Getting a girlfriend is easy when you know how to attract women.

If you can interact with a woman, trigger her feelings of attraction and keep a conversation going for a few minutes, she will usually be more than happy to give you her phone number and go out on a date with you.

Alternatively, if you can keep the conversation going for 30 minutes to an hour, many women will be open to kissing you and having sex with you on the first night.

Many women are open to kissing and having sex on the first night

Here at The Modern Man, we’ve helped 1,000s of guys to enjoy the kind of success with women they once only dreamed of. we get lots of emails from guys on a daily basis asking for help and advice on everything from finding the confidence to approach women, bringing the spark back into a long-term relationship that’s beginning to die or getting an ex back.

The advice we give is real world advice based on our own experiences and the experiences of the guys we help, and keeping it real is at the heart of everything we do, particularly when guys contact us to say, “I’ve never had a girlfriend. Please help me!”

If you’ve never had a girlfriend, there are three main questions that we need to ask you:

1. Do You Know How to Attract Women?

As a man, the number one skill that you need to have is the ability to trigger feelings of attraction inside of a woman.

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Do you know what women are looking for in a man? Do you know what women find attractive in a man, and what turns them right off? If you don’t have much experience with women, there’s every chance that your beliefs about what women find attractive have been influenced by what you’ve seen on TV and in the movies, right?

Yet, real life is not like the movies.

If you believe in the popular Hollywood movie idea of dating, the shy, socially awkward, nice guy guy catches the attention of the beautiful leading lady who then falls in love with him and they live happily ever after.

Awww, how sweet.

If you’re waiting for that to happen to you, you’re in for a long wait and you’re likely going to have to experience many horrible rejections before a woman may decide to give you a chance. Why? Women reject nice guys because being nice isn’t what makes a woman feel attracted to a guy.

Watch this video by Dan Bacon to understand how to be a good guy who gets all the attention, love, sex, affection and devotion that you deserve, rather than being a nice guy who gets rejected or dumped by women that you really care about…

In the movies, you will also often see confident, beautiful women approaching shy, awkward, nice guys. Yet, in the real world, women rarely approach men and simply wait for a confident guy to walk up, make her feel attracted and then move the interaction forward to a phone number, date, kiss or sex and then into a relationship.

If you’ve been trying to be “liked” by women for being a nice guy, then you’ve found one answer to the question of why you’ve never had a girlfriend…and you’ve also discovered what you need to do to change that.

2. Do You Only Behave Like a Friend Around Women?

Maybe you’re not such a loner and you actually have lots of friends, but your female friends are never anything more than “just friends.”

When this is the case, you need to gain an understanding of what it is that makes women see some guys as nothing more than friends and others as potential boyfriends.

It could be that your behaviour around women is leading to them seeing you as a “just good friends” kind of guy and not a man they feel sexually attracted to, so you need to learn how to change the way you behave in order to change the way women see you.

3. Do You Meet Lots of Single Women?

Never had a girlfriend because I don't approach women

You may be limiting your potential to find a girlfriend by limiting your social circle.

It might sound obvious, but it makes sense that the more single women you meet, the greater your chances of meeting a potential girlfriend, right? Of course, going to places where women go is not the answer in itself. Joining clubs, meet up groups or hanging out in places where you’re likely to meet single women is not going to change anything unless you learn how to attract those women when you meet them.

Likewise, you also need to have the confidence to approach the women you find attractive. You can’t expect women to suddenly take pity on you and do all the work on their own.

Women are attracted to guys who have the confidence to approach and start a conversation without the encouragement on a woman (e.g. her giving a smile, wave, continually making eye contact, etc).

If you’re currently a guy saying, “I’ve never had a girlfriend,” it might seem like an impossible dream to imagine yourself having your pick of women, but you can make it your reality by following real world dating advice that really works.

When you display the qualities that women are instinctively attracted to in a man, you instantly become the type of man they’ve been looking for. Rather than trying to get women to “like” you enough to give you a chance, you take the shortcut by triggering their feelings of attraction.

When a woman is attracted to you, she then becomes open to kissing you, having sex with you and then potentially beginning a relationship with you.

Being a Potential Boyfriend

At The Modern Man, we teach guys how to attract women by explaining how to develop the type of self-confidence, charisma and masculinity that women are looking for in a guy. These three qualities make a man stand out in a woman’s eyes and he becomes a man they see as a potential boyfriend as a result.

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