Whatever your views on the differences between men and women, there’s no denying that women are looking at the world through a lens of femininity, while men are looking at it through a lens of masculinity.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to say that all women think about the same types of things or that all men think in exactly the same way. Generalizing in that way would be far too much of a sweeping statement because some women think, behave and act like men and vice versa.

However, it is fair to say that in the grand scale of things, most women tend to concern themselves with things that revolve around the caring and nurturing aspects of life, while men focus on the “providing and protecting” aspects of life.

When it comes to dating, sex and relationships though – well, that’s a different story altogether because there are a lot of really obvious differences between how men and women approach it. 

Watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) to understand 7 ways that most women think, behave and act differently to most men…

The Game of Life

The world has changed beyond recognition since the days of our early ancestors who didn’t live in big cities or even little villages, but the basic nature of things has essentially remained the same.

For example: In prehistoric times the men went out to hunt for food while the women stayed behind to care for the children and to keep the fire burning ready to cook the day’s catch on their return. The men provided food and protection, while the women provided comfort and care.

In today’s world, it’s much more common for men and women to share household responsibilities rather than to stick to traditional male and female roles, but recent research has revealed that divorce rates are much higher among couples who share household tasks compared to those who stick to more traditional gender-specific roles.

The current thinking in scientific circles is that breaking away from the tradition of so-called “men’s work” and “women’s work” is causing an imbalance in the sexual dynamic of a relationship and the all-important sexual attraction that exists naturally between males and females is being weakened by the creation of half man half woman individuals.

Men and women do think differently and not only accepting but actively encouraging those differences may hold the key to finding and keeping the ideal dynamic in a relationship.

The Dating Game

Saying that women think about “girly” things and men think about “manly” things would be over simplifying things, but that’s pretty much how it is. It may sound sexist or whatever, but it’s reality.

Take the dating game for example: Most women are thinking about making themselves look pretty and appealing to men because they are hoping to be chosen by a man for their physical appearance. Women know that their physical appearance is the most powerful way of attracting a man, so they flaunt it.

It’s for this reason that women spend a lot of time thinking about the clothes they want to wear, the way they want to style their hair, and all the other “girly” stuff that men often find a bit of a mystery.

Yet, when a man tries to use the same approach as women and get chosen for his looks, he often gets rejected. Why? Simple. Women are instinctively wired to feel attracted to guys who have confidence, masculinity and the ability to survive, thrive and protect them.

On the other hand, men are instinctively wired to feel attracted to youthful, healthy, physically attractive women who will produce quality offspring. Even if a guy doesn’t want to have children, his desire for a woman is based on what would come out of her if they bred.

That’s just the nature of things. Men do the choosing based on physical attractiveness and signs of health and women do whatever it takes to make sure they’re the ones being chosen by an alpha male who will hopefully protect her, provide for her and lead the way to a better life.

Of course, if you’re a guy asking, “Do men and women think differently?” your reason for asking might be that your experience of being the chooser hasn’t resulted in getting you what you want with women.

You might be seeing beautiful women and choosing them, but they aren’t interested. Why could that be? Watch this video by Dan Bacon and you will find the answer…

Letting Her Be the Girl

Getting back to basics, modern women are still instinctively attracted to men with provider and protector qualities.

In today’s world, a guy no longer needs to be able to bring back the kill to be a provider or to offer protection through displaying superior physical strength and prowess but he does still need to have what it takes to make a woman feel like a woman.

Women are attracted to the alpha male qualities of confidence and masculinity because these are the traits that mark him out as a man who knows how to naturally take the lead in a relationship and in life.

Most women (expect those who want to be like men) want to be with a man who knows how to take care of a woman and allow her to be free to think, feel and behave like a woman rather than having to think, behave and act like a man.

When a woman is able to let go and be the girl (i.e. be a feminine woman who is more focused on her emotions, love, your relationship and generally being girly), it creates a sexual dynamic between the man and a woman that keeps the sexual spark alive.

However, if the man and the woman are essentially neutral around each other (i.e. neither very feminine or masculine either way), then the sexual spark will naturally die out between them. There will be no natural magnetism to create the sexual desire.

So, do men and women think differently? Yes, they do, and it’s a good thing. One of the main reasons why you feel attracted to women is that they are not like men, so instead of getting frustrated about the differences between men and women, just enjoy it.

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