“Where can I meet women?” is one of those questions we I’m asked on a regular basis, but let’s be honest, it’s a question that anyone can answer.

Anyone can tell you where to meet women – that’s the easy part – women are everywhere.

Where can I meet women?

In fact, there’s probably a single woman within 500 meters of where you are right now, but unless you have the confidence to approach her and the ability to attract her when you begin talking to her, you’re not going to be getting the end result of getting laid, getting a girlfriend or finding your future wife.

For example: Do you know how to trigger a woman’s attraction for you when you talk to her? Do you know how to build up that feeling of attraction to the point where she either says that she really likes you or makes it really obvious that she does?

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Great Places to Meet Women

If you are confident to approach women and are able to make them feel intense attraction for you during an interaction, then you will have no problem meeting women at places like a:

The easiest places to meet single women are at singles events like speed dating, or at bars or nightclubs where many of the women there will be single and either looking to have a one night stand or find themselves a new boyfriend.

Being in the Same Place as Women Vs. Approaching and Meeting Those Women

Women are everywhere, but being in the same place as women is not the same as meeting them.

For example: Have you ever gone out to meet women on a Friday or Saturday night and found yourself in a bar full of beautiful women, but you still ended up going home alone?

Have you tried to approach and talk to women and it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere? You might be able to get past the first few minutes of conversation with a woman, but things then tend to fizzle out and the conversation becomes boring or awkward, so you just leave or the women ask you to leave.

Does that sound familiar? If so, what do you think the real reason is? Why do you think that the conversations become boring when you’re talking to attractive women? Why do you run out of things to say? Why do attractive women lose interest in you?

Watch this video to find the real answer to a very common problem that guys experience these days with women…

What Else Could Be the Problem?

If you’re finding it hard to meet women and get laid or get a girlfriend, you’re most-likely not putting enough effort into triggering a woman’s attraction for you and are simply trying to be liked for being a good guy.

We men can feel attracted to a woman very easily because our attraction for women is primarily based on their looks. However, for most women, you have to actively trigger their attraction for you (i.e. turn them on) by displaying traits that women are naturally attracted to (e.g. confidence, charisma, the ability to get her laughing, masculine vibe, charm, etc).

What are some of the other reasons why you could be experiencing a lack of success?

Consider the following…

1. Are You Hoping That Women Approach You?

One of the most common mistakes that guys make is falling into the trap of believing that all they have to do is look good and women will throw themselves at their feet.

There’s nothing wrong with working out in the gym to build up muscle or stay fit, but some guys will spend endless hours in the gym to build up muscle and then outlay loads of money to purchase the latest fashions in the hope that if they just look good enough, they won’t have to face up to their fears of approaching women because women will say, “WOW! He has big muscles AND he has good clothes. Let’s approach him! WOW!”

Yes, if a guy is really good looking, some women will approach him, but usually not by the type of women he really wants. Even still, if he gets approached and he lacks confidence in himself, most women (except for unattractive women who want a guy that they can control emotionally) will feel turned off by him.

Yet, for the rest of the male population, looking good is not going to result in being approached because it’s not the way that the human mating dance works.

Peacock mating dance

In the Peacock bird species, the male bird has to display his colorful, pretty feathers and wait to be inspected by the plain-looking female bird. Yet, that’s not how it works for humans.

In the human species, it is the woman who needs to make herself pretty and then wait to be inspected and hopefully approached by a confident, alpha male who chooses her.

Sure, it’s important for a guy to keep himself looking clean and to make the most of his appearance, but even if you look like a movie star, almost all women (except for the unattractive women or drunk women) are still going to expect you to do the approaching.

Successfully meeting and picking up women is all about knowing how to make a confident approach, trigger a woman’s feelings of attraction, connect with her and take things to the next level (i.e. kissing, sex or a phone number then a call to set up a date).

A guy’s outer appearance might attract a woman’s attention initially, but it won’t hold her attention if he doesn’t have the social intelligence or the communication skills keep a conversation going and keep it interesting with an attractive woman.

Watch this video to understand why…

A lot of guys get confused about how real women act in the real world, because they’re so used to seeing how women behave in movies, TV sitcoms and dramas and in music videos.

In the fictional, fantasy world of TV, movies and music videos, you will see a good-looking guy walking into a bar and all of the women will instantly begin to compete with one another to get his attention.

They will approach him, stuff their phone number into his pocket and say, “Call me” or they will essentially throw themselves at him sexually.

Well, let’s just say that real life is not like the movies and the fact remains that real women in the real world rarely, if ever, make the first move on a guy. If you want to be successful with women, you have to have the confidence to approach and attract the beautiful women that you see.

Approaching and meeting women is a very exciting thing for a guy to do when he has the ability to attract women with his personality (i.e. by displaying confidence, being charismatic, charming, funny, etc).

He knows that the majority of women that he approaches will feel attracted to him and be open to interacting with him, so he will be excited to give women the opportunity to meet him. It’s a win-win situation for him and women.

On the other hand, if a guy doesn’t have the skill of being able to attract women, approaching women will usually feel like a scary, nerve-wracking experience. He will know that the majority of women he approaches won’t feel anything for him and will be cold towards him, so he will rarely try to approach.

2. Do You Try Too Hard to Be Liked When You Meet an Attractive Woman?

Another common mistake guys make is to try way too hard to impress the beautiful women that they meet. If they meet an unattractive women or average looking woman, they are usually able to maintain their composure and just be their normal self.

Yet, when in the presence of an attractive women, a lot of that relaxed confidence suddenly disappears. He begins to doubt his attractiveness to her, so to make up for that, he tries really hard to impress her and hopefully get her to like him for that instead.

For example: A guy may slip into believing that being loud or behaving in an over-the-top kind of way (i.e. spending a lot of money on drinks, being really arrogant, trying really hard to be funny for everyone, etc) will attract a woman’s attention. It will get a woman’s attention, but not in a good way.

Women are attracted to confident guys, but it has to be genuine confidence that comes from the inside (i.e. you believe in yourself and know that you are good enough) and not just a fake confident front.

Most women are natural experts at reading body language (they have to be to be able to stop the real men from the fakes) and they know when a guy is faking it. If you want to attract a woman’s attention and keep it, you need to show her that you have genuine self-confidence in yourself as a guy.

Trying too hard around women can also lead to a guy behaving in a super-nice and overly attentive way towards a woman.

For example: A guy might say something complimentary about a woman’s appearance as he makes an approach (which is fine), but if he then continues to pile on the compliments and to hang on her every word or go along with everything she says, he’s actually going to turn her off. Why?

Behaving in that way makes a guy come across as insincere at best and desperate at worst. Either way, she’s going to see him as a weak, wimpy guy who is trying way too hard to be liked and therefore he’s not the confident, masculine alpha male she’s hoping to meet.

Being the Guy That Almost All Women Want

No woman is compatible with every man on the planet and no man is perfectly compatible with every woman either, so you can’t expect to pick up every woman you meet. That is why I say, “Being the guy that almost all women want.”

What you can expect (and what actually happens when you are skilled at attracting women) is that most of the women you meet (including hot, sexy, beautiful women) will feel attracted to you and open themselves up to being seduced by you.

Seducing women

“Seduced” might seem like a bit of a dirty, sleazy word, but it’s actually what women want. Most women have to put on an act of pretending as though they’re not interested in kissing and sex when they first meet a guy, even though she has done that plenty of times before.

Women put on this act so they don’t look cheap in a guy’s eyes. Women know that the majority of guys will become insecure and protective when in a relationship if she is too easy and open about sex when he meets her for the first time.

So, instead of showing their interest in sex, most women just act like they are only interested in talking to you, but she is secretly hoping that you have the social intelligence to understand that she wants you to seduce her into either giving you her phone number, kissing her or having sex with her.

In other words, she wants you to feel like it’s all your idea and she’s just going along with it because you asked for her number, moved in for a kiss or suggested that you leave the bar, party or club together.

As long as you are making a woman feel the type of attraction that she yearns to feel (i.e. you’re a confident, masculine guy who makes her feel girly and feminine, but you also respect her as a woman), most women are going to be open to being with you.

How can you make a woman feel girly and feminine in your presence, while still respecting her?

It all comes down to your vibe as a man. You are either going to have a feminine vibe, a neutral vibe or a masculine vibe. Think about some of the guys that you consider to be masculine and alpha compared to those who are a bit feminine or neutral around women. No doubt, the masculine, alpha guys that you are thinking of are the ones who get all or most of the hot girls.

Confident, alpha males have a presence about them that women can sense. Being an alpha male is not about being a bad boy or an asshole though. What we teach here at The Modern Man is how to be a good guy alpha male, which is the type of guy that is attractive to the most women and also respected by men.

Women love to feel girly, feminine and somewhat submissive in the presence of an alpha male. It’s an exhilarating feeling for a woman, much like the feeling that you get when you watch porn or watch a sexy stripper doing her pole dance at a strip club.

If you want to stop asking, “Where can I meet women?” and start asking, “Which woman out of the 20+ who are interested in me should I let come over to my place tonight?” then you need to take the idea of attracting women more seriously.

When you give a woman the experience that she wants in of attraction, meeting women is a very simple, rewarding process. She gets what she wants and you get what you want.

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