If you ask a woman what type of guy she wants, she’s probably not going to say, “A short guy.”

However, that doesn’t mean that a short guy can’t get laid, get a girlfriend or find himself a beautiful wife. He can. How?

He simply has to be able to attract women with his personality, confidence and potential as a man, rather than relying on attracting women with his height…or lack thereof.

Short guys with tall girlfriends

Just like there are many women who will accept a guy who is not good looking, many women will accept a short guy, as long as he makes her feel enough attraction for other reasons (i.e. he’s confident, charismatic, alpha, he the potential to do well in life or is already doing well, etc).

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The Fairly Tale Fantasy of Little Girls

Millions of little girls grow up dreaming of one day meeting their Prince Charming and living a “happily ever after” fairy tale life. In many cases, the man of her dreams is tall, handsome and successful, so it’s no wonder that many not-so-tall guys start to ask themselves if there are any women who like short men out there.

If you’re one of them, the harsh reality is that the more hung-up on your height you are and the more you carry a chip on your shoulder over the fact that fairy tales never include a short Prince Charming, the more likely it is that you’ll struggle to find women who like short men.

Why? They will feel turned off by your obvious lack of belief in your attractiveness, which will come through via your body language, conversation style, attitude and overall vibe. It’s not your height that will be making you less attractive, it will be your insecurity over your height that’s doing that for you.

Think about it for a moment; if women were only interested in a man’s height, average height guys and shorter than average height guys would never find themselves a girlfriend. Only the tallest guys in the world would get laid.

Obviously, you know that short and average height guys do get laid, get a girlfriend and get married, so obviously height is not the #1 prerequisite of all women. It is for some, but not for the majority of women.

You only need to take a look around at your local shopping mall to see men of every height out shopping with their wife, girlfriend or lover.

Height is not the be-all-and-end-all of what makes a man attractive in the eyes of most women and the sooner you let go of the idea that it’s your height that’s preventing you from enjoying the success with women you want, the sooner you can take steps to develop the qualities that really make you a sexually attractive man.

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Short Celebrity Men Who Do Well With the Ladies

It’s easy for celebrities to get laid because women have a reason to be attracted to them for reasons other than just looks (i.e. he is confident, talented, lots of people like him, he’s doing well in life, etc).

However, that doesn’t mean that a short guy who isn’t a celebrity can’t attract women. As long as he puts in enough effort to attract women in other ways, many women won’t care about his lack of height and they will instead fall in love with who he is.

You don’t have to look like or be as successful as one of the following short, celebrity men to attract women.

Tom Cruise: He’s a famously short guy, standing at 5’7” tall. He’s had no problem attracting beautiful, tall women; Nicole Kidman (5’11”) and Katie Holmes (5’9”) to name just two.

Ben Stiller: At just 5’7” tall, this Hollywood heartthrob has no shortage of female admirers. Women might not say, “Wow! You’re so short! I want you!” but they will feel attracted to him for other reasons (e.g. he’s funny, charming, charismatic, confident, doing well in life, etc).

Daniel Radcliffe: This Harry Potter star is just 5’6” tall, but it hasn’t stopped female fans from lining the sides of red carpets wherever he goes in the hope of catching his eye.

Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg): At just 5’7” tall, this former rapper is married to fashion model Rhea Durham who stands at just over 5’9” without her heels.

Yet, these guys are celebrities, so you might be thinking that the success these guys have enjoyed with women is only down to their fame, Hollywood good looks and large bank balances, right? Not necessarily.

Just take a look around you in your local shopping mall. Guys of all shapes and sizes are out there with their wife, girlfriend or lover. They’re not all tall, they’re not all Hollywood movie star look-alikes, they don’t all have a perfect body and they’re not all loaded.

Short guy with tall, black girlfriend

It’s not a guy’s height or anything else about his outward appearance that makes a woman fall in love with him, it’s who he is as a man on the inside that matters most.

Looking for info on women who like short men suggests that there are women out there actively looking for short men and therefore rejecting all tall men who look their way. C’mon short guys, you must know that isn’t the case and you need to realize that many women (not all) who think they’re looking for a tall guy, do not reject a short guy just because of his height.

A short guy won’t be a perfect match for every woman he meets, but the same applies for tall guys. Taller guys have a physical attractiveness advantage, but it’s not a guy’s height that influences a woman’s deepest level of attraction for him in him; it’s who he is and the way he handles himself around her that counts the most.

Short Guys Who Succeed With Women Vs. Those Who Don’t

If a short guy is confident, funny, cool and successful in life, or if a guy has confidence and purpose in life and he’s on his way to becoming successful, then he’s got the type of alpha qualities that make him a sexually attractive man to almost all women.

However, if a short guy lacks confidence and is shy, nervous and awkward around women, he is seen as a lower ranking male and therefore he becomes a much less sexually attractive man in a woman’s eyes.

Sure, some women will reject a short guy even if he has everything else going for him, but many women won’t. The majority of women are much more flexible about what they find attractive in a man than most guys realize.

For most women, it’s not a guy’s height that decides his attractiveness; it’s his personality and potential. Women are attracted to confident men who feel secure in who they are and what they’ve got to offer now and in the long run.

Guys with alpha male confidence know who they are and what they’re about and they feel relaxed and comfortable just being themselves as a result. They’re not hung up on their height and they don’t behave in an insecure way because of it.

Instead of wasting your life looking for women who like short men and reject tall men, turn your attention to looking for ways to display the inner qualities that make you a man that women find sexually attractive and appealing.

It’s not your height that attracts, it’s your attitude and the way you handle yourself in life. Insecurity of any sort a complete turn off for women, even if a guy is tall, dark and handsome.

A guy might look like he’s just stepped off the cover of a glossy magazine, but if he doesn’t have the confidence to interact with a woman in a way that triggers her feelings of primal attraction, or if he behaves in an insecure way that makes him come across as a bit of a “no-hoper” in life, his looks alone will not hold her attention for long.

If you’re a short guy, believing that it’s your height that’s limiting your potential to attract women is a big mistake. The sooner you let go of that limiting belief and take steps to become a confident, masculine, alpha male, the sooner you will find yourself enjoying sex, love and relationships with beautiful women or one beautiful woman of your choosing.

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