Some women are very picky and will only go for specific types of men in terms of looks, height, financial status and race.

However, most women in this world have what I call an Open Type, which means that they are open to being with different types of men as long as he can make her feel attracted to him for other reasons (e.g. he is confident, charming, charismatic, makes her laugh, etc).

This is why you will see guys who average or below average looking with beautiful women, or guys who don’t even have a job with a hot girlfriend. Likewise, you will also see women having relationships with or getting married to men from all kinds of races.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

The ultimate kind of man

The ultimate kind of man that almost all women like, is a good man who:

  • Is confident around her and other people.
  • Is masculine in the way that he thinks, feels and approaches his life (i.e. if there is a problem he finds a solution and then keeps moving forward, rather than wasting time getting emotional like a woman).
  • Will love her and accept her for who she really is deep down, rather than constantly trying to change her or get her to be more like him.
  • Has the ability to guide both himself and her into deeper feelings of respect, attraction and love over time, rather than expecting her to stay with him for life just because things felt good at the start.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e. he has ambition) and is determined to achieve what he is setting out to do in the long run, rather than just being a lost guy who doesn’t even know what he should be doing with his life or who doesn’t have the determination to follow through on his dreams.
  • Is fearless when it comes to love, rather than approaching a relationship with a closed heart or insecure mindset.

All Men Can Actively Attract Women

Any man can actively attract women

Some men are born with better looks than others, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t actively attract women in other ways (e.g. by being confident, having a masculine vibe that makes a woman feel feminine in comparison, making her laugh, being charismatic and charming, etc).

The truth about attraction is that most women (not all) are more interested and attracted to how a guy’s personality, behavior and inner qualities make her feel than on how he looks.

Yes, there are some women who only want a good looking guy, but the majority of women are much more flexible about what kind of man they will accept.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works and how you can use it to be the kind of man that women want…

As you will discover from the video above, the kinds of men that women can feel attracted to come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and races.

For example, all of the following type of men can attract women, even if they don’t have male model looks, lots of money or aren’t 6ft tall.

The truth is, the kind of men that women have sex with, get into relationships with and even marry are not all the same.

These men don’t all wear the same brand of clothing, listen to the same kind of music or lead the same type of lifestyle.

So, when it comes to the question of, “What kind of men do women like?” what you really should be asking yourself is, “How can I get women to feel attracted to me?”

Why? It doesn’t actually matter if women like you as a person and think that you’re a nice guy with good intentions.

Being nice to a woman is a good thing to do, but it only really matters to her AFTER you’ve made her feel attracted to you.

Being nice to her isn’t the thing that makes her feel attracted to you. If you want her to feel attracted to you, it’s about displaying the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

For example: If you interact with a woman and you are being confident, making her laugh, you are charming and you have a masculine vibe that makes her feel girly and feminine around you, then she will naturally feel a lot of attraction for you.

However, if you interact with a woman and come across as nervous, you hold back on cracking jokes because you’re worried about saying the wrong thing and you make her feel neutral around you (rather than feminine), she’s naturally going to feel turned off by you.

Attraction Comes First and Everything Else Flows Naturally After That

If you want to be the kind of man that women like, you must start off by making a woman feel attracted to you when you interact with her.

When you make a woman feel attracted to you first, she will then be more willing to overlook any minor (and sometimes major) differences between you and her, just so she can get to have sex with you and possibly be your girlfriend.

For example: If a guy is passionate about football and a woman that he meets hates football, it doesn’t mean that she won’t want to have sex with him, be his girlfriend or possibly even marry him one day.

As long as the all-important element of sexual attraction is present and she can look up to you and respect you as a man, then any minor or superficial differences (like a different taste in music or lifestyle interests) really don’t matter much at all to most women.

In fact, if a woman gets into a relationship with a man who likes football, she will most-likely be willing to go to games with him or watch some games on the TV, just so she can get to spend time with him.

She doesn’t have to become a fan or become passionate about football like he is, but she will at least accept his interest in football and appreciate it because it’s something that makes him happy.

What Kind of Men Do Most Women Not Like?

What kind of men do women not like?

The kinds of men that most women don’t like are those who are:

  • Too nice.
  • Too nervous or shy.
  • Lacking purpose and direction in life.
  • Lacking personality and charisma.
  • Too arrogant or selfish.
  • Lacking any alpha male qualities.

Essentially, the way to be successful with women is to just be the good guy that you are, but also have some balls.

Having balls means that you are confident, can be assertive if you need to and you have the emotional strength to handle any challenges that life throws at you.

However, don’t forget to continuing being the good guy that you are.

A lot of guys get confused about what women really want in men and if they notice a woman with a bad boy, they assume that most women want that.

Yes, there are some women who want a bad boy for a lover or a boyfriend, but most guys aren’t that and they still manage to get laid, get a girlfriend and get a wife.

Why? The majority of women in this world just want a good man who has enough balls to handle the challenges of life.

If a woman gets that sense about you, she will naturally feel attracted to who you are and will hope that your conversation with her leads to kissing, sex, relationship and then love.

It’s pretty much as simple as that.

Once you can attract women in that way, you will realize that you are actually the kind of man that women like.

Yet, the reason you weren’t getting good results in the past was that you simply lacked the ability to really attract women and turn them on when you talked to them.

Watch this video to understand more about what makes a woman feel attracted to a guy…

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