If you’re having to ask, “How to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you,” then you’re probably looking for a list of signs that signal when a woman is ready for sex.

…but, guess what?

There is no guaranteed list of signs that a woman will display when she is ready for sex. There is a general list, but nothing guaranteed. Why? Not all women show their interest in sex in the same way.

Some women are very open about their desire to have sex and will say things like, “I’m horny…are you?” or “I want you to kiss me,” but most women aren’t. Most women want to feel like sex is your idea and that you are taking the lead. Why?

1. So you will trust her when you get into a relationship.

A woman can get laid very easily. If she is pretty, attractive or even just a little bit sexy, most guys will have sex with her at least once. Many of those guys would also be willing to have a relationship with her.

If a woman meets a guy and she is very easy to have sex with, do you think that the guy is going to be able to trust her later on in a relationship if she goes out partying with her girlfriends? Probably not.

Likewise, if she works with a bunch of men and has to go to work functions that involve alcohol, do you think that her boyfriend (or husband) will be able to trust her? If she was so easy to have sex with when he met her, will she be that easy with other guys if she’s feeling bored in her relationship?

It’s for this reason that a lot of women don’t want to make it obvious that they want to have sex. They would rather that a guy take the approach of making her feel attracted, flirting with her and then having the confidence to escalate to kissing and sex without her having to make it super easy for him.

2. So she can feel more feminine.

A big part of the sexual enjoyment that a woman feels is the experience of being penetrated by a masculine force. She wants to wilfully surrender into the guy’s arms and open herself up to his masculine force.

She wants to be able witness his confidence and masculinity before her eyes as he leads the way from a conversation to kiss and then to sex. She doesn’t want to have to guide him along like a confused little boy who is scared to make a move. If she has to do that, she will end up feeling more masculine than him and that isn’t a turn on for the majority of women.

You’ve Got to Have the Confidence to Make a Move

When guys lack confidence around women, they often ask for advice on how to tell if a woman is interested in them.

They want to know how to tell if a woman likes them before plucking up the courage to make an approach or ask her out, and then the next question on a guy’s mind revolves around how to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you because they’re afraid of “blowing it” or getting rejected through misinterpreting what they see as signals that she’s interested.

Well, let’s just say that if a woman is into you and sexually interested in you, you won’t need to ask how to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you because you’re going to know.

She’s going to send out plenty of signals to let you know what’s on her mind, and she’s going to work hard at making sure you get the message. However, the harsh reality is that if you’re feeling unsure of yourself and you’re uncertain about the way women see you or feel about you, you’re not the type of guy that women want to sleep with.

Do You Know How to Trigger a Woman’s Feelings of Sexual Attraction For You?

As Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) explains in this video, the real secret to success with women is being able to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction for you. Watch this video to understand how it works…

If you lack confidence in yourself around beautiful women and feel shy and anxious women as a result, most women are going to feel turned off by you. They might like you as a person, but your lack of confidence around them will make it difficult for them to feel enough attraction for you to warrant having sex.

A woman is turned on by a guy who knows how to make a confident approach, and how to engage her in a relaxed, free-flowing, and interesting conversation. She wants to feel relaxed and comfortable in his company, so he has to be relaxed and comfortable in himself to allow her to feel she can safely let her guard down and be herself.

Unless a guy has what it takes to lead the way and naturally escalate a conversation into flirting and effortlessly begin to build the sexual tension, he doesn’t have what it takes to turn her on. If you’re feeling so unsure of yourself that you have to ask how to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you, you are not that guy – and she’s not going to want to sleep with you.

You Can Be The Guy Who Effortlessly Attracts Women

Sexually attractive guys have genuine self-confidence and truly masculine qualities, and the great news is that all guys can develop the qualities they need to be seen as a sexually attractive man in a woman’s eyes, even if they currently feel they don’t have them at all.

If you lack confidence and you’re not enjoying the success with women you want as a result, you can change all of that by taking steps to learn how to become a better man and how to bring your natural alpha male characteristics to the fore.

It’s not about trying to fake it or pretending to be someone you’re not, it’s all about developing the skills and qualities that allow you to become your best self – and an irresistibly attractive guy as a result.

Getting Laid is Not About Being Liked

It’s not unusual for guys who lack confidence to mistakenly think that a woman liking them as a friend or a person, is the same as a woman feeling sexually attracted to them. Like and lust are two very different emotions and usually result in two very different outcomes.

For example: A woman can like a nice guy as a friend without feeling any kind of attraction that makes her want to sleep with him. She may appreciate this kind approach to her and like that he respects her, but she’s not going to be feeling horny about it.

If he tries to make a move on her after using the nice guy approach, he will then likely get rejected. Why? Watch this video for the answer…

As you will discover from the video above, there is nothing wrong with being nice to a woman. However, being nice to her is not the thing that turns her on. It’s not about being a bad boy or treating her badly, but simply about giving her the gift of feeling sexual attraction.

Withut sexual attraction, a likeable nice guy is simply a likeable nice guy. However, with sexual attraction, he then becomes a desirable, charming, sexy guy.

So, make sure that you don’t focus on trying to be “liked” as a guy in the hope that it will get you laid. Yes, it might work on unattractive women and some drunk women may give you a chance, but if you want to pick up hot women and have sex with them, you must focus on making them feel horny based on what you say and do when interacting with them.

Thinking that being “liked” by a woman will lead to her wanting to have sex with him is a mistake that often leads insecure guys into trying way too hard to be liked, and to behaving in a “girly” way that ultimately makes them less sexually attractive and therefore someone who will never be seen as anything other than a friend.

If you want to know how to tell if a woman wants to sleep with you, then clearly it’s more than friendship you want. So, don’t act like a friend. Focus on triggering her feelings of sexual desire and she will then become open to sleeping with you.

Women Don’t Want a “Yes Man”

When a guy can’t get laid, he will sometimes make the mistake of trying hard to please women in any way he can (e.g. doing favors for her, being a shoulder to cry on, buying her things, paying for her rent, etc), in the hope that she feels guilty enough to then reward him with sex.

He will essentially say, “Yes” to any demands she puts out there. If she’s being a bitch, he’ll just put up with it because he doesn’t want to ruin his chance to be around her. If she’s taking advantage of him (e.g. getting him to pay her rent, buy her drinks all the time, etc), he’ll put up with that too.

She might like having him around as a friend because he does so many favors for her, but she won’t want to sleep with him. It doesn’t matter how good of a guy he is to her, if another guy comes along and offers her the challenge she desires, she will feel sexually attracted to him and want to sleep with him instead. Why?

Watch the video below to understand why women prefer guys who are more of a challenge to impress…

If a guy is available to a woman at the drop of a hat and does whatever she wants, then he’s essentially at her beck and call. Rather than offering her the challenge that all beautiful women desire, he is simply behaving like another typical, horny guy who is hoping to get a chance with her.

A guy might think that being at a woman’s beck and call, being a shoulder to cry on, and just generally “being there” for her around the clock will make her fall in love and want to jump into bed with him. Yet, in most cases, it won’t.

Sure, that’s often the way things pan out in the movies but it’s not the way things work in the real world. Trying too hard and being too nice can make you appear weak, wimpy and desperate in a woman’s eyes. None of these traits will turn her on and make her want to have sex with you.

The bottom line is that if sex is what you really want, you need to display the personality traits and behaviors (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, masculine vibe, humor, etc) that trigger a woman’s desire to want to have sex with you.

When you display the qualities that all women are instinctively attracted to, attracting women for sex becomes increasingly easy. Why? Women are more attracted to guys who other women want. When women see that other women find you attractive, it makes them want you even more.

Once you get on the right path with women (i.e. where are making them feel attracted to you, rather than trying to get them to like you), you will find that an increasingly number of women like you, want to be with you and are interested in having sex with you.

If you continue along that path and allow the evidence to build your confidence with women, you will find that the quality of women increases also…

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