as sharing a special, unique connection that excites them. In other words, they seem to “click” in a way that is completely unique to them and is exciting for both of them to experience.

3. Have you been trying to convince her to like you?

Many guys waste weeks, months or even years trying to convince a woman to like them.

For example: He will tell her how good of a guy he is compared to the assholes she has been dating, or he’ll tell her how we’ll he’d treat her if she’d just give him a chance.

Yet, women don’t respond well to guys trying to convince them to have the type of feelings that should just happen naturally in response to his personality. Watch this video to understand how it works…

4. Does she only see you as a friend?

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when it comes to asking a woman out, is attempting to become really good friends with her when what they really want is a sexual relationship.

If you want to be a guy that she’s interested in dating and having sex with, you need to be the guy that she feels sexually attracted to. If she only sees you as a friend, she might like you and enjoy your company, but liking you is not the same as lusting after you, feeling turned on by you and hoping that you will let her be your girlfriend..

Before asking her out, you must make sure that you switch the dynamic between you and her from “just friends” to a man and a woman who feel a lot of sexual attraction for each other. If you can do that, she will find it difficult, if not impossible, to say no when you ask her out.

There will no reason for her to say anything other than, “Yes” to your offer of drinks, getting something to eat, hanging out at your place, etc. However, be prepared for her to feel a little bit awkward initially, because she has most-likely gotten used to only seeing you as a friend, so she might act like she isn’t interested when she actually is.

5. Are you offering her any type of challenge, or are you just completely sold on her no matter how badly she treats you?

Many guys make the mistake of confusing their sexual attraction for a woman, with how much they like her as a person.

In fact, many guys don’t even care about a woman’s personality or behavior – they just want to have sex with her and get into a relationship with her because she looks good. Yet, that is very boring for women.

Watch this video to understand why women prefer guys who are a bit more of a challenge to impress…

Something that many guys fail to realize throughout their entire life is that women don’t always want to experience a straightforward dating process. Women are not men; they live a completely different experience than we do when it comes to dating, sex and relationships.

Even if a woman is sending out signals that let a guy know that she’s attracted and interested in being more than just friends, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants him to ask her out right away. Confused? Well, the bottom line is that women love the thrill of the chase (i.e. the challenge).

Women are more attracted to alpha males who have their pick of women, than guys who essentially only have one option with women: Her!

If you ask a woman out before she’s had the opportunity to work hard at attracting and maintaining your attention, or earned her place by your side by seeing off all the competition from other women, then you’re effectively denying her the thrill of the chase and you’re making yourself a much less appealing “catch” as a result.

Many guys don’t like the idea of being a challenge or making a woman chase because they don’t want to have to play “mind games.” Yet, it’s not mind games. It’s simply giving a woman what she wants.

If a woman is beautiful, dresses well, does her make up and tries hard to look physically appealing, then she is giving you what YOU want. As a man, you are mostly attracted to women because of their appearance, so you will always feel much more immediate sexual attraction for women who make themselves look sexy, compared to women who can’t be bothered to look appealing.

Likewise, women are always going to feel much more attraction for guys who are willing to give her the attraction experience that she wants. If the woman that you like is beautiful, then pretty much every guy would have sex with her at least once, simply based on her appearance.

Most guys don’t give a crap what a woman does for a living, what her personality is like or what she thinks about life. If she is hot, the guy immediately wants to bang her.

Yet, that isn’t exciting for her. She wants a guy who make her feel the type of attraction that she wants to feel.

Asking a beautiful woman out before she’s enjoyed even just a little bit of fun of chasing you, makes you less sexually attractive, appealing and exciting. Remember, an alpha male has his pick of women and she wants to be rewarded for her efforts by “winning” you (the alpha male) all to herself.

Asking a woman out straight away can make you come across as a man who perhaps doesn’t have his pick of women after all, and therefore you’re a less appealing catch. A woman wants to be chosen by a man that pretty much all women want to be chosen by, not a guy who is hoping to score with pretty much any half decent woman who will give him a chance.

Knowing how to make a woman enjoy the thrill of the chase makes you a man who knows how to create the exciting feelings that come with sexual tension. You can build up the sexual tension between you and a woman and bring it to boiling point. You can make a woman desperately want to get naked with you and feel you slide inside of her.

You can actually have that skill. You can actually have that power over women.

The thrill of working hard to get your attention and keep it all to herself will make the sexual sparks fly between you and the women you like. When you do it properly, a woman will often be so so turned on by you that she’ll be the one asking you out.

Asking a woman out is a very simple thing to do when you display the qualities that make you the type of man that women actually want to be asked out by. Don’t make the mistake of trying to get a woman interested in having a relationship with if you haven’t yet sparked her interest in wanting to be kissed by you or have sex with you.

Make yourself irresistibly attractive to her and the rest, including asking her out, will all come naturally and easily to you.

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