You can turn a friendship with a woman into a sexual relationship by actively triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you.

Most women literally wait for a guy to activate their attraction for him and if he doesn’t do it, she simply continues to see him as a friend or just another guy that she knows.

Activating a woman’s attraction for you can be achieved by simply displaying the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, humor, masculine vibe, flirting, etc).

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use that to turn a friendship into a relationship…

Are You More Than Just a Friend to the Woman You Secretly Like?

There is a big difference between a woman really liking you as a friend and really wanting to have sex with you.

For example: If she likes you as a friend, it might be because you’re such a great guy, you listen to her, you care about her and you’re generally fun to be around.

On the other hand, if she really wants to have sex with you and be in a loving, committed relationship with you, it will be because you are actively triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you.

One of the ways to actively trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction is to make her feel feminine and girly in response to your masculine vibe, thinking and behavior. This immediately triggers her deep, primal attraction for masculinity.

Many guys are afraid of making a woman feel that way and tend to make her feel like “one of the guys” or like a male friend instead, which isn’t a turn on for her.

Additionally, some guys will simply act like a really nice guy around her because they don’t want to say or do anything that suggests she is the girl and he is the man. In his mind, he might see that as disrespectful, demeaning or impolite towards a woman, but in her mind, she knows that she craves to find a guy who can make her feel girly.

Women are attracted to men who have what it takes to make them feel like a real woman (i.e. feminine, girly, in love, etc) and it takes a man who knows how to be a man to create the all-important sexual spark.

So, when a guy behaves in a “girly” way (e.g. hang out and gossip with her like her girlfriends would) in an effort to be liked by a woman and to be her “friend,” this will make him sexually unattractive in her eyes.

Sexually unattractive behavior from men can include things like:

1. Being available 24/7

A hazard of trying to be her “best friend” is making yourself available to her around the clock. This might mean always being on the end of the phone when she needs someone to talk to, or always “being there” for her and providing a shoulder to cry on whenever she’s upset.

There’s nothing wrong with being there for a woman, but not as her girlfriend. If you are going to “be there” for her, she needs to be there back for you by being your lover. If she isn’t interested in being your lover, tell her to talk to her girlfriends about her life problems.

That may sound rude or insensitive, but think about the sort of guys that women lust after and respect when it comes to sex and relationships. They are not the pussy-whipped, nice guys who essentially take on the role of a woman’s counsellor.

Instead, they love and respect the woman as long as she loves and respects them back in the way that they want (i.e. sex, love, relationship). If she doesn’t give him that, she doesn’t get to talk to him or hang around him.

This type of guy is what women refer to as a “challenge” and they actually prefer men to behave in that way. Why? Watch this video to understand…

2. Gossiping like a girl

If you’ve been attempting to fit in and spend more time with a woman as “one of the girls” by gossiping with her and quite possibly talking badly about other guys who have shown an interest in her, you’ve made yourself into someone she might like as a friend, but not someone she feels sexually attracted to.

Real men don’t bitch and gossip about other people, especially other men. Real men have big goals in life and don’t waste time bitching and moaning about the world like a woman or a girly gay guy would.

There’s nothing wrong with a man enjoying a bit of gossip if he chooses to, but if he’s doing it to fit in as “one of the girls” around women, then he’s doing it wrong.

3. Being too nice

If a guy doesn’t feel like he is good enough for a woman, he will often try really hard to be “liked” by her, which will usually end up with him being too nice.

If you’re too nice to women, you will make a great friend, but you’re not potential boyfriend material because your desperation to be liked makes you come across as weak and wimpy, which is a sexual turn off for women.

When guys lack confidence around women, they often make the above mistakes simply because they’re under the mistaken belief that behaving this way will eventually lead to the woman they’ve devoted all of their time and attention to falling madly in love with them.

If he’s just nice enough and kisses her ass for long enough, she will eventually take pity on him and say, “You know what? You are the one for me! How blind I was for not seeing that earlier! I was mistaken for not liking self-doubting nice guys in the past. Now I know that emotionally weak, wimpy men are the best type of men!”

Guys, it’s not going to happen.

Stuff like that only happens in Hollywood movies, not in the real world. The wimpy, nice guy saves the world and gets the girl in the end, or he saves her from the bad guy and then she falls in love with him. Aww, how sweet.

In the real world, women simply hook up with, get into relationships with and marry guys who make them feel sexual attraction and respect when they first meet.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice or good to a woman, but if she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to and can’t really respect you as a man (i.e. she feels stronger than you emotionally, she notices that you’re nervous around confident guys, etc), she’s not going to be interested in having a sexual relationship with you.

Changing How She Feels About You

If you want to know how to turn a friendship into a relationship, you need to know how to change your female friend’s perception of you as her friend. This means learning how to display the types of qualities that make you a sexually attractive guy in her eyes.

Blurting out something along the lines of, “I have feelings for you” in the course of an everyday conversation is not the way to go about changing how she sees you. Watch this video to understand why…

Telling your female friend how you feel about her will certainly let her know that you’re interested in something more than friendship, but if you haven’t been making her feel sexually attracted to you, then she’s not going to be interested in taking the relationship to the next level.

If she’s not feeling the same way about you, the knowledge that you’re looking for something more than she’s willing to offer will usually just lead to her feeling awkward around you.

Are You Sexually Attractive to Her?

Pretty much all women are instinctively attracted to confident, masculine men with strong alpha male characteristics. A man with alpha qualities has what it takes to make a woman feel like a feminine woman and this is what ultimately generates a deep sexual attraction.

Alpha male qualities include:

1. Confidence

Genuine self-confidence is a very attractive trait in a man. True confidence is a quiet inner confidence that marks a man out as someone who knows who he is and knows where he’s going in life.

2. Masculinity

True masculinity is a quality that women sense when they’re in the presence of an alpha male. It’s something that makes them feel literally weak at the knees when he’s around.

3. Social Intelligence

Having good communication skills and the ability to “get on a level” with anyone in conversation gives a guy a likeability factor that makes him popular with both men and women. Women are instinctively attracted to men with charismatic social skills, which allow the guy to make friends easily and most importantly, be respected by other alpha males.

Learning how to turn a friendship into a relationship comes down to learning how to be seen as the type of sexually attractive man that pretty much all women want to be in a relationship with.

You can turn your friendship with a woman into a relationship, but whatever you do – don’t try to achieve it by being even more of a friend to her.

The most important thing that you need to do is focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you.

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