So, why do women like a guy who is a “challenge”?

Why do women have to make the dating process so difficult? Why can’t it be just a simple case of saying to a woman, “Hey, I like you…let’s start a relationship” and then you start a relationship with her?

Why do there have to be silly “mind games” involved in starting a relationship with a woman? Why can’t you just see a girl that you’re attracted to, walk over to her and say, “I like you…give me your number…let’s start a relationship.” Why can’t it be that simple?

The Reason

The reason is that it is very easy for a woman to attract a man for sex. If a woman is beautiful, attractive or even just decent looking, most men will be willing to have sex with her simply based on her appearance…even if they don’t like her personality!

Here is the proof…

Would you have sex with this woman?

Would you have sex with this woman?

How about this one?

Would you have sex with this woman?

How about this woman?

Would you have sex with this woman?

It’s easy for women to attract us men because we men instantly make a decision whether or not we’d have sex with a woman, just on how she looks. It’s like, “Yep, I’d have sex with her…and her…and her…not her though…and not her….but, I’d have sex with her…her too.”

Since men make a decision on which women they’re willing to have sex with based on her appearance, it’s very easy for a woman to get laid. There’s no real challenge for her because just based on her appearance, approximately 80 out of 100 (maybe even more) guys will have sex with her. Even if they don’t like her personality, most guys are still going to be willing to have sex with her at least once.

Yet, the same doesn’t apply for women. Most women are not willing to have sex with a guy unless he meets certain criteria in terms of his personality and potential as a man.

Personality and Potential

Personality and potential
Women can and do feel attraction to a man’s looks/appearance, but that’s not how the majority of women make their decision on who they are going to have sex or a relationship with. Women decide who they are going to have sex or a relationship with based on a guy’s personality and potential.

Personality: How does his personality make her feel? Does it turn her on? Does it turn her off? Does it make her feel happy or does it make her feel bored and awkward?

Potential: Does he have the potential to do well in life and to succeed in life, or is he going to be a bit of a “no hoper” or burden for her to carry throughout life? What is his potential as a lover, as a boyfriend or as a husband?

Men and women are different in how they select someone for sex. A woman can select a man for sex just based on his looks and say, “Wow, he’s good looking…I want to have sex with him.” Yet, if she then talks to him and discovers that he doesn’t have a good personality or she feels turned off, awkward, then it won’t matter that he is good looking. She will decide not to have sex with him based on how his personality makes her feel.

For a man, selecting a woman for sex is a lot more simple. The majority of men will have sex with a woman even if she has a boring personality or has no potential to succeed in life.

How many of these women would you have sex with?

A man can walk through the world, look at women and say, “Yep, I’d have sex with her…yep, I’d have sex with her…yep, her too…not her or her, but yes – I’d have sex with that woman.”

It’s an instant YES or NO decision on whether a man would have sex with a woman. Most men are happy to get inside a woman, pump away and enjoy themselves regardless of whether a relationship will follow after sex.

How many of these women would you have sex with?

Women Get Bored of How Easy it is For Them

For a woman who is beautiful, attractive or at least decent looking, she will get to the point where she feels bored of how easy it is to attract a man for sex. Most of the guys she meets are just too easy and are willing to be with her, without her having to do anything to impress them. They are attracted to her and want to be with her and that’s it. End of story. There is no challenge.

She doesn’t have to do much more to impress men because she looks good. Yet, that dynamic isn’t exciting to her because it’s just everywhere for her.

Think of it this way…

Pizza vs bread

If all you had available to eat every day was plain bread with nothing on it, you will eventually get bored of it. Then, if something like a pizza comes along, it will give you a “Wow!” reaction. It will be very appetizing and you will want to eat that much more than the plain old bread.

The same thing applies with women and the concept of being a challenge. If you use the approach that 95% of guys use on women, you will be as tempting to her as the same old, plain bread that has been offered to her everyday. Yet, if you are a challenge, then you are as tempting as a hot pizza will be to her after years of eating plain bread day in, day out.

Most guys don’t have the understanding about women that you are getting right now. They don’t know that women are experiencing the same thing (i.e. the guy is attracted to her and is willing to have sex with her, without her having to impress him any further) over and over again with 95 out of 100 guys they meet.

Guys who do this assume that they are doing an original thing by showing her how much they like her. “She’s special…I really like her” …yeah, join the queue! Since 95% of guys have been showing her how much they like her pretty much every day of her life since she became sexually available, it doesn’t excite her. It doesn’t get her thinking, “Wow, I want to be with him!”

What does? A guy who is a challenge.

Being a Challenge

Being a challenge

How do you be the challenge that women want to win all for themselves?

Essentially, it’s about conveying to her (without having to say it) that you can have other women if you wanted to, but you’re going to choose her if she impresses you enough.

That can be conveyed via your conversation style, body language and vibe without actually saying, “Hey, I can have other women, but I will choose you if you impress me enough.” There are certain ways to convey that and most guys just don’t know how to do it.

When you convey the challenge to women, they become excited. Just like if you had been eating plain bread everyday of your life and a pizza suddenly arrives in front of you; you’re going to have a “Wow!” reaction to it. The pizza will be exciting, it will be different and it will be something that you really want to eat.

If you want to be the sort of guy that women hope to get a chance with, then I recommend that you read my book The Flow.

This is very simple stuff.

It’s not rocket science.

It’s not something that you need to spend years on to get a degree on or anything like that. This is something that you can learn in a matter of HOURS.

Once you have the understanding about women that I have (which took me YEARS to work out because I had to figure this out on my own), your success rate with women will change instantly. How? You change the way that you interact with women and they change the way that they respond to you. It’s as simple as that.

When use my techniques, guys see you interact with women and wonder, “What is he doing that is making women like him so much?” but they can’t figure it out. Why? Most guys will go through their life NEVER knowing this stuff because most guys don’t even think that it is possible to make women feel attracted to them or to make women chase them or purse them.

Most guys don’t even think that attracting women by choice is possible.

…and that is a HUGE opportunity for you because it IS possible. Not only is it possible, but it’s ridiculously EASY and I’ve been doing it to women for more than 10 years now.

Here’s the thing…

1,000s of guys find my site every day, but only a tiny percentage of those guys realize that this is possible and then get my book to learn the techniques. The generous guys then come back at some point to post up their success stories for guys like yourself to see that this is possible.

After learning from The Flow and using the techniques on women, you will see that 95 out 100 guys don’t even know about this stuff. You will no longer be the guy who is looking on and wondering why beautiful women are with men that you KNOW you are better than. You will know exactly how they got the women attracted because you will be doing it too.

Personally Speaking…

Personally speaking, I never used to understand this sort of thing and would think, “I like that girl over there…she’s attractive to me…why can’t she just like me for me?”

I just didn’t understand that pretty much every guy she was meeting felt attracted to her and wanted to get a chance to have sex or a relationship with her. I also didn’t know that you could “turn the tables around” so that the woman is hoping to get a chance with you. I didn’t think that was possible.

How can it be possible? Aren’t women the ones with all the power in the dating scene? No!

We men have the power.

We can make women feel LUCKY to be with us.

We can be the delicious challenge that women are hoping to meet and win for themselves.

…and it’s ridiculously EASY to do.

That is the insane, crazy and amazing thing that has made me continue working full time on The Modern Man for more than 10 years now (including the time I spent writing The Flow). I have not stopped working on The Modern Man because I have got to get this stuff out there.

If you are the sort of guy who doesn’t have his choice with women, or who can interact with women and almost pick them up or can only talk to women for a few minutes before they lose interest, then I recommend that you read The Flow right now and start using my simple, proven to work techniques for attracting women.

You don’t have to waste the next 10-20 years of your life not getting what you want with women. Attracting women and getting them to feel LUCKY to be chosen by you is not impossible. You’ve seen other guys do it and thought, “He doesn’t look like anything special…why is she with him?” If those guys can do it, you can too.

I’m one of the guys who doesn’t look like anything special (i.e. I have a bent nose, small eyes, I don’t have big muscles, etc), but I’ve enjoyed my choice of beautiful women for more than 10 years now.

I’ve had so many women pursue me and some have literally begged to be my girlfriend. I don’t say that to brag, show off or anything like that; I say it to YOU so that I can help you understand what happens when you actually know how to be a challenge and attract women in the way they really want.

I’ve also walked up to catwalk models and pulled them back for sex on the same night, or gotten their phone number and caught up to have sex on the first date while they were still in town for their fashion shows. It didn’t matter that the catwalk models were a lot taller than me or that they are beautiful and I am average looking and a lot shorter than them. Why? The really pretty women are often easier to pick up because they are even more bored of the fact that most guys are not a challenge.

When 95% of guys meet an attractive woman, they try hard to show her how interested they are. Even if he tries to hide it, she can see it all over his body language and hear it in the way he speaks to her. It’s obvious to her because she’s been witnessing it since she became sexually available. Some guys will even quickly say to her, “You’re beautiful” or “Do you have a boyfriend?” and do whatever they can to impress her and be with her.

Yet, that doesn’t impress her. What does impress her is a guy has the ability to “turn the tables” and get her trying to impress him.

This is something that YOU can do.

You can actually make women try to impress you and hope to get a chance with you. To some guys, that may sound impossible because they haven’t even be able to get many attractive women interested in them at all. Yet, the reason you haven’t been able to do it so far is because your approach to women is probably very similar to 95% of the guys they have been meeting.

In other words, women haven’t been rejecting YOU as a person; they have been rejecting your approach.

Being a challenge and making women hope to get a chance with you is just a matter of changing your approach, changing a few of the things that you say to women and conveying certain messages during an interaction. When you do that, you will be amazed at how the woman responds to you. You will be amazed when you see that pretty women are hoping to get you to like them. It is a really cool power to have over women and most guys don’t even think that it’s possible.

Okay, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I also hope that you decide to give The Flow a try and if you do give it a try, I look forward to hearing about your success if you post it up on the site!

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