When guys look for some sort of “test” to use as a way of figuring out whether a woman likes them or not, they’re usually guys who don’t have a lot of experience with women and they lack confidence in themselves and their attractiveness to women as a result.

More often than not, when a guy asks The Modern Man if there’s a “does she like me” test he can take, it’s because he really likes a particular woman, but hasn’t managed to pluck up the courage to ask her out. This may be be because he feels too shy around her, has no idea how to make her feel attracted, has low self-esteem or fears being rejected.

If this resonates with you, then you’re probably hoping a “does she like me” test will help you to finally work up the confidence to share your feelings with her once you know for sure that she likes you, right?

Well, to help you find out whether she does, try asking yourself the following:

1. Is she attracted to you?

A lot of guys make the mistake of trying to be “liked” by a woman for being a nice guy, rather than focusing on making her feel sexually attracted while also being a good guy to her. If you’re making the mistake of being too nice to the woman you like, you may end up getting rejected if you ask her out. Here’s why…

2. Does she flirt with you?

When guys lack experience with women, or they lack confidence around women they like, they often misinterpret a woman’s body language, or they might fail to pick up on it at all.

For example: An inexperienced guy might notice that a certain woman always makes him feel good about himself by saying nice things to him whenever she sees him, or perhaps even flirting with him in a friendly way. Yet, what he’ll very often fail to notice is that she treats every man she meets on a daily basis in the same way.

He’s going to see her friendliness as a “sign” that she likes hi, and she most probably does, but she doesn’t necessarily like him more than other guys – she just likes making guys smile when she’s around – and chances are she doesn’t like him in the same way that he likes her, or the way he wants her to like him.

3. Does she feel turned on by your conversation style?

Just as friendly flirting can be misread as meaning more than it actually does, having a female friend who likes to talk to you can also lead to confusion.

Guys often ask things like, “She talks to me all the time and she always says she can tell me anything, so that must mean she likes me, right?” The answer is that it depends.

If a woman feels comfortable in your company and feels she can confide in you, then you are obviously a trusted friend. However, if she’s the one doing all the talking and she never actually has any time to listen when you want to talk to her, then she’s seeing you as a reliable sounding board and a shoulder to cry on, nothing more.

4. Does she want you to meet her friends and family?

Following on from the above, we often get emails from guys who have a female friend that they want to be more than a friend. They take the fact that she says nice things such as, “You’re such a nice guy” to mean that she really likes them, but because that’s what they want to hear, they don’t pick up on what she’s really saying.

For example: If a woman notices that you are romantically interested in her, but she doesn’t feel sexually turned on by you, then she’s going to try her best to avoid the awkwardness of having to tell you straight up that she isn’t interested.

This is when she might say something along the lines of, “You’re such a nice guy … you really should meet a girlfriend of mine, you two would get on so well together…” as a way of subtly letting you know that she sees you as a “just friends” kind of guy.

Traits That Women Like in Men

By asking yourself the above questions, you may have now realized that a “does she like me” test is not actually going to answer the question that you are really asking.

There’s a big difference between asking, “Does she like me as a friend?” and, “Does she want to have sex with me and begin a sexual relationship with me?” and understand that is the key to finding the answer that you’re really looking for.

A woman can really “like” a guy without feeling any sexual attraction towards him, so if you’re sexually attracted to a woman and you want conformation that she feels the same way about you, a “does she like me” test is not what you need.

Instead of hanging around in the background and wasting time looking for “signs” that she likes you, focus on improving your ability to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction. When a woman is sexually attracted to you, she will then be excited about all the other “nice” things about you (e.g. you’re a good guy, you have good intentions, you’re intelligent, etc).

However, you must start with sexual attraction. Attraction comes first and everything else follows on naturally after that.

Here are some examples of the types of traits you can display to attract women:

1. Confidence

The number one trait a man must have to be attractive to women is self-confidence.

Women are turned on by men who have genuine confidence in who they are and where they’re going in life because, unlike arrogance, genuine confidence gives a man a self-assured presence that marks him out as a man who knows how to handle himself and take life’s challenges in his stride.

This makes him a man who has what it takes to protect a woman and provide for her in a relationship.

On the other hand, when a woman encounters a guy who lacks confidence in himself around her (i.e. to the point of being nervous, tense, self-doubting, etc), it makes her have to question his ability to protect and provide for her should they get into a relationship.

2. Charismatic conversation skills

A guy with genuine confidence knows how to approach women and strike up spontaneous conversations that excite and arouse women.

His relaxed confidence makes others feel comfortable in his company and his charismatic charm makes other people feel good when he’s around. This makes him a very attractive man and someone that both men and women are drawn to.

Women are instinctively attracted to men who are liked and respected by other men, and the fact that most women are drawn to him makes him a “catch” worth pursuing.

3. Alpha male qualities

Being an alpha male is not about being an asshole, jerk or arrogant prick. Instead, it’s about being confident in who you are and believing that you can and will succeed at whatever you put your mind to. You don’t doubt yourself and instead push forward in life with a confident, masculine attitude.

Women are attracted to an alpha male’s strength of character and sense of purpose, and the true masculinity he demonstrates through his body language, and being comfortable and secure in who he is as a man, gives him a presence that women feel deeply when they’re around him.

Women love the way a man with alpha male power makes them feel and they’re virtually powerless to resist him. An alpha male doesn’t have to go through life wondering, “Does she like me?” because he knows that he is naturally attractive to women…

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