Have you ever heard women saying any of the following things?

  • I hate men, they’re all a bunch of assholes.
  • Men are pigs who are only interested in sex.
  • I don’t need a man. I can do everything on my own just fine.
  • Anything that a man can do a woman can do better.
  • Men don’t know how to treat a woman like a lady anymore.
  • Men are too nice and need to grow some balls.
  • Men should be more sensitive, show emotion and cry.
  • Men should stop being so sensitive, stop crying and grow some balls.
  • I hate men because they don’t understand what we women really want.

If you’ve ever heard women say those sorts of things about men, you might have then asked yourself something like, “Why do women hate men?” or “Why are women so pissed off at men these days?”

Why do women hate men and reject them?

Yet, do most women actually hate men or are you simply focussing on a small minority of women who have a problem with certain types of men for their own reasons?

Likewise, do most men hate women or is there simply a minority of confused men who feel angry at women for things that could easily be cleared up if they simply understood where women are coming from when they reject or dump men?

To clear up the confusion, I’m going explain this from both the male and female point of view, so you can truly understand that most women do not hate men and for those women who do, it’s usually the woman’s fault or it is due to the man making a classic mistake that annoys a lot of women.

When the Hatred is the Woman’s Fault

When the hatred is the woman's fault
If a woman goes through life thinking that all men are assholes, can’t be trusted, are only interested in sex and don’t know how to treat a woman like a lady, then that is her mistake and it’s her fault for thinking that way.

A woman who feels that way has most likely been dumped by men that she loved and cared for, been treated badly in a relationship, cheated on or has been used for sex by men who weren’t truly interested in her and just wanted a bit of quick action.

She may have experienced that several times in a row and then come to the conclusion that all men must be like that.

Yet, as you would know, she is wrong.

You are most-likely a good guy who has good intentions with women, wants to treat them well and you simply want women to appreciate you because of that.

Yet, regardless of how good of a man you are, man hating women are usually going to place you in the same category of men who can’t be trusted. She will assume that you are being nice to her now, but you will probably end up being an asshole later on just like other guys have been towards her.

Man haters

That isn’t your fault, but hers.

She is the one who is looking at men with hatred because of what she has experienced.

Even when a woman like her meets a really good, decent man, she will often maintain a deep, underlying hatred for him and all other men because of what she has experienced in the past, which will then affect how the relationship plays out.

When the hatred is the woman's fault

For example: If she was cheated on or dumped by a guy that she really loved in the past, she may seek to get revenge on a good man by getting him into a relationship, making him fall madly in love with her and then cheating on him and dumping him.

This will be her twisted way to get revenge on men in general and of course, against the man who once cheated on her and then dumped her despite the fact that she had loved him so much and was completely committed to the relationship.

Her hatred for men is not your fault as a man, but if you are going to be the bigger person in that kind of situation, what you need to do is have sympathy for her because she obviously has reasons for feeling that way.

Understand that she could actually be a great woman who loves and trusts men, but she has had some bad experiences in the past, which have led her to think, feel and behave in that way.

It’s not her fault that she had those experiences in the past, but it is her fault for continuing to hold hatred towards men when her hatred is based on beliefs that are simply not true.

It’s not your fault that she is continuing to go through life hating men and thinking that all men are going to cheat on her and dump her, but what you can do is come from a place of love and understanding where you feel sorry for the unhappy place that she is currently stuck at in life.

When the Hatred is the Man’s Fault

I've been a great friend to her for months, but she doesn't want to have sex with me. Bitch!

The most common type of guy who will ask the question, “Why do women hate men?” is a guy who is a really good, honest, genuine man who wants to help women, take care of them, protect them and treat them really nicely.

Yet, despite his gentlemanly approach and his utmost respect for women, he doesn’t seem to get the same respect and appreciation back from women in return. They might like him as a friend or take advantage of his kindness, but they usually don’t want anything to do with him sexually or romantically.

Why? It is because women are all bitches who hate nice guys who treat them well?


The main reason why nice guys find themselves getting rejected and overlooked by women is that they expecting a woman to want to have sex or a relationship with them, simply based on being nice to her.

What if I told you that being nice to a woman doesn't obligate her to be romantically interested in you?

Most guys don’t actually know how to attract women and turn them on, so they try very hard to get women to like them for being nice, by showing women that they are trustworthy and by being a good friend to them.

A typical guy who doesn’t even know how to attract women will be nice to a woman in the hope that if he can just show her how good of a guy he is, she will eventually “let him” have sex with her or “give him a chance” with her.

Women hate when guys do that. Watch this video to understand why…

Important: There is nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, but if your aim is to have a sexual relationship with her, you first need to make her feel sexually attracted to you (e.g. be confident, charismatic, make her laugh, make her feel feminine in comparison to your masculinity).

When a woman feels sexually attracted to you, she will then appreciate the fact that you are a nice guy. However, if you are simply being nice to her and expect her to want to have a relationship with you because of that, she is going to either politely or rudely reject you when you ask her out or try to make a move on her.

Here’s the thing…

If you are one of the guys who are asking the question, “Why do women hate men?” then you are almost certainly one of the guys who tries to get women to like you by being nice to them.

You’ve really got to get clear on this: There is NOTHING wrong with being nice to women, but women don’t care if you’re a nice guy until they feel sexually attracted and turned on by you.

Being nice to her isn’t something that makes her think, “WOW! This guy is different! He’s actually nice to me! WOW! I want him to be my boyfriend.”

Why? Pretty much every guy uses that approach on her.

Trying to get a woman by being nice, buying her gifts, getting her flowers, etc

As a woman goes through life, an endless stream of clueless guys will try to “get a chance with her” by being really nice to her.

A nice guy will usually think that he is being smarter and more original than other guys by using the really nice approach, especially if he has ever heard that all men are assholes, only want sex and don’t know how to treat a woman like a lady.

Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that pretty much every guy uses that approach on women because most guys have no idea how to attract women and turn them on during a conversation.

In his mind, a typical nice guy has the dating game all figured out because he has heard women say that they want a nice guy and that all men are assholes. So, to him, it is pretty simple, “Be really nice and women will really like you. I figured it out. If women want a nice guy, then I’ll be really nice. I get it. I’m going to be super nice and women are going to want me.”

So, he tries it…

Yet, regardless of how nicely he treats women, they still continue to reject his romantic and sexual interest. He might then come to the conclusion that women actually hate nice guys and want a bad boy who treats them badly.

Yet, he is wrong.

Why don't women like my nice guy approach?

He’s not alone though.

You only have to look online these days at forums and sites like Reddit and you will see hundreds of thousands of guys complaining about women (e.g. women are bitches, women only want money, women can’t be trusted, etc) to see that there a lot of confused guys out there who don’t yet understand what women really want in a man.

Why do women hate me?

Guys on forums are asking things like, “Why do women hate me?” and then providing reasons like, “I’m a nice guy…why can’t they see that?” and asking, “What is their problem?”

Many of these guys then go on to develop a hatred towards modern women and say thing like, “I hate women and have decided that I am going to remain single and alone for life. I’ll just go to prostitutes and watch porn. Women are too complicated. Bitches!”

I feel sorry for guys like that because they simply don’t understand what women want from men. If they did, they would love women, not hate them.

So, I’m going to clear it up for you right now. Here is what you need to know…

Women do want a good man and they do like, love and appreciate good men, but women hate it when a nice guy expects to be rewarded with sex, love and devotion simply based on being nice to her.

If you want women to like you, love you, appreciate you and want to have a sexual relationship with you, then you must begin by making her feel sexually attracted to you and turned on by you. When she feels that way, she will then consider you as a potential lover, boyfriend or even future husband.

You can make a woman feel attracted to you by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, having a masculine vibe that makes her girly and feminine in comparison to you, etc).

Once you have sparked a woman’s attraction for you, she will then appreciate the fact that you are also a good guy. However, simply being a nice, good guy who has the best of intentions with her is not enough to make her want to start a relationship with you.

Why? Most guys that she meets try that approach on her.

Most guys are clueless about what women really want and how to make women feel attracted to them, so they pretty much all try to use the same nice guy approach in the hope that the woman gives them a chance.

Watch this video to understand 3 things that attractive women tend to hate about most single guys out there…

As you will discover from the video above, it annoys women that most single men don’t even know how a woman’s attraction really works. Not knowing what else to do, guys try to get women to “like” them by being nice, buying gifts and essentially sucking up to the woman.

Yet, that’s not what she wants.

Yes, she wants you to treat her well and be nice to her, but that is only something that she will appreciate if you are the kind of guy who makes her feel attracted and turned on.

If you can do that for her, she will then feel lucky to have finally met a good guy who actually knows how to turn her on, rather than meeting yet another good guy who doesn’t care if she feels attraction or not and simply wants her to reward him with sex, love and devotion because he is being nice to her.


Women don’t hate men and men don’t hate women.

Yes, there are some emotionally bruised or confused women out there who do hate men, just like there are some emotionally bruised and confused men who hate women.

Yet, for the most part, men and women love each other and get along well.

If women don’t like you, then it’s not always going to be your fault (e.g. she might have issues that she is still carrying from childhood, baggage based on her past relationships), but sometimes it will be your fault (e.g. you’re expecting her to be amazed and want to date you because you’re being nice to her).

If you want women to like you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Love and respect women for who they are. Don’t try to change women and expect them to think, feel, behave and act like you do.
  2. Don’t expect women to want to have sex with you just because you’re a nice guy. Make women feel attracted to you and they will then appreciate the fact that you’re a good guy. Attraction first and then everything else flows on naturally after that.

When you take that approach with women, you will see that most women are much more loving, compassionate and intelligent than you previously thought.

Yes, there are some crazy women out there, but there are also some crazy men out there too.

Don’t focus on the minor exceptions and label all women as being manhaters just because a few of them are. See the bigger picture and you will realize that there’s actually nothing to worry about.

You will then be free to get on with enjoying love, sex and relationships with women, rather than sitting around wasting time thinking that they are all a bunch of manhating bitches.

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