Meeting new women after a break up can be challenging, especially if a guy has been dumped and has now lost a lot of confidence in his attractiveness to women.

Although one of the best ways to get over an ex girlfriend, fiancé or wife is to begin meeting and having sex with an even better, hotter woman (or women), this isn’t going to happen if you’re still feeling emotionally damaged from the break up.

Right now, you might not be feeling confident enough to approach the types of women that you find attractive. If not, watch this video…

Trying to Meet New Women Before You’ve Reconnected With Your True Confidence

Reconnect with your confidence before trying to meet new women

Women are attracted to confident, masculine, mentally and emotionally strong men, but if you’ve come out of your relationship lacking self confidence and feeling nervous and shy, you will usually only attract the type of woman who is looking for a weak, insecure guy that she can control.

In other words, unattractive or manipulative women that are going to be no good for you and will simply waste your time. You don’t have to accept second best, but either do the hot women that you really want.

The hot, sexy, beautiful women that would be a good enough replacement for your ex are usually going to be too much of a challenge for a guy who has been emotionally beaten up after a break up. So, before you go out meeting new women, make sure that you rebuild your confidence so you are emotionally attractive to hot women.

For example: If you meet a hot woman, you have to understand that she is used to guys hitting on her and hoping to get a chance. Yet, what she really wants is a guy who is confident enough to be a challenge…

Moving on From an Unhappy Relationship

Moving on from an unhappy relationship

If you’re looking to meet new women after getting out of an unhappy relationship, then you’re most-likely feeling excited about the idea of having sex with new women.

However, before you attempt to meet new women, make sure that you brush up your ability to trigger feelings of attraction inside of a woman when you meet her. You’ve likely lost a bit of your mojo and probably aren’t as good with the ladies as you used to be…or are you?

Watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) to determine your level of skill when it comes to attracting new women and keeping a woman attracted when in a relationship…

Bouncing Back to Become an Even Better Man

You don’t have to let the break up destroy you, eat away at your confidence or waste anymore of your life.

You can use this break up as an opportunity to become an even better man that you already are. You can do this by:

1. Reconnecting with your powerful, masculine confidence

As a man, you need to make sure that you never let anyone or anything take away the powerful, masculine confidence that you’ve been born with.

Every man can connect with it, but most guys don’t…especially after being dumped or broken up with by the woman they love. Instead, they go into their shell and disconnect with their true, masculine power.

No matter what you think of yourself right now, what you need to know is that you are a lot more powerful, confident and masculine than you’ve been letting yourself be lately.

You know that deep down, you are a strong man and you do deserve to be loved, cherished and adored by a beautiful woman (or women). You know that you’re good enough.

Yet, being dumped or going through a messy break up (i.e. breaking up and getting back together several times, being cheated on, etc) can be a definite confidence killer for most guys. When a woman says things like, “I don’t know what I ever saw in you!” or, “I feel nothing for you anymore” or “You’re the worst thing that ever happened to me!” it’s natural to feel hurt.

Regardless of how you hurt you feel or what doubts you have of yourself about women, you need to get over it…and fast.

If you approach women with feelings of insecurity, it will clearly come through in your body language, conversation and behavior and they will be turned off by you.

Women might not be able to explain why they feel turned off, but something just won’t feel right about you. You might be able to put on a brave face and act confident and sure of yourself, but something will be off.

2. Learning from your past mistakes

No matter how bad your break up was, or how much of it was your ex’s fault (even if she cheated on you), part of the responsibility rests with you.

There was most-likely something (or a lot of things) that you said or did to her that ruined her love, respect and attraction for you.

If you are unsure what type of emotional process your girlfriend (fiancé or wife) went through before ending the relationship, watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man and creator of Get Your Ex Back: Super System).

Can you relate to any of the relationship mistakes outlined in the video above?

If so, the best things for you to do is learn from your mistakes and become an even better man that you are right now.

For example: If you were clingy, insecure or got to a point where you were unable to control your jealousy in the relationship, you need to work on fixing that otherwise you will keep repeating what happened with your ex in future relationships.

By fixing the issues that caused your ex to break up with you, not only will you become more attractive to new women, you will also become a better man than you already are today.

3. Leaving the past behind

Meeting new women after a break up means that you have to start with a clean slate. You have an exciting opportunity to start afresh and do a better job at attracting the right woman and then keeping her when you get her into a relationship.

Are you ready to leave her behind, or do you want to get her back? If you are ready to leave her behind, then disconnect from your feelings about her and start afresh with a new woman (or women).

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is to bring their relationship baggage to every new interaction they have with new women.

For example: A guy might approach a woman and as soon as he’s made it past the initial pleasantries, he starts boring her with stories about his ex, what a bitch she was and how she broke his heart.

Sometimes, a woman will listen out of politeness, but listening to stories about his ex and how broken he is without her is not going to be a sexual turn on for her.

She will usually then make an excuse to leave that goes something like, “Umm, I need to go to the bathroom…I might talk to you later” or “My friends are waiting for me so I need to go now” or “I have to go now, but I hope things get better for you” and she’ll get away from him as quickly as possible.

Another example of hanging onto the past is to look for women who remind them of their ex.

Some guys will say they want to meet new women, but when the opportunity presents itself they make all sorts of excuses why it won’t work out, “Oh, but she’s not my type. I only date blondes like my ex Linda,” or “She’s really pretty, but Tanesha was much prettier,” etc.

By placing these types of “restrictions” on new relationships, guys like that are setting themselves up to fail by only seeking to find a woman who is almost exactly like their ex.

If you can relate to that, here’s what you need to know…

The love and attraction that you experience with each woman will be different. Sometimes the love is amazing, but the attraction just isn’t there and sometimes you feel attracted to a woman, but you don’t really want to fully love her. Other times, everything clicks into place and you truly love, respect and feel attracted to the woman.

The only way to find the women who truly meet your standards and make you feel the way you want to feel, is to experiment by having sex and new relationships with many women.

It’s much better to do it that way than hoping to get lucky and then trying to make it work with an incompatible woman. If you want a relationship to last, you have to find a woman who is truly compatible with you and you also have to be able to deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction over time.

You may get lucky and find your perfect girl the next time you meet a woman, but if you don’t find her – don’t worry. Keep meeting and having sex with new women and you will.

This is Your Chance to Starting a New, Even Better Life

A break up isn’t always easy to deal with, but although it can leave you feeling emotionally bruised, it can also be a great opportunity in disguise.

If you use what happened in your relationship to work on yourself and become the kind of man you always wanted to be, you will not only get through the break up more smoothly, but you will also improve your life in the long term.

Meeting new women after a break up will be a pleasure for you because you will have the skills to attract high quality, beautiful women rather than have to settle for what you can get, or hope you’ll get lucky one day.

Don’t waste another day of your life thinking that you can’t have a beautiful woman in your life or that you don’t deserve one.

You can have a beautiful woman as a lover, girlfriend or wife and it all comes back to your ability to attract women when you meet them. The better you are at attracting women, the easier it is going to be for you to meet new woman and get on with enjoying your love life.

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