If you’ve ever overheard a group of women talking about men as they sit around a table, you will have noticed that they complain about all sorts of things related to men.

Yet, amongst all the noise of their often random discussions, there are some very common things that really annoy women about men, which keep popping up over and over again.

One of the reasons why attractive women hate the sorts of things about single men that I’m about to reveal now, is that it actually ruins the opportunity to be with the guy. He may be a good guy, but he just doesn’t understand what she really wants from him.

As for you…

If you have made any of the mistakes that I’m going to talk about in this article, then you’ve most likely met attractive women throughout your life who wanted to be with you, but had to change their mind because you did one or more of these things to turn the woman off you.

So, what are these 3 common things that attractive women hate about most of the single men they meet? The first one is…

1. They don’t know how to make her feel sexually attracted

Easy for attractive women to attract men for sex

It’s very easy for an attractive woman to attract men for sex and a relationship because we men are mostly attracted to the physical appearance of women.

Most men are willing to have sex with a woman, even if they don’t like her personality. Even if she is being a bit of a bitch or if there will be no relationship after the sex, most guys are still willing to stick it in, pump away, have sex with her and have a good time.

Yet, the same rule doesn’t apply for how women feel attracted to men. An attractive woman could have sex with the 95 out of 100 guys who are ready and willing to have sex with her, but she doesn’t because most guys don’t even make her feel much attraction at all.


Most men are going through life thinking that women are attracted to men for the same reasons that men are attracted to women. They assume that women are mostly attracted to a man’s physical appearance and that everything else is pretty much irrelevant, but that’s not the case at all.

To make a woman feel sexually attracted to you, it’s about a whole range of other things that have nothing to do with your looks.

Most of the guys that an attractive women meets will not know how to make her feel sexually attracted, via their conversation, with their body language, personality, vibe and how they respond to what she is saying and doing.

95 out 100 guys don’t even know that there things they can say and do around women that make women feel turned on and make women feel attracted. They just assume that women choose men based on looks, just like men choose women based on their looks.

They also assume that they need to be a nice guy to her, get to know her and then hopefully she will give him a chance. Yet, by using that approach, a guy is usually only be able to make an attractive woman feel affection for him a friendly way, rather than attraction for him in a sexual way.

To make this clear, here are the dictionary definitions of affection and attraction…

Affection (noun): A gentle feeling of fondness or liking.
Attraction (noun): A quality or feature of someone that evokes interest,
liking or desire.

When it comes to sexual attraction, the “desire” that is mentioned in the dictionary definition changes to “sexual desire.” The woman’s sexual desire for you is infinitely more important than her friendly affection towards you as a fellow human being.

Most of the single guys that an attractive woman meets don’t make her feel sexual attraction. They only make her feel affection because they are just focused on being a good guy, being nice, having a polite conversation and trying to get to know her as a person.

These guys don’t even know how to make her feel turned on with flirting, by creating a sexual vibe between them, by using their body language in a certain way and by responding to what she’s saying and doing in a way that turns her on.

They don’t even know about that stuff.

…and it becomes really annoying to attractive women when most of the guys they meet are clueless about it.

An attractive woman goes through life being able to attract men VERY easily because she looks good, but most of the single men she meets don’t make HER feel attracted. Unless she is lucky to come across a guy who understands how to make a woman feel sexual attraction, she goes through her life thinking, “When am I going to meet a guy that turns me on? When am I going to meet a guy who makes me so attracted that I want to have sex with him right away?”

She just doesn’t get that feeling very often because most of the guys she meets think that a woman’s attraction to a man is based on his looks. The guy thinks, “Okay, well if I’ve got muscles, I’ve got a nice shirt on and I look good, then she might feel attracted to me and want me” because he is making the mistake of thinking that women feel attraction for men for the same reasons as men feel attraction for women.

He’s trying to get chosen by her based on how he looks, rather than focusing on making her feel attracted to who he is as a guy. In other words, he’s actually being a bit of a girl about the way he’s trying to attract a mate. He’s hoping that she feels attracted to what he looks like and then wants to have sex with him, but that’s just not how it works.

The next thing that attractive women hate about most of the single men that they meet is…

2. They are too easy to impress

Most single men are too easy to impress

Not only are most guys instantly attracted to her because of her looks, but they are also instantly impressed by her because of it too.

So, what happens for an attractive women is that she really doesn’t have to do anything else (other than look good) to impress most of the single men she meets. The men are already impressed because she is attractive.

Yet, that isn’t very exciting to her.

It’s the same thing over and over again.

As she goes through life, she realizes that there aren’t many guys who are smart enough to be a bit of a challenge for her and make her feel like she has to impress them.

For her, life is a case of men just standing around with their dicks out saying, “I’ll put it in…I’ll have sex with you” or “Give me a chance…can I be your boyfriend? Can I have sex with you?” They’re all just hovering around her.

Yet, that isn’t exciting for her.

What she wants is to experience a guy who can make her feel attracted, but ALSO make her feel like she has to impress him and build up his interest enough to the point where he’ll give HER a chance to be with him.

That is exciting for her.

Some guys reading this article right now may think, “Why do women have to make it so difficult? Why do there have to be these bloody mind games? Why can’t it just be a case of I like her, she likes me, so let’s get into it?”

The reason why is that most of the guys she meets are willing to do that with her. She can’t help the fact that she feels more attracted to guys who are a bit of a challenge and who make her feel like she has to impress them. She can’t help it.

The same applies with how men feel attracted to women…

Women go through life complaining, “Hhh…why don’t men just like me for me? Look at all these women with make up on and their sexy dresses and their cleavage out on display. Why can’t men just like me for me?” or “Why do men turn their heads and look at that woman because she’s got a short dress on? Why do men look at that woman because she has her cleavage out on display?”

We men can’t help it that women who put on make up or dress themselves up in a sexy way are more appealing to us.

It’s not because we are shallow and only want a woman who wears make up, but it’s because her make up triggers our attraction because it makes her face look more appealing. It’s weird, but it’s just how attraction works.

Brunette before and after make up

Blonde before and after make up

Brunette before and after make up

Dark blonde before and after make up

Blonde before and after make up

We men can’t help it that we feel more attraction if a woman does herself up and puts an effort in to make herself look sexier.

Group of women at a nightclub

We men are not shallow for feeling attracted to women who put in an effort to look more appealing. We are simply reacting to our natural attraction instincts. There are certain things that women can do to trigger our attraction for them.

Likewise, there are certain things that we men can do to trigger a woman’s attraction for us.

For example: If a guy makes a woman feel attracted to him (e.g. by being confident, charismatic, charming, funny, etc), she will also feel excited if he then makes her feel like she needs to impress him, maintain his interest and get a chance with him.

In other words, she knows that he could easily have other women if he wanted to, but he’s going to choose her if she impresses him enough.

A guy like that is sexy to a woman.

It’s exciting and appealing because unlike the 95% of other guys who are willing to have sex with her just because of her appearance, this guy is actually a bit of a challenge to win over and it gets her attention.

He’s not just willing to have sex with her because she looks good; he actually wants to be properly impressed by who she is. If he doesn’t like the way she thinks, behaves or acts, he will reject her and not let her have sex with him.

He can easily attract other women and if she wants to get a chance with him, she will need to play her cards right, otherwise he will simply allow another girl to get a chance with him.

Now, some guys reading this article may think, “I don’t want to make it challenging in any way to impress me. I’m a good guy and I just want to tell her that I like her. I want to be a gentleman and I want her to like me for that. I am impressed by how she looks and I want her to just like me and want me because I like her and want her.”

Good luck with that approach if you decide to use it. What you will find is that most women will reject you because they are sick and tired of guys refusing to offer them any excitement and simply expecting to be liked for being a nice guy.

Women want to feel like they are lucky to have your attention and interest, rather than feeling like you’re yet another guy who feels lucky to have their brief attention and interest.

If you want to be able to attract, pick up and have sex with beautiful women, you have to stop acting like 95% of the guys she meets. Almost every guy who looks at her or meets her wants to have sex with her, is impressed by her and wants to show her how much he likes her.

Yet, that is very boring for an attractive woman.

She wants to be able to hook up with a guy who makes her feel excited and makes her feel lucky to be getting a chance with him.

It’s not about being an arrogant prick or thinking you are way too good for women, but simply about knowing that you can easily attract other women and will only allow a woman to have a chance with you if she meets your standards.

Most women won’t openly admit it, but they yearn to be able to find a guy like that. They want the challenge and they want to feel like they’ve scored themselves a valuable guy that other women want.

3. They place her above themselves in terms of value and dominance

Lower value and dominance

One of the keys to being successful with women is not only be able to attract women, but being able to get women to respect you as a man.

A lot of guys make the mistake of thinking, “Okay, I know a few things that attract women…I’m going to walk over to her and crack a few jokes, have an interesting conversation with her and come across as being confident…and then she’s going to feel attracted to me and want to be with me.”

Yet, that’s not how it works.

On a certain level, a woman is going to feel attracted to humor, confidence and a guy’s ability to have an interesting conversation with her, but if she doesn’t respect the guy or if looks down on him, then she’s not going to want to have sex with him.

Being able to get women to respect you is especially important when it comes to picking up attractive women. An attractive woman has options because most guys want to have sex with her and most guys look up to her as being something valuable to attain.

Yet, an attractive woman doesn’t want to feel as though she is doing a guy a favor by being with him. She doesn’t want to feel like she is trading down in terms of social value; she wants to feel like she’s trading up.

One of the secrets to making her feel that way is to not lower yourself around her and give her the impression that she’s so much more valuable than you. She doesn’t want you to feel that way about yourself. You can if you want to, but it will only cause her to feel a lack of respect and attraction for you. What she really wants is to feel that you are slightly higher value than her.

The other part of this is about dominance. When a guy meets an attractive woman, what he’ll often do in the hope of getting a chance with her is convey that he willing to hand over his power and self-respect to hopefully get her to like him. He will give her the impression that he is willing to do whatever she wants to do, sit down wherever she wants to sit down, talk about what she wants to talk about, laugh about what she wants to laugh about, hate what she hates and like what she likes.

Essentially, he thinks that it is a good idea to let her lead the way and make her feel like she is in the position of power over him. He hopes that it will make her like him and then he will get a chance to have sex or a relationship with her. Yet, while that approach might make her feel a friendly affection towards him, it definitely won’t make her feel sexually attracted…unless she’s a dominatrix who likes to whip guys senseless.

Hooking up with a guy who hands over his power and thinks and behaves as though he is lower value than her is simply not what 99.9% of attractive women are looking for.

An attractive woman wants to be able to respect a guy as well as feel attraction for him. If she feels like she is more dominant than him and she’s higher value than him, then she won’t respect him and she won’t feel attraction for him and it’s just not going to happen.

It doesn’t matter how many jokes he cracks or how many techniques he tries to use on top of all that junk he is handing her, the fact is that she feels turned off by him on a fundamental level. She can sense that he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for her and that he’s willing to let her dominate him, so it’s a no go.

The Often Sad Life of an Attractive Woman

The often sad life of an attractive woman

From the outside, the life of an attractive woman can seem so perfect, easy and happy. Everyone wants to bang her, everyone wants to be with her and she can have any guy she wants.

Yet, the majority of guys that she meets just don’t make her feel much attraction at all.

95 out 100 guys in this world don’t even know that they can turn women on by using a certain conversation style, a certain type of humor and body language and by responding in certain ways to what women say and do. They just don’t even know that it is possible.

Most of the guys that an attractive woman meets simply make her feel a friendly affection, rather than attraction.

Yet, affection pretty much means nothing to her.

When a guy makes her feel friendly affection, he’s just another friendly, forgettable guy that she’s met. Another one of 1,000s of guys that have come her way, felt attracted to her and just been a standard, good guy who is hoping to be liked by her. They have offered little or no elements of attraction for her to get excited about.

Most guys just offer friendly feelings that don’t really go anywhere. She interacts with him and it’s nice to talk to him, but “Whatever…” Instead of feeling bored with a guy who makes her feel affection, she wants to find a guy who makes her feel turned on.

She wants to find a guy who makes her feel like SHE wants to have sex, not a guy who wants to have sex with her, but who only makes her feel like she wants to be friends.

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